Seriously? They’re going to go there? I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not going to happen. Even if the people supporting California ceding from the United States get the issue of ceding onto a ballot for vote this coming March, they face insurmountable odds. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

The Signatures

Yes California and their supporters must gain 400,000 signatures to get calexit on the ballot for the voters to vote on. The last attempt that was made by calexit failed miserably. If they do manage to get the required amount of signatures, it will be on the ballot in 2018.

Option 1

Depending on what route they take (they listed 2 on their website) the obstacles are different. Let’s start with option 1 which I took from their website:

A member of the California federal delegation to Washington would propose an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing the State of California to withdraw from the Union. The Amendment would have to be approved by 2/3 of the House of Representatives and 2/3 of the Senate. If the Amendment passed it would be sent to the fifty state legislatures to be considered (to satisfy the “consent of the states” requirement in Texas v. White). It would need to be accepted by at least 38 of the 50 state legislatures to be adopted.

OK, so we start with:


An amendment to the Constitution will be required. For that it must gain 2/3 of the votes in the House, and then 2/3 in the Senate. Seeing that both the Senate and the House of Representatives are controlled by the Republicans (will be referred to later as GOP), they won’t go for the idea.


image via house.gov

Why? Because they understand that if California leaves the union, it would disrupt military operations, as well as business because many of the sea ports in the United States is there. Also, what about the Americans that don’t want to move, but remain in America. Quite honestly, I believe that the Yes California and their supporters are in the minority.

Now if by chance the measure does pass the GOP controlled congress, this Happens:

The States

Now the measure must go to the rest of the states to be approved. The measure must be approved by 38 of the 50 states. Seeing that the majority of the country is conservative, it probably won’t pass. Especially by New York. There’s a high probability that California ceding would cause a monumental crash of the stock market here, and impact stock markets around the world. In other words, it would hurt everyone.

Option 2

OK, now on to option two, this I have also taken from Yes California’s website:

California could call for a convention of the states (which is currently being organized to tackle other constitutional amendments as we speak) and the Amendment granting California its independence would have to be approved by 2/3 of the delegates to this convention. If it passed, the Amendment would be sent to the fifty state legislatures to be considered and 38 of the 50 states would have to approve the measure in order for it to be adopted.

OK, so this one has a

Convention of states

The convention of states requires at least 34 of the 50 state legislatures to submit applications to congress for the same reason to ratify a convention of states. Then once ratified, the states select their representatives to attend the convention. As mentioned above, at least 2/3 of the delegates must approve. If approved it will go to the:

State Legislatures

Once approved at the convention it goes to the state legislatures across the United States for approval. Now, many of the states won’t go for the same reasons that I gave for option 1.

In Conclusion

This just won’t work. California wouldn’t be allowed to cede from the United States. In my opinion, I say let them cede. Then make a law ordering all liberals and Democrats to move to the new Country of California.

With that said, I wonder if they know that if they cede, the United States will not have to protect them any further with our military. Also, I imagine many companies would move out of the state, because if Donald Trump is still in office, he’ll impose very high tariffs on them because they will be considered a foreign nation. Also, there will be no funding from the United States federal government or Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid…

Liberals aren’t very smart, are they?


Dear Democrats

Dear Democrats,

The country does not care that it does not have a Democrat President. The recounts, protests, and the attempt to ceede from the United States will not work. Even with Bernie Sanders as your nominee, he still would’ve lost to Donald Trump. Even people of your own party didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they didn’t like her.

You call canservitives racist when you yourselves want to punish the white man. I don’t need to remind you that it was the Republicans that wanted to free slaves (it didn’t have any Democrat support), it was Republicans that wanted to give women the right to vote (it had little to no Democrat support), it was the Republicans that wanted to give blacks the right to vote. No, the conservatives wanted and still want equal rights for everyone.

Then there’s socialism. Need I show you the numbers? You should already know them. In Detroit, California, and New York, just a few of the Democrat run areas, crime and poverty is the highest. In fact in Hawaii, homelessness, and unemployment has gone up, not down under the governship of Democrat Governor David Ige and the Democrat run State Legislature. There was even a mass departure from California because of the the California government.

Now, let’s speak about war since you call Republicans Warmongers. If the Democrats look at history, you can see whom the truely violent political party really is.  During the 20th century, it was a Democrat that took America in mosy of the major wars and conflicts.

  • The Civil War (Democrats ceeded from the union to create the Confederate States of America)
  • World War I (President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat)
  • Vietnam Conflict (President John F. Kennedy, Democrat)
  • Korean War (President Harry S. Truman, Democrat)

    Before calling anyone a warmonger, I would strongly suggest that you look in the mirror first. Our great country will be facing many dangers and evils from within and externally in the upcoming years. We need to solidify our stances and our morale. The election is over, we need unity.

