Hero Cat in Cornholme

I bumped into another hero cat story today while surfing the net.  Seems to be a lot of hero cats in Europe.  This kitty lives in Cornholme, Lancs with his human that he saved his human from a severe reaction to medication.  Janet, his human had been slipping out of consciousness for the last five days when he had noticed something wrong.  It was then that he went over to the neighbor’s house, tapped on the window with his paw and even harassed the dogs to get the attention of the humans there.

Janet says that Slinky is a “Gentlemanly Uncle both aloof and caring” even though he likes his space (I think that all cats love their space, but are kind and loving all at the same time).  He loves to hunt, he brings home mice, birds and rabbits, and even helps to look after the 2 12 week old kittens that she had rescued.

Ultimately, Slinky Malinki, Janet’s Tom Cat was successful in getting the attention of her neighbors whom called for help.  Slinky has been nominated for the UK’s prestigious title of National Cat of the Year.  I do hope that he gets that title for he’s a very courageous kitty. 😀

If I ever have a cat, I hope that it’s just as loving and brave as the cats that I blog about here.  Below I have the link to the article that I found this information on.  I’ve also included the link to the UK’s National Cat Awards as well.

All images on this post are copyright their perspective owners.  No infringement was intended in creating this post.


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