Month: March 2017

An Open Letter To Governors Protesting The Travel Ban

Dear Governors:

We all know why you’re protesting President Trump’s travel ban. It’s not because it’s unconstitutional. Nor is it because it’s discriminatory. It’s because you have President Trump because he’s Republican. If he had been Democrat, you’d be shouting from the mountain tops for everyone to support him. In all reality, what this travel ban does is no different than what presidents have done in the past. Even Obama has done something similar.

But you had said nothing. Have you all forgotten 9/11/2001? Have you all forgotten the national outcry? Have you forgotten about the question:

Could this have been prevented?

The answer is yes. With better national security. And that is what President Trump is attempting to do, but you are so vigrously trying to stop no matter what the cost or the reason. For many Americans (both Democrats and Republicans a like) do not feel safe in thier own country.

I urge all the governors of the states protesting the travel ban to stop and really reflect on this subject before continuing. Because we all don’t want another 9/11/01 to happen because we failed to tighten security as much as we could. Why not work with president Trump to make America safe for all American citizens?