    Speaking of unity, lets talk about that now. As I said above, we need unity. Not protests, riots, or any politician fanning the flames with making speeches about someone whom is racist being put into Trump’s cabinet. The propaganda that Hillary, the Democrats, and the main stream media has spread is helping no one, and no Democrat except for one has come forward to make a speech about unity except for Tulsi Gabbard. President Obama and Hillary Clinton only made half hearted attepmts to call for unity, and they only did so once. So it seems like to me that the Democrats and Liberals don’t want unity. Why I even wrote an e-mail to the Democrat Party of Hawaii asking for them to call for unity, and they never even answered.

    Next, let’s speak about racism and sexism, shall we? Since you Democrats love to call us racist and sexist, let’s look at the Democrat Party history. You’ll find that after you finish reading my post that it’s the Democrats that are racist, not the Republicans.

    • Republicans wanted freedom for the slaves, Democrats did not (Hence the Civil War).
    • Republicans wanted the blacks to have voting rights (it had little to no support from the Democrats).
    • Republicans wanted women to have the right to vote (this also had little to no support from the Democrats).

    Before you call anyone racist or sexist, I would look in the mirror, Democrats and Liberals.

    Now, the whole devil thing. I for one don’t appreciate being called a devil for I care about others, and feel that god looks out for everyone not just Christians. Yes everyone does have the right to believe what they wish. If they believe that there’s no god, more power to them. As long as you don’t press your beliefs on others (something which liberals and Democrats do all the time), I feel that you’re free to believe whatever you wish to. Republicans are far from evil.

    With all of that said, before you judge someone because they’re conservative or Republican, look to yourself and your political party. I’m sure that you’ll find that you’re what you accuse the Conservatives and Republicans of.



    Alex Smith Holding Back The Chiefs?


    Ever since that made headlines yesterday, it’s left a real salty taste in my mouth. While yes Alex contributed to the loss of the Chiefs, it wasn’t the only reason why. Let’s look at this a little closer, shall we?

    The Difference Maker

    Alex admitted that throwing that interception was the difference maker. I couldn’t agree more. While this interception did was a big part of the loss, I feel that it wasn’t the only reason why. It does take more than one play to lose a game.

    Play Calling

    Head Coach Andy Reid admitted that he was the one that called the disastrous play which caused the turnover. Alex couldn’t call an audible to get out of the situation, and it ended badly. I have no Idea what Reid was thinking when he called this play, but I agree it was bad. This is another thing that cost the Chiefs the game.

    The Offense

    Where do I start? I’ve seen other Chiefs games, and it’s always the same: the offense doesn’t perform as well as the defense. Why? Part of the reason is Alex Smith (I like Alex, and it kills me to say this), he’s mediocre at best as a quarterback. Jamaal Charles is still out (which adds to the problem), and the rest of the offensive line isn’t much better. In my opinion, we need to do a weed, seed, and develop on the offensive line.

    The Defense

    I don’t feel that the defense is apart of the problem. The Chiefs defense is Super Bowl Quality, hands down. The defensive line just has to keep up the good work.


    Dee Ford, Charcandrick West, Marcus Peters, Justin Houstin, Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Johnson, Marcus Peters, Dontari Poe, and Tamba Hali. These are just some of the injuries that the Chiefs had for the week 11 game. Another contributing factor in the loss of the week 11 game.


    In conclusion, it just wasn’t one thing or person that caused the loss of the week 11 game. It wasn’t just Alex Smith.

    featured image via NFL

    One Nation Under God…

    One Nation, under god indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all… I understand that the election has divided us.  It happens every election year. But, enough is enough.  I call upon the leaders in all of out industries, and politics to call for unity.  It’s time to put this nasty election behind us.

    All these demonstrations and riots proves and accomplishes nothing.  The only thing that it proves is that you don’t respect the system or the country.  The rest of the world is laughing at us.  We need a smooth transition of power to show the rest of the world the American solidarity.  I don’t know what the liberals and Democrats are so afraid of…

    They have to know that they shot themselves in the foot…  A huge deficit, problems with crime, the Affordable Healthcare Act…and the list goes on and on.  We need unity.  Enough is enough.

    To that end, I did attempt to contact Rosie O’Donnel through her webpage.  I got no answer.  Then I tried contacting the Hawaii Democratic Party through their page asking for them to call for unity as well… Again I got no response. It seems like the liberals and Democrats don’t want unity.

