Typical Democrat.

I just had a Democrat call me racist over my post about Los Vegas. I can’t post the contents of the comment or allow the comment to go live in the comments of the post due to the foul language of the post. Anyhow, this lady called me a racist because it didn’t align with her beliefs! What a maroon. She had no real argument, no real proof to back herself up, but called me a racist. That post had nothing to do with race at all. Typical Democrat. Everything is about race. Sad.

They always talk about freedom of speech, but that’s only when it aligns with their beliefs and their little views of the world. If it doesn’t, you’re a racist.

As I’ve posted in the about section of this blog, we do not care about political correctness here, this blog is written by conservatives for conservatives. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

In the end you Democrats can bite my shiney metal ass!


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