Democrats and the Left Wing are racist

Democrats and all the parties on the left wing are racist. Why? In this post I will attempt to cover most of the reasons why. Most are common sense, and I don’t know why people just don’t see it.

  • Democrats and their Identity politics are inherently racist. Why? It’s always, what race are you? What race are they? It’s not, We’re all American, we’re all in this together.
  • It was the Democrats founded the KKK.
  • The KKK is still Leftist today with Socialist beliefs and its white supremacy.
  • The Black Panthers also all about protesting (Something the left loves to do) only blacks in that group is racist.
  • AntiFa is racist (they’re communist), they only target white people.
  • Socialism has been known to be racist. (Look at Hitler and the Jews. Hitler was a Socialist)
  • Democratic President Allowed the usage of Intern-camps where all Asians and only Asians were put into during WWII. That’s racist.
  • When it came time to free the slaves, Democrats pulled out of the union and started the Civil War.
  • When it came time to give the blacks the right to vote, it got little to no support from the Democrats.
  • When it came time to integrate the schools, it was the Democrats that was against that too.
  • And today when it comes to oppression, look at the Democrats trying to oppress the conservatives trying to get the truth out over their communist propaganda.

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