It annoys the hell out of me that people comment before doing research. If you’re on social media, you’re on the net. Why can’t you take a few seconds to verify something if uncertain?

The latest case of someone doing such a thing is a post today when someone replied to my comment about a cat being a spokes person for Arby’s. I thought it was cute, and said you can teach him to say where’s the beef. Then out of nowhere this lady said funny if he had a Burger king box. I’m like wtf? Everyone knows that commercial was an Arby’s commercial from the 80’s (If you don’t know what I’m talking about ask your parents).

Why do people have to run thier….fingers before thinking? How is it so hard to do research when you’re already on the net? While this may seem trivial to many, this annoys me.

Before the current age of the internet that everyone knows today, the internet was for the free exchange of information, a tool for science and education. That was the original intent for the internet. Bah, anyhow…

This is my rant for now. I’m sure I’ll have another. Lol Thanks for reading.

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