6 Conservative Women who are making the world a better place

Due to a story released by a different site, I have decided to release my own piece about women who are making the world a better place. If your favorite is not in here, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t, it just means that she didn’t fit my criteria to make my list is all, and I didn’t want to have a huge list.

I will not list any liberal women in my list due to the reason that no liberal woman has really made a big impact on American society in the past 9 years that I can remember, other than to cause havoc and make an ass out of herself. Now, with that said on with the show!

Author’s Note: This list is in no particular order.

1. Candice Owens

Ryutora's Thoughts - Candice Owens

Communications Director for Turning Point USA and Video Blogger, Candice Owens is a vocal Conservative who started the leave the plantation movement to get other blacks to leave the Democratic Party. One of my personal heroes, she has made a huge impact on my life on my life as a conservative inspiring me to speak out more for the conservative cause since the 2016 election.

She is still helping to make the world a better place by continuing her video blog, as well as taking on a position at Turning Point USA as Communications Director, where she’s doing a fantastic job! She’s helping to spread the conservative voice even farther with her position there.

You can follow her on Twitter at @RealCandiceO

2. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders - Ryutora's Thoughts

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, the Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump was promoted after the previous Secretary had left. A shining star, both witty and smart. She battles the newsies from the biased left news agencies who treat her badly like Acosta from CNN daily, has her normal duties after, then goes home to her family. Then to top it all off now she has people on the left threatening and bullying her on the outside of work!

Press Secretary Huckabee-Sanders is making this world a better place by standing up to the bullies at work, and telling the truth. She never backs down, and she doesn’t flinch. Her strength as a professional, mother, and wife is inspirational to many.

3. Sharika Shoal

Sharika Shoal, a self-employed publicist and creator of the Hollywood Resistance movement is another hero. While not not Conservative, she has earned a place on my list. She stepped away from the hate. An Independent, she saw what everything was becoming and decided it was not for her and her daughter. She got death threats from the leftist celebrities but continued to #WalkAway from the hate.

She’s making this world a better place by showing everyone, including others in Hollywood that you can just walk away from the hate that the left has started and still has. She has inspired me with her bravery to continue the good fight to keep getting the GOP/Conservative’s word out.

You can follow her on Twitter at: @LadyThriller69

4. Roseanne Barr

Ryutora's Thoughts - Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr, actress and comedian. Most famous for her TV sitcom bearing her name, it had a short-term revival this year before it was shut down by the network over a Tweet. The content of the tweet wasn’t that bad in my opinion (and in many others as well), but as usual, the left over reacted, and Roseanne lost her show. This story does have a happy ending though, she did get another, she’s on InfoWars now. Don’t know if she has her own show though.

She’s making the world a better place by continuing to bring information to her conservative followers even though she faces ridicule by the left. She’s showing the left that no matter what they say or do, she will continue to do what she wants or likes. Showing them Hollywood isn’t the only media out there for actors to be in.

You can follow Roseanne on Twitter at: @therealroseanne

5 & 6. Diamond and Silk

Ryutora's Thoughts - Diamond and Silk

Diamond and Silk, video bloggers, have testified before Congress, and even consulted for Donald Trump’s campaign. They have never took any money from him except for reimbursement for travel. Being two of the most harshest critics of the left they are also the most memorable due to the way they communicate. They talk like the people next door, they sound real. Albeit, sometimes funny. This list wouldn’t have been complete without them.

They’re making this world a better place by just fighting the good fight. Doing what they can to get the word out for conservatives. In the process they’ve been censored like all conservatives on Social Media (I have been as well), and they testified about that as well, they were our voice in Congress with their testimony. They’re showing us all not to give up, and to keep fighting!

You can follow Diamond and Silk on Twitter at: @DiamondandSilk

There are many other Conservative women out there that has made a difference in the world, these are just 6 that I picked for various reasons. Liberal women that are in the limelight just don’t seem to make as a positive impact these days. They all promote Socialism, violence, a one world government. Scary things if you’re an American. Keep up the good fight, Patriots!


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