President Trump giving his first State of The Union Speech, 2018, Ryutora's Thoughts

The State of The Union

President Trump gave his first State of The Union address since entering office not too long ago. Since then many things have conspired, seeing that it does take me awhile to get these posts out because of my disability, and the length sometimes not helping that’s why sometimes posts are far and few between, so I must apologize to my readers, what few that I do have, anyway.

Many say that we should do away with the speech because it is out-dated and is no longer necessary, I disagree. This is one of the topics that I will cover in this post. I will also be covering how successful President Trump was in his speech in getting what he wanted out to the masses, and how the Democrats again shot themselves in the foot and yet again. Finally, I will be covering why I feel that President Trump brought up God, unity, and one nation under God during his speech.

The State of The Union speech is still important

President Trump, State of The Union, Via WPSD
President Trump, State of The Union, Via WPSD

The State of The Union speech is still an important tradition, especially for the Trump administration. Why? Because of all the misinformation being fed by the leftist media. I have watched both FOX News and the leftist media, and the contrast between the two is stark, especially when you keep an open mind. I saw that all the Mainstream media did was cover negative stuff about the president and the Republicans. They also seemed to be stuck on the Russia collusion, when there is no evidence to support that there was any, to begin with, and focusing on topics of when President Trump wasn’t even in office yet.

While people were learning about the terrorist running over people in New York with a truck on FOX News, people watching CNN were learning about Trump’s Diet Coke addiction. While people watching FOX News were learning about the intelligence committee releasing memos related to spying on the Trump campaign, the people watching CNN were rehashing Trump’s old Tweets. Even on TV shows like The View when they had on the Press Secretary, they refused to let her air the Trump Administration’s views fairly, and just oppressed Press Secretary Sanders. The media isn’t’ what is used to be.

Using those examples, you can see as to why the State of The Union speech is still important.

Trump: So Much Win, Democrats: So Much Pout

President Trump was very successful in getting what he wanted across in his speech. He’s become very masterful in the art of public speaking. His speaking was very smooth, lyrical, and had a nice beat to it. In fact, he stayed on topic and strayed off script. He adlibbed and sounded good. As I said, he got his point across as well. DACA, MS-13, Unity, etc. He made sure to make everyone know that it was America and Americans first. We were returning to our roots, what our forefathers wanted. All the while the Democrats…

Well, the Democrats, they pouted. They sat and pouted just about the entire speech, not standing for:

  • Jobs
  • Economic growth
  • Tax cuts
  • Defeating ISIS
  • Anthem & Flag
  • Healthcare choice
  • Benefits for Veterans
  • Government Accountability
  • Unifying America
  • The American dream
  • In God we trust
  • Life-saving medicine
  • Curving crime
  • Lowest Black employment
  • Lowest Hispanic employment
  • The War on Drugs

Of course, this is a bad move on the part of the Democrats. This will hopefully come back to haunt them on Election Day.

God, unity, & one nation under God

President Trump brought up God, unity, and one nation under God in his speech because it is all things that this nation is sorely lacking. God not in the sense of Christianity necessarily, I don’t think, but a God in general, I think.

The Democrats always talk about God, but I don’t think that they really worship one, because of all the hate that comes from them when it comes to the Republicans and President Trump. The left, in general, chastise Republicans for believing in God when they themselves need God more than anyone else. They speak of science but have no real understanding of science.

The President also brought up putting your hand over your heart and standing for the anthem and the flag. Why? Because this has been a controversial topic, and because it has made the country a laughing stalk. Only people in America do this, and it’s disgusting. That flag represents EVERYONE in America, not just the country.  When leftists and Progressives urinate and stomp on the flag, it’s like they’re disrespecting themselves in the process.

All that aside, the main reason why he brought all those things up, is that the country does need something to unify under, and that is the flag, the anthem, and religious beliefs, as our forefathers did in the past. It worked, it brought us together as a nation, we were able to fight back the tyranny of England, and we became a free, independent, self-governing nation.

In closing, I have written the Democratic Party of Hawaii and asked that they call for unity just as the Republicans have, I got no answer. I wrote to Rosie O’Donnell asking that she call off the hatred after the election, I got no answer. Democrats and the left are hateful people. They point at the Republicans and President Trump as the source of all the problems in the country, but that is not the case. The Democrats and the left in the country are the source of the problem, NOT the solution as they always claim to be.

It is up to the right, the Republicans and the Conservatives to set the example for the left and to vote every last leftist and Democrat out of office. We must correct the wrongs that they have done to our country and at this point, it will take decades to set this country right if we start now. Make sure to share my blog and my facebook page, educate the left. Drown out the fake news on the internet. Speak out, don’t be afraid. If the left isn’t you shouldn’t be either.

Featured Image Via FOX News


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