Cairo Santos and The Titans Game


Looks like Cairo Santos showed his worth to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in the game versus the Titans.  From what I’ve seen of his performance they weren’t impressive in fact, they were kind of disappointing.  Then to top it off, Ryan Succop now playing for the Titans, showed what a great asset he was and easily scored many FGs for the Titans.  To add insult to injury, the Chiefs lost the game.

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)
(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

What are they thinking dropping a veteran still in his prime (IMO), and replacing him with a rookie (damned, I miss Succop *smh*)?  I understand they needed to make room for Alex Smith’s contact (but from what I’ve seen on the media, they’re saying that he isn’t showing that he’s worth the money so far).  Why not release Bowe?  Many agree that he isn’t worth the money, that he isn’t performing up to standards.

The loss to the Titans in my book was inexcusable even with Ryan Succop, the Chiefs should’ve won.  Jamaal Charles only had the ball seven times in the game.  While Andy Reid is taking full responsibility for the loss, I feel that it shouldn’t have happened anyway.  The Succop/Santos trade was partially responsible for that.  For like winning, losing is a team effort.  His performance contributed to the loss of the game.

I hope that the Chiefs to better in the coming games, and this wasn’t a really bad omen.  After the miraculous season that they had in 2013, this would be a bad way to follow up on that success.  But, the season is still young, and I still and always will have faith in my team, The Kansas City Chiefs. 😀

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