Dorsey & The Chiefs Part Ways

I know the Chiefs Kingdom isn’t happy about this. I for one am not phased about the decision made by Clark Hunt. I fully support the decision made by Mr. Hunt. Why? In this article, I will outline why.

The Cap

Dorsey did a real number with managing the cap. Lots of dead money. This money could have been used to retain Poe or even Maclin. While I’ve said in previous posts that the Chiefs will be fine without him, and I still believe so, the Chiefs could have retained him if they had the cap space. This terrible mismanagement of the cap will make things hard for the Chiefs this season and possibly next.

Player Contracts

Houston, Berry, Poe, Maclin. All up for contract renewal this season. The Chiefs managed to retain only Houston and Berry (the two most important in my opinion). There was a long lag in getting both Houston and Berry signed to new contracts,. Which was the responsibility of Dorsey. That was an unnecessary risk. The Chiefs ran the risk of losing two very important players.  Two players which in my opinion that they couldn’t afford to lose.

Andy Reid

Coach Reid will be fine without Dorsey. He turned the Chiefs into winners from being losers. The Chiefs will be fine, they will still make the playoffs as usual. I just don’t guarantee a Super Bowl appearance although.

The Chiefs will be OK without Dorsey. They will find someone to replace him and it will be business as normal.


Alex Smith Holding Back The Chiefs?


Ever since that made headlines yesterday, it’s left a real salty taste in my mouth. While yes Alex contributed to the loss of the Chiefs, it wasn’t the only reason why. Let’s look at this a little closer, shall we?

The Difference Maker

Alex admitted that throwing that interception was the difference maker. I couldn’t agree more. While this interception did was a big part of the loss, I feel that it wasn’t the only reason why. It does take more than one play to lose a game.

Play Calling

Head Coach Andy Reid admitted that he was the one that called the disastrous play which caused the turnover. Alex couldn’t call an audible to get out of the situation, and it ended badly. I have no Idea what Reid was thinking when he called this play, but I agree it was bad. This is another thing that cost the Chiefs the game.

The Offense

Where do I start? I’ve seen other Chiefs games, and it’s always the same: the offense doesn’t perform as well as the defense. Why? Part of the reason is Alex Smith (I like Alex, and it kills me to say this), he’s mediocre at best as a quarterback. Jamaal Charles is still out (which adds to the problem), and the rest of the offensive line isn’t much better. In my opinion, we need to do a weed, seed, and develop on the offensive line.

The Defense

I don’t feel that the defense is apart of the problem. The Chiefs defense is Super Bowl Quality, hands down. The defensive line just has to keep up the good work.


Dee Ford, Charcandrick West, Marcus Peters, Justin Houstin, Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Johnson, Marcus Peters, Dontari Poe, and Tamba Hali. These are just some of the injuries that the Chiefs had for the week 11 game. Another contributing factor in the loss of the week 11 game.


In conclusion, it just wasn’t one thing or person that caused the loss of the week 11 game. It wasn’t just Alex Smith.

featured image via NFL

My 2016 AFC West Predictions


OK, Since free agency is done, and rookies usually don’t make that much of an impact when coming straight from the NFL Draft, I’ve decided to post my predictions for the AFC West in 2016.  Since Peyton Manning retired, and the Broncos lost Brock Osweiler, this year the Lamar Hunt Trophee is going to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Broncos didn’t even try for Kaepernick or RG3, and instead went for Mark Sanchez (which is a very befuddling move), I just don’t see a winning season this year for the Broncos.



Yes, a very strange move indeed by one of the most successful teams in the AFC West.  To put things bluntly, Sanchez sucks and doesn’t have much field time, and I don’t think that any amount of field time will help him any.  Now the Raiders, while they have gotten better, I just don’t think that they’ve gotten good enough to take on the Chiefs defense and come out winning.  The Chargers?  Never a question, they suck.  So, without any further ado, I shall post my predictions below.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
2. Oakland Raiders (8-8)
3. San Diego Chargers (6-10)
4. Denver Broncos (4-12)

OK, before you complain… These are my thoughts, and quite frankly, I really don’t care what you think your team is capable of.  Post it in your own blog.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

2016 Pro Bowl


The 2016 Pro Bowl…  One of my favorite games of the year when it’s here in Hawaii, anyway.  This year, the chiefs have 6 Chiefs elected in, but only 5 are going.  Justin Houston, isn’t going due to injury (get well soon, Justin!).  Not all of the chiefs going have their jersey in the picture above, I have the full list below of all the chiefs going.


