Senator Warren: The Liar

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Promoting the long and prosperous tradition of the Democratic Party: lying, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was caught in a lie. Apparently a long running lie about her ancestry. First she used it to get hired to teach at a university, then to get Elected to the United States Senate. We all know politicians lie, but it’s a totally different story to lie and get caught at it.

Not even wanting to help clear her name when it came to researching her ancestry, she didn’t even want to produce some “pictures” that she claimed to have that would prove that she was Native American. In fact, Cherokee genealogists, were the ones that conducted all the research and went as far back as the trail of tears, and could find no proof of Senator Warren’s claims.

In the end, when all the findings were released, and it was found that the Senator was indeed a liar, the stunning thing was that the Media (CBS, ABC, CNN, and NBC) said nothing. The Democrats said nothing. Why? Because she’s a Democrat. Now, if it was a Republican that had lied, all hell would have broken loose. There is a hypocrisy going on by the left and the Democrats, they have no room to talk. By far, they are the most corrupt political party in America to date.

Now, we come to the Pocahontas joke that President Trump made at the Ceremony honoring the Code Talkers of World War II. The Navajo that were present weren’t offended when President Trump called the Senator Pocahontas, not even the descendant of Pocahontas was offended, but the Democrats were? Why? Because they need attention.

Why do Democrats need attention? They have severe psychological problems, and they all need help, that’s why. They’re needy. They have the need for attention and always be in the spotlight. To be the most important. That’s just sad.



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