The End of Console Gaming in Japan?

Image courtesy of franky242 at
Image courtesy of franky242 at

That sounds bad to any gamer that loves games.  I for one love my console games.  Mobile gaming just can’t compete, and computers are a very expensive alternative.  According to an article on Game Rant, Final Fantasy 15 could signal the end of console gaming in Japan.  This of course makes me wonder if the Japanese Companies (Capcom, SEGA, etc.) will continue to make games for the other markets.  Articles on seems to echo this sentiment as well.  One person interviewed said that console gaming in Japan is dieing because of their culture.  Everyone is always on the move, and spend more time in their bedrooms, and in transit than in the living room.  Another said that all that it takes is one hit game to revitalize the industry.

With that said, I have to disagree.  As I’ve said above, mobile gaming can’t compete and computers can get very expensive.  Why?  Well, let’s look at mobile gaming first shall we?  Below, I’ll list the reasons why mobile games just can’t compete.

  • The screen on the device is too small.  This limits the kind of games that can be comfortably played on the device.
  • At best, the controls for the games are clunky at best.  On screen controls have limitations like ease of use.  So it limits the type of games that can be developed for the platform.  Action and racing games are the worst on mobile devices.
  • Storage capacity of mobile devices.  This limits the quality of graphics, maps, sounds, etc. that make up the gaming experience to a sub-par of quality when compared to other platforms.  You can’t have a game that soaks up too much memory on your device or memory card.
  • Battery life.  The battery life of the device also limits the kinds of games that you can play.  You don’t want to kill your battery playing a game.  When it comes down to it, the nicer the game looks and sounds, is a drain on your battery.  The more processor power it uses, the faster the battery drains.
  • Games on mobile devices are meant to kill time, not to immerse yourself in game play for hours (In my opinion).

Now on to computers.  While many people will disagree with me, computers just aren’t an option for many people.  Below I’ll list why:

  • Computers are more expensive.  Sure, you can buy a computer for about $300 these days, but it’ll probably lack the system resources to play a lot of the newer cutting edge games.  To get a good gaming system you can spend thousands (Alienware).  Most people will want to upgrade their current machine, and that adds up over time… $100 here, $200 there…
  • Then there’s the electricity to deal with.  The more powerful the computer, the more electricity that it’ll use.

To me, the cost is the biggest factor why computer based gaming is the more expensive way to go.  You buy the console, then the games, and other accessories, and over the long run, even with the electricity bill, you end up saving.  No, I don’t believe that the console gaming anywhere will really die out.  Even if it does in Japan, in other parts of the world, the industry is booming, like here in America.  I do hope that the Japanese don’t drop out of the market.  I’d miss Resident Evil…  Final Fantasy has become a joke.


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