The backward ‘liberals’

The left

The Tolerant Liberal (Yeah Right!) Ryutora's Thoughts
The Tolerant Liberal (Yeah Right!)

The American left, the so-called liberals. They call themselves progressives, when in fact they are going backward. During the baby boomer generation, the true liberals (they are now what we call the classic libertarians which were never left wing, to begin with) on the college campuses fought for free speech, to break the mold of the old Victorian era. Now, the current so-called ‘liberals’ are looking to stifle said free speech of the true liberals, the conservatives, the true forward-thinking generation.

The right

President Donald J. Trump (R) VIA CBS
President Donald J. Trump (R)

The American right (The Republicans and the Conservatives), what’s left of the TRUE Americans (which may I add is the majority of the country). The silent majority. These are the people that don’t speak out but go to vote. I was once one of these people. These are the hardworking people of the heartland, the conservatives, the people who are getting tired of the left. These are the people that want to maintain the freedom of speech on college campuses, on social media (which the media giants like Twitter and Facebook are now restricting), and know the true meaning of the constitution and the first and the second amendments.

In fact, the right has been trying to fix the immigration system, fix the borders, fix the tax system (which they have given everyone tax cuts), beef up our military, and fix our economy (which President Trump is doing and still doing), but the left doesn’t see it because of blind hate.

The left took a huge step backward


Yes, they did. The so-called forward thinking left took a huge step backward instead of forward. They’re restricting freedom of speech by forcing political correctness on everyone, telling everyone how we should think, telling everyone that medical is a right (when it’s not), forcing their beliefs on everyone, and labeling everyone. The only Nazi, fascist, or dictators here are the left (the Democrats, the progressives, the socialists, and the communists).

Instead of advocating for rights, they pushed them all back. They’re effectively taking rights away from white people, and straight people. They themselves have become the very thing that they hate. Their riots, the destruction of monuments, have they solved anything? No. People are still getting hurt. People are still dying.

In fact, the left has not ever in their history been for human rights.

Has anything the left done helped?

Nope Sign- Ryutora's Thoughts

No. Absolutely not. Everything that those leftist extremist groups have done has only made things worse. Even those leftists that are supposedly ‘educated’ haven’t made things any better. Believe me, I’ve run into many of them online. They’re as ignorant as the ones that are less educated, and that makes them more dangerous than the less educated leftists. They believe everything that they see on TV.

The statues they destroyed, the ones they demanded that be taken down. Have they changed anything? No. Things in America is still the same. The Confederate war flags that they demanded that be taken down. Has it changed anything? No. They said it would stop the hate. It didn’t. Fools. In fact, violence is up.

The only thing that they’ve done is spur violence. The left isn’t the answer, they’re part of the problem. You don’t need the news to tell you that. Statistics show that most criminals identify with being Democrat.



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