Another Melbourne Hero Cat

Cat Norries

On Sunday August 31, 2014 a cat saved its human in Melbourne Australia.  At about 0100 hours, local time, Sully a tabby cat, woke her human Craig Geeves by sitting on his chest and meowing in his face (Mr. Geeves said it was like she was saying to get up, get up now, the house is on fire).  It was then that we woke up and smelt the smoke, jumped out of bed, grabbed Sully and ran outside.  The firefighters said that Craig was lucky that Sully was awake at the time to alert him.  The weren’t able to save the house, but was able to prevent the fire from spreading to other properties and the dry bushland.

This is the second hero cat in the Melbourne area in a short period of time…  A second fire as well, while no details were given seems like household fires are a problem there.  Good thing they had their kitty smoke detectors since in both situations, both locations lacked smoke detectors (at least none were mentioned in the articles).

Anyhow, this is just more evidence to my belief that cats are just as good (better in my opinion) companions/friends as dogs are.  If you’re interested in the article that I got the information from I’ll leave it below.  Thanks for reading, and adopt a kitty today! 😀


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