Preseason and Week 1


Ahhh, football (NFL) season has finally returned (Yay!).  After watching the preseason and the week 1 games, and even the first Thursday night game, I’ve the following thoughts.  First, the Chiefs’ preseason wasn’t anything great they won 1 of 4 games.  If you’re one to believe that the preseason usually shows how the team is going to do the rest of the season, preseason was a bad omen.  I for one think the teams use preseason to practice and to try out new players to the team.  To this end, the Chiefs tried out Cairo Santos and put him in a competition with Ryan Succop, and we all know the disastrous decision that was made.  If you don’t know, refer to my earlier posts.

Then the Chiefs Nation had to suffer through the indignity of Ryan Succop out performing Santos in the season opener, Titans vs. Chiefs.  I personally felt Succop was laughing at his former team (inwardly anyway).  Needless to say, the Chiefs lost 26-10. What didn’t help was that Jamaal Charles only got the ball 7 times through out the game.  OK, so Andy Reid took responsibility for that, but that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, IMO.  Quite frankly, I don’t know what Reid, John Dorsey, and Clark Hunt were thinking, but it looks like it might be backfiring.

No, I don’t blame Alex Smith or any of the players exclusively.  Everyone had a part in the mistakes that were made. I know that they played their best, and it was mistakes that cost them the game.  This Chiefs team can make the Superbowl, there is talent there, look at all the players that went to the pro-bowl earlier this year, and the spectacular performance last season.

I have high hopes for the Chiefs this season, seeing the performance of the team the last season.  But, the season is still young, and there is time to get better and make the playoffs like the Chiefs did last season.  Win, lose, or tie, I’m a Chiefs fan till I die. 🙂


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