Los Vegas Welcome Sign

The recent events in Vegas…

Democrats are distasteful, evil, hypocrites… Now they’re using the deaths of innocent people to push their agendas in congress. That’s just evil. Instead of taking time out and going on national TV and asking for the country, and their fellow Democrats to stop the hate, and all the protests; they chose to continue to push their identity politics and gun control (Reference Democrat Senator Schatz asking for more gun control the very day after the Vegas shooting on the Senate floor). That’s just plain disgusting, but it’s a typical Democrat move, and it’s not surprising. They focus on the hate, not the healing. That’s the Democrats and the left for you.

Anyhow, this is my take on what I’ve been able to gather from sources off of the internet. I do not necessarily trust what I get from the media. I think that there’s a cover up going on, and I think it’s going on above the media’s head in this case… I think this may be going on at the federal government level…Because the LEOs seem to be involved, and I wouldn’t doubt if some Democrat had something to do with the main reason for the cover up.

I do not believe what the media is saying about the there being no motive. There was a motive. The guy was leftist more than likely, brainwashed by the liberal left, and wanted to gun down conservatives. This shooting doesn’t match ISIS’ MO. What better place to do it at than a country music concert? Why? Country music is usually about everything that the left hates. The flag, Americana, traditional families, love for the country, fighting for the country, being a patriot, etc. All the things that the left hate and are protesting right now.

As far as him travelling? Doubtful, I think that the evidence may have been planted… Come on here, anyone with any common sense has got to know that when someone starts shooting like that, and people are dead, it’s a one way ticket to the morgue. The LEOs are going to shoot you on sight, they’re not going to yell, “Freeze, drop the weapon”. They’re going to shoot your ugly ass, and get rid of the damned threat.

There was more than one person shooting as well. I’ve seen more than one video of the shooting, and can hear shots from two different distances. One seems farther than the other, and both are automatic gunfire, not handguns either.

What was said about the 36th floor was bullshit. From eyewitness and video on YouTube, it’s plain to see that it happened on about the 10th floor or so of the hotel in question. So there is some deliberate misinformation being fed to the public about what actually happened that night. While I’m sure that there is probably a good and rational explanation for it, they’re not telling us for a good reason. Moreover, when all of this took place most people didn’t even seem alarmed by it in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay. They may have all thought it was part of the show? But security was very lax, too laxed for this event.

In my opinion, I feel that security fucked up in allowing that guy into the event with all those weapons. How could anyone miss all those weapons that he was carrying? Then when he started shooting, no one took action right away. Why was there no off duty LEOs on duty at the event? I thought they usually hired off duty LEOs at the events to assist with security, and they’re usually armed. Also with all those people on site, why didn’t anyone run and call the LEOs? Rhetorical question.

Now on to the million dollar question. Would gun legislation have helped stop this tragedy from happening? Highly unlikely. Why? Because criminals don’t care about the laws. That guy with all his planning would have found a way to get the weapons and all the ammunition anyway, gun laws or not. Even if he didn’t plan, he would have found a way because, he needed the guns.

The left’s thinking of banning side arms/rifles/etc. just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t lower or eradicate all gun violence. In all reality, it still happens. Just recently on September 16th 2007, a teenager killed someone with a sidearm in Waikiki… He wounded two others. Strict laws doesn’t help anything. What America needs is responsible people, with the correct education.


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