Free Healthcare For Americans???

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The Affordable Healthcare Act, AKA Obama Care, is a stunning example of how free healthcare won’t work in the United States.  Yes, it isn’t free, but the Democrats want to head in that direction, and as you can see just trying to lower the costs of healthcare has backfired, and has raised the medical costs of millions.

Why, just look at Hawaii where it backfired the most.  According to a study done by the Kaiser Foundation, the cost per Obama Care enrollee in Hawaii is $23,899.  The most expensive in the United States.  Why, even former US Representative Charles Dijou acknowledges in an article the fact that Hawaii’s average of premiums is 26 times the national average, and the failed Hawaii Health Connector only had a fraction the amount of people enrolled that’s needed to keep the program self sustaining.  The article mentioned is here.  To be fair, I will mention that the Democrats running the State of Hawaii say that healthcare cost here in Hawaii only costs $217 a month.  You can find the figures here.  Not only did it fail in getting enough of the state’s population to sign up, it was found that it wasted 11 million dollars (the source of the waste information is here).  After the major failure by the Democrat run State of Hawaii, all Obama care enrollments shifted to the federal site.

Back to the subject at hand, just imagine that you live in Hawaii, and the Democrats get their wish of free Healthcare for everyone.  Now, that cost of $23,899 per person is now transferred to the federal government.  In 2014, the US census estimated the state’s population at 1.42 million people (you can find the census I’m referring to here).  So, let’s multiply $23,899 by 1.42 million.  So, that comes out to $33,936,580,000.  Just imagine the figure if I had figured in the entire country.

Where is all the money coming from?  The middle class worker.  The Democrats don’t want to change the tax laws for the rich.  I’ve seen the Democrat debates, they say nothing about the changing the tax codes, helping our nation’s veterans, or saving social security.  All they do is rip on the Republicans and promise free stuff that everyone will end up paying for (it’s not free, someone ends up paying for it).  Haven’t you noticed that all the Democrats that are running for president are all above the middle class?

In the ending, free healthcare nor free education will work in America.  The only way it may be feasible, is if taxes are raised really high, and new taxes are created to cover the cost.  Those will have repercussions many won’t like.  Sure, the thought of free medical insurance and free higher education is appealing, but it would bankrupt the nation.

It’s time that everyone told the Democrats to stop making radical changes to the way that we all live in America, and fix the problems that are facing our great nation instead.

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