  • SS Eric Berry
  • OLB Tamba Hali
  • OLB Justin Houston (replaced by Sean Lee)
  • MLB Derrick Johnson (replaces Luke Kuechly)
  • TE Travis Kelce
  • CB Marcus Peters
  • Andy Reid & Coaching Staff (Drafted to team Rice)
  • Cheerleader Hayley
  • KC Wolf (I saw him on TV at the draft)


So that no one feels like they’re being left out, I’ll list the others Players going to the Pro Bowl as well:


  • FB Patrick DiMarco (replaces Mike Tolbert)
  • RB Devonta Freeman
  • WR Julio Jones
  • CB Desmond Trufont (replaces Josh Norman)


  • ST Justin Bethel
  • DL Calais Campbell
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald (replaced by T.Y. Hilton)
  • G Mike Iupati (replaced by Richie Incognito)
  • FS Tyrann Mathieu (replaced by Malcolm Jenkins)
  • QB Carson Palmer (replaced by Teddy Bridgewater)
  • CB Patrick Peterson (replaced by Adam Jones)


  • OLB Elvis Dumervil
  • P Sam Koch
  • G Marshal Yanda


  • G Richie Incognito (replaces Mike Iupati)
  • RB LeSean McCoy (replaced by Chris Ivory)
  • QB Tyrod Taylor (replaces Cam Newton)
  • C Eric Wood (replaces Ryan Kalil)


  • OLB Thomas Davis (replaced by Elvis Dumervil)
  • C Ryan Kalil (replaced by Eric Wood)
  • MLB Luke Kuechly (replaced by Derrick Johnson)
  • QB Cam Newton (replaced by Tyrod Taylor)
  • CB Josh Norman (replaced by Desmond Trufont)
  • TE Greg Olsen (replaced by Delanie Walker)
  • DL Kawann Short (replaced by Jurrell Casey)
  • RB Jonathan Stewart (replaced by Latavius Murray)
  • FB Mike Tolbert (replaced by Patrick DiMarco)
  • G Trai Turner (replaced by Logan Mankins)


  • DT Geno Atkins
  • TE Tyler Eifert
  • WR A.J. Green
  • CB Adam Jones (replaces Patrick Peterson)
  • FS Reggie Nelson (replaced by Reshad Jones)
  • ST Cedric Peerman (replaces Matthew Slater)
  • OT Andrew Whitworth
  • DE Carlos Dunlap (replaces Muhammad Wilkerson)


  • TE Gary Barnidge (replaces Rob Gronkowski)
  • C Alex Mack
  • OT Joe Thomas


  • PK Dan Bailey
  • C Travis Frederick
  • OLB Sean Lee (replaces Justin Houston)
  • G Zack Martin
  • OT Tyron Smith


  • CB Chris Harris (replaced by Vontae Davis)
  • OLB Von Miller (replaced by Julius Peppers)
  • CB Aqib Talib (replaced by Brent Grimes)
  • OLB DeMarcus Ware (replaced by Lavonte David)


  • DE Ezekiel Ansah
  • WR Calvin Johnson (replaced by Allen Robinson)


  • MLB Clay Matthews
  • OLB Julius Peppers (replaces Von Miller)
  • QB Aaron Rodgers (replaced by Derek Carr)
  • G Josh Sitton


  • WR DeAndre Hopkins
  • DE J.J. Watt


  • SS Mike Adams (replaces Kam Chancellor)
  • CB Vontae Davis (replaces Chris Harris)
  • WR T.Y. Hilton (replaces Larry Fitzgerald)


  • WR Allen Robinson (replaces Calvin Johnson)


  • DL Aaron Donald
  • RB Todd Gurley
  • P Johnny Hekker


  • CB Brent Grimes (replaces Aqib Talib)
  • C Mike Pouncey
  • S Reshad Jones (replaces Reggie Nelson)


  • LB Anthony Barr (replaces Jamie Collins)
  • QB Teddy Bridgewater (replaces Carson Palmer)
  • RB Adrian Peterson
  • FS Harrison Smith (replaces Earl Thomas)


  • QB Tom Brady (replaced by Jameis Winston)
  • CB Malcolm Butler
  • OLB Jamie Collins (replaced by Anthony Barr)
  • PK Stephen Gostkowski
  • TE Rob Gronkowski (replaced by Gary Barnidge)
  • DE Chandler Jones
  • ST Matthew Slater (replaced by Cedric Peerman)


  • WR Odell Beckham
  • QB Eli Manning (replaces Ben Roethlisberger)


