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A touching moment with President Trump

A touching moment with President Trump. Read my post to find out more!


R.I.P. Robin Williams


Today, on 8-August-2014, Mr. Robin Williams lost his battle with depression and ended his life (his family believes it was depression according to an article). I grew up watching him on TV and watching the films that we starred in.


The role from TV that I remember him best for was Mork on Mork and Mindy. I even remember that Johnathan Winters had a role on that shows as well. I believe that he was Mork’s “son” that had hatched from an egg. I loved watching that show, it used to make me laugh more than the Cosby show ever did.


The role that he played in movies that I liked best was Mrs. Doubtfire. At the time I was still a teen, and I wished that my dad would’ve went out of his way to see me as my parents are divorced. Anyhow, I loved that movie, it made me laugh. 🙂

Today I’ll be observing a moment of silence for Mr. Williams. He was a great actor, comedian, and man. The world is a lesser place now that he’s gone.

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