Net Neutrality

Net neutrality was a joke

After getting past all the propaganda, the hype, and all the anxiety posts on the internet, I have reached the real information that everyone wants. What the whole Internet neutrality was all about. All President Obama did was over regulate the internet. He forced Title II regulations onto Internet Service Providers. While Title II is important America went 20 years without it. We did fine without it, and did not develop into the nightmare situations that many are describing. So cool your jets.

Title II

Title II stopped carriers from treating data streams differently. They couldn’t block or throttle data from different data carriers. They couldn’t treat different data differently. They couldn’t treat a Netflix data stream differently from your Facebook surfing. So everything would load smoothly. On the other hand, there was a flaw in Title II. Broadband wasn’t covered. It was ruled in court in Verizon vs. FCC that the government didn’t have the authority to regulate broadband because it gave up it’s rights when they became a Title II company. Since everyone is on broadband now, net neutrality is useless.

As a side note, different tiers of speed packages developed anyway with Net Neutrality in place, the very thing that it was supposed to prevent.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband, or your 4G LTE access to the internet from your smartphones, is also supposed to be covered by Title II, and on many providers like AT&T and T-Mobile after you reach a certain limit your data is throttled back, something which Net Neutrality is supposed to prevent.

In conclusion, I really don’t think that you’ll be seeing any price increase, you may see more value for your dollar perhaps, because the Net Neutrality law wasn’t really doing what it was supposed to be doing to begin with. Nor do I think you’ll see the worst case scenario that everyone seems to be predicting. The MSM had everyone hyped up for nothing.

I had to go to many different sites and actually had to go to a Bill that was fighting the removal of the Net Neutrality to find this information. It looks like the Democrat didn’t do his research like all Democrats. But, if you’re interested, in the next section, I have links to both of the documents.

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