I understand that people tend to look at the opposite sex that they find attractive, but don’t stare (or gawk for that matter).  Personally, I find that it’s rude and quite annoying.  Yes, I look at pretty girls, but I don’t stare or gawk.  While I was out at the mall today to do some shopping, I felt someone staring at me.  Sure enough, there was this asian gal staring at me to the point of gawking. I shook my head and continued on my way.  Perhaps I should’ve been flattered, but that was just out right rude.

Yes, by all means look, but don’t stare sheesh.  I’m single, I look, but I don’t stare.  Come ask me for my number or talk to me, don’t gawk.  As my friend told me, I should’ve stopped and told her to take a picture it’ll last longer.   Sheesh, and women ridicule men for gawking.


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