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I was thinking about a segment that I saw on the news the other day about a jellyfish influx at the beaches here in Honolulu.  They reported that many have gotten stung, and one beach was closed due to the jellyfish in the water.  They even showed a clip of people walking past the jellyfish warning signs and going into the water regardless.  That made me shake my head.

Who in their right minds would risk a sting from a jellyfish just to swim?  That’s what pools are for.  Then when they get stung, they cry for help.  Sheesh.  Watch someone’s going to sue the state.  Why didn’t they close the beach… I didn’t vote for any of them, not my fault.

If you ask me, anyone whom disregards a warning sign about a danger of jellyfish stings deserves to be stung.  No, I don’t think that the signs should be multilingual either.  If they come to my country they should know how to read and speak my language in a rudimentary basis.  That’s one of the many reasons that I don’t travel out of country.  If I can’t speak and read the language, I’m not going to go to someone else’s home and expect them to accommodate me.  That’s just wrong.


Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is this weekend, so I’ve decided to make my predictions for the game.  Even though I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I’ll be rooting for the Broncos.  I can’t stand the Panthers and Newton.  Cam Newton reminds me of Tom Brady (another quarterback that I love to hate).  With that said, on to my predictions.

As much as I want them to win, I just have to face facts.  Peyton Manning isn’t what he used to be.  He can’t throw the long passes like he used to, and Brock Osweiler isn’t a good replacement yet.  On top of that, if you look at the roster, you can see that the rest of the team is aging.  It looks like it’s going to be an uphill battle for them.

Luckily, their defense is strong so, they should be able to keep the Panthers’ score down and get the ball to their offense.  But, I do think that the defense will be very tired by the time that the second half comes round.  Work the defense too much and they’ll get tired, make costly mistakes and allow more scoring.  I’d say by the second half the Broncos defense will be marginal at best.  So, if the Broncos want a good shot at winning, they need to score as many points as they can during the first half of the game.

The Carolina Panthers while a good team this season have a few things working against them.  Since they haven’t lost a game in the regular season, and made it through the playoffs to the Super Bowl, they’re very overdue for a loss.  No one’s perfect, and everyone has to lose sometime.  It’s the law of averages.

Another thing that they have working against them would probably be over confidence, and under estimating their seasoned opponents.  If they do, it’s not like it hasn’t happened to anyone else.  Look at the New England Patriots.  In 2007, they went undefeated, and was boasting about it all across mass media.  Then they got to Super Bowl 42 and lost to the New York Giants 17 – 14.  While a close game, I feel that the margin would’ve been bigger if the Patriots didn’t underestimate their opponent.

Aging rosters…  Seems like a lot of the teams in the NFL is suffering from this.  The Panthers’ roster is aging as well.  As Toby Keith sang, “I ain’t as good as I once was…”  This will make things harder for the team as well.  Over all, I feel that the Panthers do have a better team, although.  But the score will be close.

My prediction for Super Bowl 50: Panthers win by 3.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)



With the big deal being made as of late about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), I’ve decided to devote a post about this subject.  I’ve done my research, but can’t really find anything negative about GMOs.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there’s nothing that proves that there’s negative effects of GMOs.  In fact, the United States and the world benefits from this technology.  Growers use genetically modified plants to create crops that are resistant to disease, herbicides, and make them less appealing to insects.  Of course these crops produce more yield so that one crop can feed a lot more people.

Below, I have a list of Pros and Cons about GMOs that I found on WebMD:

The Pros

More food: Fans of GMOs say they will help us feed the extra 2 billion people that will fill the planet by 2050. Farmers can grow more food because these plants can live through a drought or cold snap. They aren’t as likely to die from disease.

“Not using these tools would push us back 40 to 50 years in food production,” Bradford says.

Less stress on the environment: Crops made so bugs won’t like them lower farmers’ need for toxic chemical pesticides, Goldstein says. Plants that resist weeds can live in fields that don’t have to be tilled as often. Tilling, or stirring up the dirt, gets rid of weeds, but it also causes dirt to be washed away into streams and rivers.

