Joseph Joubert

What I’ve learned about the Democrats and the left.


What I’ve learned since President Trump’s election about the Democrat/leftist (here forward will be referred to as just Democrat) voter in general in volume is great in amount and not that surprising now as I sit here reflecting on what I have learned over the past year. Yes only a year, but I have learned volumes. Here in this post, I will cover what I have learned in this short period of time about the typical Democrat’s psyche (basically how they operate during a political debate, and how they deal with many of situations. I may split this up into different sections), how they always debate, how I think they feel about themselves, how they feel about the country, etc.

At the conclusion of this post, you will know how I think that the typical Democrat operates and how I think the Democrat feels about everything in general. They all seem to have the very same things in mind, you will see at the close of this post.

Why am I just classifying all the left as Democrat? While I know there is a difference between all the different political parties on the left side of the spectrum, the Democrat party has assimilated all of their beliefs. Also, Socialism is Communism. If you have read my post The stunning truth about Democrats you would already know this. Progressives at the time of writing of this post want the same thing as the communists.

The purpose of this post is not to put anyone down, but to expose the level of indoctrination and brainwashing that is there in every Democrat, and I hope that they see this and start thinking for themselves instead of letting the media and the Government do it for them.

The Democrat Psyche


Now, over the past year that I have come into contact with and debated with Democrats about politics, I have noticed that they all have many things in common. The biggest thing that seems to stick out the most is the fact that they are very unhappy with life in general. They are unhappy and mad at the world.

Due to the fact that they are unhappy with the world, and with the things in it in general, I have noticed that they have to make everyone else unhappy as well. This seems most prevalent on social media like on Facebook where they report people for the most insignificant things where people are just expressing themselves and they get offended by it. I got reported for a short poem I wrote about former president Obama that was meant all out of fun. They also always seem to be complaining about something, but never seem to do anything, and if they do, its something irrelevant like protesting, or they riot, or they tear down statues or the like.

Democrats are over emotional creatures. They will do something only because it feels good, not because it makes sense and benefits the masses. They do not believe in the logical saying the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the one or the few.  In fact, they will punish the many just to benefit the few that aren’t even American Citizens, which doesn’t even make sense, they should be taking care of other Americans first. They should be taking care of the veterans that helped them by protecting their freedoms by fighting for them in foreign lands.

I have also noticed that they happen to have a superiority complex. They think that they’re better than everyone else. This is very prevalent when they seem to have to interject their freewill into everyone’s conversation no matter if it involves them or not. When they do so, they are very rude and very condescending. They love to talk down to people.

They also have what I like to call the ‘blind eye’ syndrome. They turn the blind eye to everything that their party does that doesn’t affect them in some way even though it might affect others in the long run even though they may say otherwise. I have a relative that’s a Democrat that says that they don’t want the Democrats to make things any worse for the family, but they already have here in Hawaii. But he just turns the blind eye. When I tell them what they’ve done all he does is get upset.

They also like to talk big, but in all reality without some kind of weapon or being in a large crowd, they’re all cowards. They love to gang up on people. They don’t like to be alone by themselves. It scares them to death. They don’t like war but worry when others have nuclear weapons. They don’t have any worries that other countries will invade the United States. They will decrease our armed forces but gives no thought to what happens if someone attacks us.

They also have an entitlement complex, they feel that the world owes them a living, they’re entitled to have medical, they’re entitled to money, entitled to have a nice car, a nice house, a good education, free food, etc.

Debating With Democrats

Joseph Joubert
Joseph Joubert

Debating with Democrats has become very predictable about its course. I know what’s going to happen before it’s going to happen. It’s sad really, and become kind of a sport for me at times to see how many debates I can win. I’ve been keeping track. Here, I’ll outline the course to show you the course of every debate I’ve ever been through with a Democrat no matter the subject. Mind you, I always have History and the Constitution on my side, and the Democrat…Emotion, false facts provided by the media, and sometimes some websites with propaganda that agrees with them. With that said, let’s begin:

  • The debate begins with Democrat rudely interjecting into a conversation speaking down to me.
  • I try to reason with the Democrat politely. (of course, this never works, but I always try)
  • Democrat says something very ludacris in attempting to prove his/her point (always a good laugh)
  • I ask for proof. Now, what happens next varies, but it always spirals out of control from here, and the following always happens:
  • Democrat runs out of things to say and insults me in some way.
  • I usually try to continue to try to make my point.
  • Democrat calls me a name.
  • Then the fun begins (I’m being sarcastic)
  • The Debate escalates into a sort of argument with the Democrat getting angrier and I continue to state fact making the Democrat party look even worse.
  • The debate ends when the Democrat feels like a total fool for even attempting to debate with me.

It always happens like this in the same way over and over again, they never seem to learn. I’m sure that it’s happened with other Conservatives like myself, but they still seem to attempt to debate with other Conservatives. It doesn’t make sense.

Democrats Hypocrisy

Hypocrite: One of the many definitions of a Democrat.

While Democrats will always be the first to say that the Republicans and President Trump are fascists, Nazis, Communists, oppressive, sexist, etc. When all, in reality, they are the very things that they accuse the right wing of being. They don’t want to learn from history, nor do they want to learn history. Why do I say this?

Every time I bring up history, they all seem surprised or tell me that I’m full of shit when I tell them the history of the United States and how their party committed heinous acts against humanity and fellow American. Nor are they educated about their party. They have no idea what the left is nor do they know what identity politics is or where it came from. The truly educated knows.

The Democrat Party is the party of the Brainwashed and the ignorant. If you wish to know about all of the hypocritical acts of the Democrat Party, I suggest that you read my post The stunning truth about the Democrats.

Democrats & America

Democrats & America
Democrats & America

That’s an oxymoron at the moment, the Democrats are Anti-American in my opinion. They want Socialism and lots of it. They want to bring the very thing to America that so many have fought against and died fighting in so many wars and conflicts. To me, that makes them ingrates as well.

Democrats hate America. They hate our immigration system, they hate the Confederate flag and monuments that they created, they hate President Trump, they hate the American flag, they hate Republicans, they hate the Republic that is America. They hate, hate, hate everything about our country. They hate the immigration laws… Hate. Every post I see from a Democrat these days just about is about hate. At least those who are openly Democrat.

Democrats are just a hateful political party that needs to be eliminated along with the entire left political spectrum from the United States. Once that is gone, things should settle down.


In conclusion, you can see why the country is in the state that it is in. It is not the Republicans that are evil that doesn’t want to listen, it is the Democrats. They are stuck on what the media tells them and they just don’t want to listen or be reasonable about anything. They are just too ignorant.

If you wish to read up on the Democrats and the left, I will refer you to the other posts that I have written in the past, you can find that in the links section.



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