Yay Superbowl 50!

NFL Super Bowl 50

So it’s the Broncos and the Panthers at Super Bowl 50.  I say it’ll be the Broncos by 3 points.  The Panthers present a might obstacle, but Peyton Manning does have more overall experience even though he doesn’t perform like he used to .  The biggest problem with the Panthers right now which may be a costly one at that is that they’re not just confident, they’re cocky.  I remember the last team that went undefeated during the regular season and the playoffs, and extremely cocky about it too.  It was the New England Patriots.  They underestimated the opposition.  The Panthers are likely to do the same, it’s human nature.

Personally, I’d like to see the Broncos win because I feel that Peyton Manning deserves another ring before he retires. 🙂  Of course, I know I could be wrong about all of this, and the Panthers could take home the Lombardi Trophy.  But, I’m fairly confident about my prediction.  If the Broncos can take on the Brady Bunch and win, they can do the same thing with the Panthers.  Brady and Bilicheat couldn’t figure out Manning and the Boncos, and I highly doubt that the Cam Newton and the Panthers will be able to.

Since we’re on the subject of predictions, I think I’ll predict the LA Rams and the LA Chragers 2016 season as well.  I say that the Rams won’t do any better than they did in St. Louis, and that financially, they won’t do any better either.  When it comes to money, it all relys on the success of the team and the loyalty of its fans.  Seeing that this is the second move that the Rams has made, and the second time that the Ram’s owner turn his back on his loyal fans, things may even be worse.  As for the Chargers, I predict that they won’t do any better either next season.  The chargers turned thier backs on thier fans as well.

I feel that the Chargers could’ve found a way to stay in San Diego if they worked hard enough at it.  The only move that I could’ve understood is the Raiders.  They’re in bad need of a new stadium.  What took place in that owners meeting was just bad, just because they don’t like one of the other owners, they shouldn’t punish the team or the fans that go to see the team play.  While old, the stadiums that the Chargers and the Rams were in were just fine.  While I don’t like the current owner of the Raiders and feel that he should sell the team who does know what they’re doing, I do know that the team needs a new stadium.

Of course, the true and die hard fans would follow thier team and still be fans no matter where they’re headquartered (I would follow the KC Chiefs no matter where they moved to), but they should keep ALL the fans in mind, even the fair weathered ones.  Here in America, we all love football. 🙂

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