The US political left and right explained


There are many false charts and information out there. Especially ones released by the left. Here, I will tell you the TRUTH. I have no reason to lie, I am not a Democrat or someone on the left. First, I will list all the known active political groups (and a couple of historical ones because the left often make mistakes about them) that I am aware of on the national level with you here in the introduction.

Then, I will put them in a clear list as to what side of the political spectrum that they belong in, and finally, I will give you the reasons why they are there. Now, lets begin.

  • Communism (AntiFa)
  • Progressives
  • Socialism
  • Democrats (NOT Liberals)
  • Nazis
  • Fascists
  • KKK
  • BLM
  • Black Panthers
  • Libertarians (The true Liberals)
  • Republicans (GOP)
  • Conservatives
  • The Tea Party
  • Monarchies (far right, none exists in America, only here for example)

The Political Spectrum

Next, as I have said above, I will now put them into different lists showing where each group belongs so that there is no confusion.


  • Communism (far left, extremist)
  • AntiFa (far left, Communist)
  • Fascists (Far left, extremist)
  • Nazis (far left, extremist, socialists)
  • Progressives (far left, extremist)
  • KKK (extremist, Socialists)
  • BLM (extremist)
  • Black Panthers (extremist)
  • Socialism (a transitional point between communism and capitalism)
  • Democrats (what most of the left wing is, the Democrats want to become full Socialists)


  • Libertarians (the TRUE Liberals)


  • Republicans
  • Conservatives
  • Tea Party (extremist, non violent)
  • Monarchies (far right, none exists in America, only here for example)


As I’ve said in the introduction, now I will now explain why the parties are where they are. I will start with the Left Wing.

The Left Wing

CommunismKarl Marx dreamed it up, and Lenin attempted to execute it. The only thing is he wasn’t successful in getting to his objective. In fact, Communism is so unreachable that no country on the planet has ever reached it. Most of the Dictatorships are in fact Socialist governments. North Korea, Venezuela, China…Vietnam, Laos… Communism is total control by the government, a dictatorship. The government says what to wear, where you live, what job you can and cannot do. You don’t own a car, they decide what you see on TV, what holidays you can or can not observe. This is what the Democrats and the left is ultimately heading towards. The more control you give the government, the more they want, and the more they will take.

AntiFa: An extremist Communist group. They want to stop fascism, the ironic thing is that the tactics that they use are the same kind of tactics that the fascists use. They’re just violent people that want Communism, and like the Democrats probably don’t understand what Communism really is.

Fascists: Why did the dictionaries change the definition? Because history was finally viewed correctly. Mussolini spent a lot of time with the Socialists before going to form the Fascists. So, it would make a lot of sense that much of the policies and the principles of his new party would be socialist in nature. Therefore, Fascists is left wing. Moreover, the way that all the other groups have been behaving lately, they are fascists.

Nazis: The full name of Hitler’s party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi for short. Hitler himself was a self proclaimed Socialist. So, no matter what leftist professor says he wasn’t a Socialist, that professor is wrong, history says so. Hitler had everything that Socialists want. Free healthcare, free education, gun control, he even had hatred towards one specific race. The Jews, the left hates the White man today. All the Democrats and the left today is missing is the Concentration Camps and the Holocaust.

Progressives: These are the people that are defacing and pulling down statues, disgracing our veterans graves. These are the people with the big mouths. Usually these are the protesters, and a lot of the time they get so emotional, that they get violent. These people along with the Democrats in Germany before World War II was a major factor that got Hitler into Power. WWII was the fault of the Democrats and the Progressives in Germany.

KKK: Unlike what the Democrats, the left, Hollywood, and the Mainstream Media would like you to think, the KKK is not Right Wing. They were created by the Democrats, they disappeared for awhile, then reappeared just after World War II with Nazi beliefs (Socialist beliefs, hated Jews, Catholics, blacks, and the master race), along with adopting insignia from the Nazis, their uniforms, their flag, and even the Confederate flag, which was Democrat in origin.

BLM: Using civil rights and violence as an excuse to push their beliefs on others (not much different than the Black Panthers), BLM is a Leftist group. They use same tactics similar to the ones used in the LA riots in the 90’s. Violence proves nothing. The left loves to use violence.

Black Panthers: Like the BLM, they use civil rights and violence to push their agendas on others, they are a leftist organization. They can use all the excuses they want, they’re all racist.

Socialism: The Democrats aren’t full socialists yet. That’s why I’ve listed this separately. Karl Marx invented socialism, all other forms, copied Marx. He said that Socialism is just a transitional period between Capitalism and Communism. So, to put it plainly and bluntly, Socialism is Communism, and Communism is Socialism.

Democrats: This is basically the bulk of the left wing in America. They want more socialism, they focus on identity politics which is racist and sexist. It’s their identity politics that’s causing all the violence, but they don’t stop and change gears, they’re so selfish, they keep going because they just want the vote. The Democrats want to achieve full Socialism.


Libertarians: The true Liberals. In no way is anyone on the left a liberal in any sense of the word. They neither are left or right wing, and normally have neither beliefs, they believe only in what’s in the Constitution. For this reason, most tend to lean right wing.

Right Wing

  • Republicans: Also known as the Grand Old Party or the GOP, this party makes up the majority of the American Right Wing. They want to conserve the traditional values of America, have a small government, low taxes, and allow business to flourish. When the economy flourishes, so does the Country and the people. They believe in the Constitution and the values within, but concentrate on legislating fiscal matters for Business. They believe in Judeo-Christian values. Will bail out American companies to save the economy.
  • Conservatives: This party like the Republicans but, they tend to be more fiscally conservative, and they tend to adhere to the Constitution more strictly. They don’t do bail outs for American companies.
  • Tea Party: This party is like the Conservatives, but they’re extremely fiscally conservative, they only want to stick legislative wise to what’s in the Constitution.

There you have it, that’s the political spectrum in America. As you can see, the left has a wide variety of people trying to oppress and convince you that communism and socialism which are ultimately dictatorships is something no one wants here in America. The people whom call themselves Democrats do not understand that. If they do understand, and they call themselves Democrats anyway, they aren’t Americans.


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