The Cosby trial: My thoughts

OK. So here’s my take on the Cosby trial. After some thought and some research, I feel that the whole thing was a witch hunt by a prosecutor looking to get reelected. Here in this post I’m going to talk about the things that I found out about the case and why I feel the way that I do. OK, let’s get this show on the road.

The Evidence


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When they did speak of the “crime” they┬áreferenced Cosby’s testimony from a civil case that he testified at (which was settled and closed for an undisclosed amount in 2006). Now, this crime had happened orignally in 2004, and memories degrade and people forget. The victim didn’t report it until the year after it happened, so her recollection of what happened may have not been accurate either. Cosby’s recollection of events may have not been accorate for that matter either.

That was it for the evidence. Just testimony. No hard evidence. One witness, and testimony.

The time factor

Why did she wait so long to report the crime? Why did the prosecutor wait so long to reopen the investagation into Cosby? Simple there was no evidence. The case went cold for the Police. If there was this case would already be closed, and went to court. It would be history.

Witch Hunt

This whole case is a witch hunt by a prosecutor attempting to carry out on a campiengn promise so that he can get reelected. There is no evidence, even he knows that. But he wasted tax payer money, court time, and state resources to take the case to court anyway. Any attourney could see that this case wouldn’t hold water in court. The only reason why that it does hold in court is because of the political and social climate in today’s society.

Quite frankly, if I was on the jury, I would have never have voted to convict Cosby because there was no physical evidence, and the testimony provided of the actual crime was suspect itself because the memories wasn’t “fresh” so to speak. Moreover, it sounds like Democrat Control is needed in this case more than anything. The Prosecutor sounds corrupt like a Democrat.


R.I.P. Robin Williams


Today, on 8-August-2014, Mr. Robin Williams lost his battle with depression and ended his life (his family believes it was depression according to an article). I grew up watching him on TV and watching the films that we starred in.


The role from TV that I remember him best for was Mork on Mork and Mindy. I even remember that Johnathan Winters had a role on that shows as well. I believe that he was Mork’s “son” that had hatched from an egg. I loved watching that show, it used to make me laugh more than the Cosby show ever did.


The role that he played in movies that I liked best was Mrs. Doubtfire. At the time I was still a teen, and I wished that my dad would’ve went out of his way to see me as my parents are divorced. Anyhow, I loved that movie, it made me laugh. ­čÖé

Today I’ll be observing a moment of silence for Mr. Williams. He was a great actor, comedian, and man. The world is a lesser place now that he’s gone.

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