The Cons

More medical problems: Opponents say that besides possibly leading to cancer, GMOs can cause new allergies and hurt the effects of antibiotics. But no studies confirm this.

The rise of “superweeds”: Crops built to survive weed killer could breed with weeds. These “superweeds” would also survive. Farmers would have to use more and more and stronger pesticide to keep up.

Now, that you’ve seen all the pros and cons, quite honestly since all these negative effects of these GMOs are speculative.  I have bold and underlined key words in the list above.  Even throughout the article on WebMD, there’s many “can”s, “could”s, and “may”s.  As I’ve said above, there’s no proof that GMOs are indeed harmful.  Experts have said and continue to say that without GMOs it would set back our ability to produce adequate food for everyone.  There’s activist groups, websites, etc. all feeding into a hysteria that has no scientific value in base.

Both the WHO and the FDA say that all GMO crops are regulated to ensure that no harmful food gets to the tables of the consumer.  I encourage you to make up your own mind about this subject, I have included the links to my source material below.


Here are the links:

Free Healthcare For Americans???

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Patient Room | Image Courtesy of: imgur

The Affordable Healthcare Act, AKA Obama Care, is a stunning example of how free healthcare won’t work in the United States.  Yes, it isn’t free, but the Democrats want to head in that direction, and as you can see just trying to lower the costs of healthcare has backfired, and has raised the medical costs of millions.

Why, just look at Hawaii where it backfired the most.  According to a study done by the Kaiser Foundation, the cost per Obama Care enrollee in Hawaii is $23,899.  The most expensive in the United States.  Why, even former US Representative Charles Dijou acknowledges in an article the fact that Hawaii’s average of premiums is 26 times the national average, and the failed Hawaii Health Connector only had a fraction the amount of people enrolled that’s needed to keep the program self sustaining.  The article mentioned is here.  To be fair, I will mention that the Democrats running the State of Hawaii say that healthcare cost here in Hawaii only costs $217 a month.  You can find the figures here.  Not only did it fail in getting enough of the state’s population to sign up, it was found that it wasted 11 million dollars (the source of the waste information is here).  After the major failure by the Democrat run State of Hawaii, all Obama care enrollments shifted to the federal site.

Back to the subject at hand, just imagine that you live in Hawaii, and the Democrats get their wish of free Healthcare for everyone.  Now, that cost of $23,899 per person is now transferred to the federal government.  In 2014, the US census estimated the state’s population at 1.42 million people (you can find the census I’m referring to here).  So, let’s multiply $23,899 by 1.42 million.  So, that comes out to $33,936,580,000.  Just imagine the figure if I had figured in the entire country.

Where is all the money coming from?  The middle class worker.  The Democrats don’t want to change the tax laws for the rich.  I’ve seen the Democrat debates, they say nothing about the changing the tax codes, helping our nation’s veterans, or saving social security.  All they do is rip on the Republicans and promise free stuff that everyone will end up paying for (it’s not free, someone ends up paying for it).  Haven’t you noticed that all the Democrats that are running for president are all above the middle class?

In the ending, free healthcare nor free education will work in America.  The only way it may be feasible, is if taxes are raised really high, and new taxes are created to cover the cost.  Those will have repercussions many won’t like.  Sure, the thought of free medical insurance and free higher education is appealing, but it would bankrupt the nation.

It’s time that everyone told the Democrats to stop making radical changes to the way that we all live in America, and fix the problems that are facing our great nation instead.

PSA: Leggings are NOT Pants Part 2


Cam Newton, QB for the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton, the starting Quarter Back for the Carolina Panthers arrived earlier today (1/31/2016) in San Francisco, California wearing these pants.  The post on Instagram says that it’s “Jeans”, but I highly doubt that. It looks like leggings to me.  To make things worse, they’re UGLY too.  The fashion police should arrest him.

Apparently, these “Jeans” were made by Versace.  He even had the matching shoes.  Since, to me those “Jeans” look like leggings, I’ve decided to make a secondary Public Service Announcement advising everyone again that leggings are so NOT pants.

Thank you for your time.



P.S.: LMAO, sorry, had to do a post.