My Most Disliked NFL Teams


As the title of this entry says I’m going to talk about the teams that I dislike the most in the NFL.  I’m not going to do a countdown, I’ll go from most disliked to least.  Anyhow without further ado, I’ll start my list.

  1. New England Patriots: Ahh, the New England Patriots.  I can’t stand this team.  No, it’s not because they win all the time.  Its the fact that they cheat all the time, and the NFL lets them get away with it or wiggle out of responsibility of their actions.  Then the cockiness of Brady…Disgusting.
  2. Seattle Seahawks:  The Seattle Seahawks.  Another team I can’t stand.  They’re tied at number one for my most disliked team in the NFL.  The unoriginal thought of the 12th man (a college team came up with it first), the cockiness of the players and most of their fans.  Then there’s the whole thing about fans of the team beating up a Green Bay fan.  Truly a scar on the image of the team and the NFL as a whole.  Then there’s the whole thing about everyone whining about the team’s early schedule, and that’s why they lost their playoff game. Oh, cry me a river.
  3. Carolina Panthers:  Another team which have become way too cocky.  Their fans don’t help any…  Damned band wagoners.  I can’t stand Cam Newton either.  For these reasons, they have tied for the number one position along with the Patriots and the Seahawks.
  4. Los Angeles Chargers:  I remember the year that they got into the playoffs from a bad call of a referee.  Boy, the fans were so cocky, it just stuck in my mind.  I’ve never forgotten it since.
  5. San Francisco 49ers: I can’t stand Kaepernick.  That and in Hawaii they’re the biggest bandwagon team in the state.  When they’re doing well, their team gear flies off the shelves and everyone brags that that’s their team winning.  When they’re doing poorly, they don’t exist.
  6. Los Angeles Rams:  They turned their backs on their fans and left Saint Louis.  First it was their fans in Los Angeles, now Saint Louis…*face palm*

Well, that’s my top 6 disliked teams.  This is just my opinion, and before you harp on me for disliking your team, remember everyone has a right to their opinions.  If you don’t like my team, I honestly don’t care.


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