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Image courtesy of stockimages at
Image courtesy of stockimages at

Have you ever had an inconsiderate person bump or slam into you because they were so busy with their smart phone to notice their surroundings?  Maybe even walking too slow holding everyone up?  Well, Chongqing in South West China has come up with an ingenious idea to circumvent this problem.

They’ve separated the sidewalk into two separate lanes.  Both are clearly separated and marked by white paint on the ground, both in English and in Chinese.  The lane closest to the traffic is for the cellphone users, the one on the right is for those not using cellphones.  If you look at the picture in the article, this is how it’s laid out.  You would think that the lane for cellphone users would be on the inside for safety reasons, but no, it’s close to traffic.  Maybe it’s an incentive to stay off your mobile device while walking.

While similar laws were spoken about here in Hawaii about outlawing the use of mobile devices while crossing the street, while for safety reasons, it was met with out lash.  When mobile devices use was outlawed here several years ago (except for use with a headset device), there were studies that were already done that show it makes no difference in the amount of accidents if one uses a headset or not.

According to articles that I’ve read, most people just can’t multi-task.  In fact experts say that about 98% of people can’t multi-task, and many of us overrate our tasking abilities.  I’ve found three different sources that agree with this theory.  I tend to lean this way too.  So I feel than unless you’re a passenger in a vehicle, it’s not good to be using any type of device while commuting (walking, driving, etc).  Not only is it considerate to those around you, it’s safer for you.

Anyhow, while I support lanes like this,  unfortunately another out lash will happen because people want to be bliss in their small world of selfishness even though it may endanger themselves or others.  I personally don’t use my smartphone while commuting (driving or walking) due to the safety factor.  Nothing is that important where you should risk your life and the life of others to pay attention to your device over concentrating on driving or paying attention to where you’re going.

If you’re interested, I have the links to the sites where I read the information that I’ve stated above.  Thanks for reading my rant.

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