In God we trust

Freedom of religion also means allowing others to have theirs. The left and people advocating for other religions forget that. Just because posters are there saying in God we trust doesn’t mean the government is advocating for the Christian God. That’s assumption, and pure stupidity.

Moreover, when the founding fathers wrote the first amendment they wanted everyone to have a religion. A God, not necessarily the Christian God. They felt a nation without religion or faith would fail. The reason and meaning behind the first amendment is that the federal government can not tell you what God to worship or take away your right to worship your chosen faith.

As I said, when the forefathers wrote the first amendment they only wanted everyone to have a religion. As everyone knows they were not all Christian, but most of them were. In God we trust can mean any God not just the Christian one. The forefathers fealt a nation without religion and faith would fail. Look at the Democrats and how their party is straining to find relevancy, and this is why they need identity politics to stay afloat, but it is the same thing that is killing their party.

For the athiests: it is your decision on what to believe and not to, do not go off and bash us for ours. Remember, freedom of religion is the right for everyone to believe as they wish. Also, because many of the Democrats and the left don’t have faith as you do, look at what’s happening to them. Just something to think about.

Remember everyone the pilgrims left Europe because they were being perscecuted by others for their faith as the Democrats and the atheists are doing to us now, but we shouldn’t be like them either. Remember, again, not all the founding fathers were Christian.

Therefore in God we trust doesn’t just mean the Christian God. No matter what your religion: Bhuddist, Christianity, Jewish… If you worship one god or many… It doesnt matter, everyone needs faith. Look at what its done to the left and the Democrats.


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