Melbourne’s Hero Cat

Tilly The Tabby Image courtesy of | Yahoo! News
Tilly The Tabby
Image courtesy of | Yahoo! News

I’ve just stumbled upon another article about a hero cat.  This one in Melbourne, Australia.  A family’s Tabby cat named Tilly saved her family from a fire that her humans weren’t aware of in the attic.  Matt Clayton one of her humans was sitting with her when she started looking at the ceiling then looking at him.  It was this combined with her purring says Matt that caused him to investigate. When he had opened the access panel to lower the ladder, smoke came pouring out and he called the firefighters.

If it wasn’t for the actions of this heroic kitty, the house would’ve burned down in 20 minutes says the fire chief when interviewed.  He had also commented that he had never seen a cat step up to save the day before.  Originally, Matt admitted that he had wanted a dog, but Tilly the kitty had proven to be Man’s Best Friend.  He had also joked that he should change the cat’s name to Smokey.

This just goes to show what I’ve been saying all along, that cats can be man’s best friend.  The closest relative to the cat would be the lion some believe.  Those big cats live in prides or families that protect and care for one another.  Cats aren’t solitary creatures, but a family orientated one that thrives on love and care just like any other.  Nothing beats a warm, fuzzy kitty on your lap on a lonely day. 😀

If you’re interested, I have the link for the article below where I found out about this hero kitty. Thanks for reading! 😀

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6 thoughts on “Melbourne’s Hero Cat

  1. and mine when an earthquake happened was snoring at the couch and i had to grab him and march outside. ugh…

      1. A cat promoter! I think that cats never forgot the fact that in Ancient Egypt they were worshipped like gods. You are right we should spread awareness about how amazing they are. I will make a future post! It’s a promise 🙂

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