PSA: Leggings are NOT pants


I’m a guy, not that I don’t like seeing stuff like this on the right woman, but there’s a fine line that I don’t think that anyone should cross.  I can understand if the gal is trim and fit, and the leggings weren’t so worn that you can see right through it, but many times when you see a lady in leggings, it’s not a pretty sight, and the person wearing the leggings seems to be oblivious to the world that what they’re wearing is so wrong.  For many men, a trip to the mall is like going on a safari: they get to see camel toe in leopard print.

When you see things like what’s pictured above, it’s tasteless and rather disgusting.  A woman shouldn’t wear clothing like that if they don’t have the body for it.  I understand freedom of expression (and if looking at it from this prospective the freedom should have a gag order).  Yeah, yeah…  I can hear many people saying now: “Well then, don’t look”.  My take on that is, it’s hard to miss if they’re bending over in front of you and shoving their butt in your face.

As I’ve said often in the past, there’s just somethings that a man just shouldn’t see.  And this is one of them.  So please, please, please remember that leggings are NOT pants!

Thank you.



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