Democrats are gullible

Yes they are. Why? They believe everything they see on TV and everything that the politicians tell them. They don’t bother to go and read the bills they’re so against and just believe whatever the propaganda that the leftist media and the Democrats spit out. That’s the one of the many differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. Research. We don’t believe everything that we see on TV or that the politicians tell us.

I have read the resolution, and saw the benefits from the bill. The number of tax brackets were reduced. There are now only 4 tax brackets, the standard deductions are raised, the tax credit on children is raised… There’s more… I suggest that you go and read the bill. There really isn’t anything bad in there. Sure things are eliminated, but those things most people won’t even notice are gone anyway.

The blind hate that the Democrats have for the Republicans and President Trump is Ridiculous and idiotic at best. The Democrats are no better than all the other leftists that came before them, the communists, socialists, Nazis, etc. They will fail just as the socialists are failing and will fail. Socialism, communism, Identity politics, and its racist beliefs just don’t work.

Enough is enough.


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