About Ryutora and This Blog

About this Blog:

This blog is a conservative blog of conservative values. Being Patriots, we believe in god, love our country, and believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. There are no Democrats here!

We are gun and bible toting, Constitution loving patriots. Don’t tread on us!

We do not have a blog Facebook or Twitter account for the blog setup as of yet. Perhaps in the future we will. Individual authors may furnish their information if they wish to.

About Ryutora:

There isn’t much to know.  I blog about anything that comes to mind.  I don’t have just one topic.  I love football (NFL), and my favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs (#ChiefsKingdom).  My favorite MLB Team is the KC Royals (#RaisedRoyal). I’m an Xbox player whom doesn’t care what console is better. I don’t like the whole this console is better than that console. It’s all opinions.  Opinions are like @$$holes everyone’s got one. My favorite games are COD: Ghosts Extinction and Titanfall.  I’m a cat lover, but don’t have a cat (yeah, I know it’s weird).

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