How I became a patriot


Sometimes I wonder why I was one of the minority in the state not to be affected by the indoctrination. Now as I look back on things, I suppose it’s not that much of a mystery. How did I avoid indoctrination? Let’s look at the facts.

I was raised a latchkey kid in the hood so to speak, grew up taking care of my little sister. I attended the same classes as everyone else. Up until high school. That’s where things went astray. I was rebellious, and I was rarely in school. During my… ‘Highschool’ years, is when I had my epiphany.

I was a very observant guy noticing that people always complaining that the government this and the government that. But they kept voting Democrat. That was when I decided to become Republican. Here where I live, the Democrats have been in power for Decades, and nothing has really changed. The cost of living is still high, and it keeps going up, problems with the taxation system here, the education here isn’t very good and so on.

Anyhow, I ended up dropping out and getting my GED and working. I grew up fast. Went back to school got some college, dropped out, went back to work. I suppose that’s where I differed from everyone else around me. I suppose it was common sense and intelligence, and my rebellious streak that got me to be a patriot.

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