Cat Decalwing Bill Finally Gets Hearing


I just got an email from one of my state Senators that a bill that makes cat declawing illeagal in the State of Hawaii is being heard next month!  I guess that all my letter writing paid off.  I submitted testimony via the state website, now all Ihave to do is wait for the hearing next month.  Writing that “paper” in favor of the bill was like writing a paper for one of my classes.  I just hope that the bill passes so that Hawaii can lead the rest of the nation to making the declawing of domesticated cats illeagal.  I even wrote to President Obama about making a federal law, but got a letter from him saying that “animal rights are important, but I’m not going to do anything about it”.  Hrmnph, it just figures.

For those of you that are interested or live in Hawaii, the bill number is HB466, and will have a second hearing on 02-Feb-2015 at 1400 HRS, HST.  For us cat lovers this bill is very important, I do hope that this passes and becomes law.  Not only is it for the cats, but all Americans.  The rest of the world believe that we’re barbarians, this will show that we care about animals, and we’re not as barbaric as everyone thinks.

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