Socialism: The Vietnam War

Troops in Vietnam (Via Huffington Post)


The Vietnam war was actually about combating Socialism. A small war against the former Soviet Union. It was part of the cold war. The former USSR was Socialist. When Nixon pulled out of Vietnam, North Vietnam flooded in and Socialists took over. So, the wars in Korea and Vietnam is largely forgotten by the left and the millennials. One of the many dirty secrets of the left.

This is why the Main Stream Media never demonized Communism. It’s because Socialism is Communism. They had to demonize Hitler and Mussolini, it had already been done. The Soviets had caused both wars in efforts to spread their Socialism worldwide. In essence, this is what the Democrats wants. As we all know Korea ended in a stalemate with a DMZ. Unfortunately, in Vietnam it was more of a political war, so the United States, Cambodia, and other countries ended up eating a great big shit burger. Why? Let’s take a look.

Author’s Note: I will not be using the term Communist in this post. Because no country has ever made it to communism so there is no such thing as a Communist, only Socialists.


President Kennedy and LBJ

President Kennedy was too indecisive, he had McNamara running things at the start of things and didn’t listen to his generals and the people of Vietnam. Then he was assassinated. Had he lived, we possibly would have won the war. Now on to LBJ.

LBJ… He royally screwed things up in Vietnam. He absolutely had no idea what he was doing. He just made things even worse out there. He was weak on his international policy, and wanted just to focus on Domestic issues, and mainly depended on McNamara and his cabinet. McNamara was weak on Foreign Policy to begin with, and just made things more of a mess. Worries of China entering the Vietnam war just complicated things even more.

When Nixon pulled out our troops from Vietnam as his final act as President, it had repercussions that went unforeseen by many in the United States. Let’s take a look at some of the repercussions from the United States pulling out from Vietnam.

Repercussions: Vietnam

Of course, the North flooded in. The country did unify. Under Socialist rule, a dictatorship socialist rule like the former USSR and China. It’s still like that today.


Repercussions: United States

By the time the order was given, the liberals in the United States had made so much noise that much of the population was against the war. Much like today disrespect of the soldiers coming back from the war zone was disrespected by these progressive liberals. Too ignorant to understand what fully went on the opposite side of the world. The Liberals have learned nothing from history as usual.

Khmer Rouge Soldiers

Repercussions: Cambodia

Cambodia probably took the worst of it. The Khmer Rouge took over after the United States military pulled out of the region. They were hard core Socialists. They killed everyone that wouldn’t join them. Join or die. Join or be silenced permanently. They killed over 2 million people including women and children.

Author’s Closing Notes

In the end, Socialism just doesn’t pay. I’m a history buff and learned history so that I don’t repeat past history. That is why you have history class in school. Or you’re supposed to have history class. I just hope liberals and the left learn from my posts, or America will have a very bleak future.

The Ninja


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