My Biggest Gripe


My biggest gripe about living in Hawaii has to be all the liberal crybabies here whom are constantly complaining about the government and how it’s being run wrong, or they aren’t doing something that they feel that the government should be doing, etc.  If they don’t like it so much, why keep electing a person in from the same political party over and over again?  C’mon here, if one Democrat isn’t doing the job right, why elect in another?  It just doesn’t make sense.  It has nothing to do with the person, but their party.

Oh yes, let’s ban this, ban that…  When bans on things don’t work.  Why just look at the illegal narcotics.  People still get them, and use them regardless of the law.  What they should be focusing on is how to fix our homeland security, and our economy here in Hawaii.

Quite honestly, I feel that not everyone who votes has a right to complain.  It’s those who voted for a different party who wanted real change that has the right to complain.

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