Week 2 Has Come and Gone


I must say that I’m not impressed with my beloved Chiefs.  But, one can’t expect much seeing that many of the team’s key players are currently out of commission.  This looks like a very painful season for the Chiefs Nation.  Luckily Dwayne Bowe is back from his injury, but many are still out.

  • Husain Abdullah
  • Jeff Allen
  • Eric Berry
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Marcus Cooper
  • Tamba Hali
  • Frankie Hammond
  • Junior Hemingway
  • Eric Kush
  • Josh Martin
  • De’Anthony Thomas
  • Albert Wilson

At the time of writing this post these are the current injuries listed both on the NFL and KC Chiefs Website.  I have removed Bowe’s name and replaced it with Charles.  They haven’t updated the site yet.  A lot of the offensive line is out of commission for the time being.  There was one surprise, the running back that came out to replace Charles, Knile Davis.  He performed quite well, all considering.  The offensive line struggled to get the 17 points, but they did get on the board, so that’s a good sign.  With Jamaal Charles gone, the offense will have to work harder to score.  Likewise, with Eric Berry gone the defense has to work harder as well. With Charles and Bowe gone, their fantasy owners are also out of luck.

To make matters worse Santos is still struggling.  He only made 1 of 2 attempts.  This made things even more painful for all those spectating.  While, I have no problems with Alex Smith I still don’t know why they had to cut Succop…  Bah, rhetorical question. I know it was the money, they needed to make room in the budget for his contract.  After having such a spectacular season last year, I was looking forward to another great season.  It’s frustrating.


The 2014 season is turning out to be a very painful one.  I do hope that Andy Reid is able to help the Chiefs achieve the victory that they so deserve.  The Chiefs haven’t won a Superbowl since 1969 and is long overdue to win another.  I do hope that they pull off another miracle. Win, lose, or tie, I’m a Chiefs fan till I die. 🙂

All material in this post is copyright their perspective holders.  No infringement was intended in writing this post.

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