    Why look at Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) had a press conference where she bad mouthed President Elect Donald Trump, and only fanned the flames of the paranoia of those whom are demonstrating. She should be setting the example and calling for unity. The half assed speech about peaceful succession and unity by President Obama wasn’t nearly enough. The United States needs unity.  We have lots of work to do.

    It’s rather disappointing, really. The American people have spoken, the Dems and Liberals should respect the system.  All this butt hurt over the election is all for nothing.  Holding out hope that the electoral voters will vote differently is a waste of time.

    The End???


    Is it the end of the Democrat Party?  After years of preaching about peace, rights, etc. Is it finally over?  After Donald Trump was declared President Elect late night on election day, there was no response from the Hillary and her supporters because she sent them home to wait for the final results to come in.

    The shit finally hit the fan the following morning when people found out that Trump was elected President.  Mass protests followed…  Then violence…  Burning of the American flag…  Destruction of both private and public property.  People burning images of Donald Trump…  All while they chanted not my president.  Kill Donald Trump and his supporters…  Looks like the protests and the riots will continue until Trump takes office early next year.

    I call upon the Democrat Party to cease all operations immediately, and disband with a explanation about how this all happened, and apology to the American people that they did nothing to stop or even prevent this from happening.  Ignorance, fear, and propaganda put forward by the Democrat Party has caused this.  What propaganda you ask?  Let’s cover them, shall we?

    • Republicans are warmongers
    • Republicans are racist
    • Republicans are sexist
    • Republicans are the KKK
    • Republicans are evil
    • Republicans are the Devil
    • Republicans don’t care about civil rights
    • Republicans don’t care about Women’s reproductive rights

    Democrats caused paranoia in the general public, and the mass media (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc.) encouraging the line of thought, incited a mass panic when the country chose a Republican over a Democrat.  It seems like the Democrats love to produce propaganda and incite paranoia and panic.

    A good example is the vaping law that the law makers in Hawaii passed (they’re mostly Democrats)…  They raised the vaping and smoking age to 21, without doing sufficient studies or research.  They had jumped the gun.  Even their state funded quit smoking now program put up anti-vaping ads in public ares.  A short time later the British released their study about vaping showing that it was less harmful to the user, and posed no risk to bystanders.  I even wrote to them asking them to ease off on the regulations because all it’ll do is hurt business in the state, and fuel and unnecessary paranoia.  I got no answer from any of the legislators that I wrote to.

    It’s clear that Democrats are anti-American, dangerous, lack common sense, and have little to no intelligence.  I don’t just blame the people that took part in the riots.  The Democrats caused the paranoia with their propaganda.  They cater to the special interest groups almost exclusively, and very heavily corrupt.  They even have the main stream media in their pockets propagating their beliefs and doctrines.

    How quickly Democrats forget that they themselves were against freeing the slaves.  They were against women having the right to vote.  Not the Republicans.  The GOP was founded on the principals of freedom and that all men and women were created equal.  If you don’t believe me, perform a Google search.  You’ll find many sites that will back up my facts.

    If you want to delve into conspiracy theories, one guy on you tube, only calling himself Channel 13 uploaded a video talking about the predicted fall of the Democratic party after the 2016 election.  You’ll find the video below:

    The most disgusting thing about all of this is the fact that it all this stuff started when Obama was still in office with the whole Black Live Matter movement that turned into a bunch of racist black people bullying anyone that wasn’t black, and all of it built up and progressed into the demonstrations and riots that we have at the time of this writing.  Obama did nothing about the Black Lives Matter.


    image courtesy of whitehouse.gov

    Obama’s Administration has been disastrous to say the least.  His “Obamacare” or Affordable Healthcare Act was very badly written and backfired.  At the time of the writing of this article, premiums are going up.  By 2017 it’s been projected that all healthcare costs will be extremely high.  You know to top it all off, Obamacare didn’t even have the authorization of congress to use federal funding.  Then there’s all the executive laws that he wrote to put laws into effect without having to go through congress.  There’s the bathroom law that no one wanted, and are still fighting till this day.

    What probably disgusts me the most is that President Obama backed and encouraged Colin Kaepernick’s “protest” of the national anthem before the NFL games.  Disgusting.  What kind of President encourages disrespect of the flag, the national anthem and everything that they stand for?  A bad one.  Liberals and the Democrats have lost sight of what America really is and stands for.  The phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance “Liberty and justice for all” has been forsaken by Obama and his Administration.  To them its “Liberty and justice for the rich and Democrats only”.

    No, I don’t foresee the death of America.  But, I do foresee the death of the Democrat Party.  What my rise from it’s ashes scares me…  Something more dark and sinister will rise in its place.  Far worse that I could possibly predict.  This country will be facing very dark times because of the Death of the Democrat Party.  We as Americans must brace ourselves for what comes next.