I can’t stop laughing

Socialism is Communism.
Socialism is Communism.

I was surfing the web today when I bumped into this meme. This meme was so stupid I just couldn’t stop laughing. If this person is actually a news source (the name of the person who created the meme is GrassHopperNews), I wouldn’t trust any of the content that comes from it. It’s readily apparent that this person doesn’t even understand the different types of government.

If you keep up with the posts on my blog, you know that socialism is communism. If you don’t understand that you don’t understand what communism is. If you need an explanation I suggest that you read my post Socialism, Communism, & Marxism.

Anyway, this person is truly the perfect picture of someone that doesn’t understand (the typical Democrat), and I just couldn’t stop laughing. Just like many Democrats think that the Nazis were Right Wing when they weren’t. I had the urge to make a account of the meme website just to tell him how ignorant he/she was, and that he/she is pushing a false narrative that is just furthering the deception and the hate in America.

Why can’t people just do research instead of just believing what they see on TV and what they hear from the politicians blindly? Its stupid.

featured image via http://www.bruceonpolitics.com


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