Democrats waste time

They do. Democrats love to waste taxpayer time and money. Why? I don’t know. All this time when they were in power in congress, they got nothing done. Obama was in office, he got nothing done. President Trump gets into office, more gets done in a short period of time without the help of the Democrats. Let’s look at some current fine examples of how the Democrats are wasting time right now when there are more pressing and urgent matters that MUST be attended to.

North Korea

Yes, North Korea. They have ICBMs, and they have nuclear warheads. They have a weapon that experts are saying that could reach every major city in the United States if the nuclear warhead could survive the reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Now, what are the Democrats focusing on instead? Hating on President Trump. Climate change, which no one in the scientific community can agree on exists, therefore doesn’t exist. Racism, that only exists in their minds.

What should they be doing about North Korea? Working with the Republicans and President Trump to come up with a solution to the problem of North Korea. Creating evacuation plans for cities, contingency plans. Instead, they waste time.

Health Care

They’re constantly complaining about healthcare. Why don’t they work with President Trump and the Republicans to fix the healthcare bill? Instead, they hate on President Trump, focus on hate and racism, they waste time on an impeachment process that will ultimately go nowhere because President Trump has done nothing wrong. They waste time, and when they waste time, they’re wasting tax payer money.

AntiFa, BLM, and the KKK

Why aren’t they doing anything about the extremist groups? Why? Because they hate people, and the Democrats love hate. It also gives them another reason to waste time in Congress and waste time about ridiculous things like the Pocahontas joke that the President made that no one but the Democrats were offended by. The Native Americans that were there weren’t offended, nor was the direct descendant of Pocahontas when she was interviewed.

You see, just by those few examples, you can see that the Democrats love to waste time, and tax payer money. They are just Marxist, Communist, Social Engineering, Socialists that was control over everything.

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