  • RB Chris Ivory (replaces LeSean McCoy)
  • WR Brandon Marshall (replaced by Amari Cooper)
  • CB Darrelle Revis
  • DE Muhammad Wilkerson (replaced by Carlos Dunlap)


  • QB Derek Carr (replaces Aaron Rodgers)
  • WR Amari Cooper (replaces Brandon Marshall)
  • DE Khalil Mack
  • RB Latavius Murray (replaces Jonathan Stewart)
  • FB Marcel Reece
  • SS Charles Woodson


  • DL Fletcher Cox
  • OT Jason Peters
  • RS Darren Sproles
  • S Malcolm Jenkins (replaces Tyrann Mathieu)


  • WR Antonio Brown
  • G David DeCastro
  • QB Ben Roethlisberger (replaced by Eli Manning)


  • LB NaVorro Bowman
  • OT Joe Staley


  • DE Michael Bennett
  • SS Kam Chancellor
  • RS Tyler Lockett
  • CB Richard Sherman
  • FS Earl Thomas (replaced by Harrison Smith)
  • MLB Bobby Wagner
  • QB Russell Wilson


  • OLB Lavonte David (replaces DeMarcus Ware)
  • G Logan Mankins (replaces Trai Turner)
  • RB Doug Martin
  • DL Gerald McCoy
  • QB Jameis Winston (replaces Tom Brady)


  • DL Jurrell Casey (replaces Kawann Short)
  • TE Delanie Walker (replaces Greg Olsen)


  • OT Trent Williams

Source: | Images Courtesy of: Kansas City Chiefs Pro Shop and The NFL Probowl

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Yay Superbowl 50!


NFL Super Bowl 50

So it’s the Broncos and the Panthers at Super Bowl 50.  I say it’ll be the Broncos by 3 points.  The Panthers present a might obstacle, but Peyton Manning does have more overall experience even though he doesn’t perform like he used to .  The biggest problem with the Panthers right now which may be a costly one at that is that they’re not just confident, they’re cocky.  I remember the last team that went undefeated during the regular season and the playoffs, and extremely cocky about it too.  It was the New England Patriots.  They underestimated the opposition.  The Panthers are likely to do the same, it’s human nature.

Personally, I’d like to see the Broncos win because I feel that Peyton Manning deserves another ring before he retires. 🙂  Of course, I know I could be wrong about all of this, and the Panthers could take home the Lombardi Trophy.  But, I’m fairly confident about my prediction.  If the Broncos can take on the Brady Bunch and win, they can do the same thing with the Panthers.  Brady and Bilicheat couldn’t figure out Manning and the Boncos, and I highly doubt that the Cam Newton and the Panthers will be able to.

Since we’re on the subject of predictions, I think I’ll predict the LA Rams and the LA Chragers 2016 season as well.  I say that the Rams won’t do any better than they did in St. Louis, and that financially, they won’t do any better either.  When it comes to money, it all relys on the success of the team and the loyalty of its fans.  Seeing that this is the second move that the Rams has made, and the second time that the Ram’s owner turn his back on his loyal fans, things may even be worse.  As for the Chargers, I predict that they won’t do any better either next season.  The chargers turned thier backs on thier fans as well.

I feel that the Chargers could’ve found a way to stay in San Diego if they worked hard enough at it.  The only move that I could’ve understood is the Raiders.  They’re in bad need of a new stadium.  What took place in that owners meeting was just bad, just because they don’t like one of the other owners, they shouldn’t punish the team or the fans that go to see the team play.  While old, the stadiums that the Chargers and the Rams were in were just fine.  While I don’t like the current owner of the Raiders and feel that he should sell the team who does know what they’re doing, I do know that the team needs a new stadium.

Of course, the true and die hard fans would follow thier team and still be fans no matter where they’re headquartered (I would follow the KC Chiefs no matter where they moved to), but they should keep ALL the fans in mind, even the fair weathered ones.  Here in America, we all love football. 🙂

The 2015 NFL Season


Now that the post season is over for my team, the Kansas City Chiefs, I have time to reflect on the season as I normally do after each season. I’ve only got one thing to say. This was one hell of a season, and I’m proud of the Chiefs and all of their accomplishments in and after the 2015 regular season.

While I’ve heard the New England Cheatriots conspiracy theories about what happened in the KC/NE play off game, I’m not going to touch on that here. But, instead, I wish to touch on the fact that the Chiefs did one hell of a job.  They finished 10-5 for the season, winning 10 games in a row!  By far this is the best season that they’ve had since I became a fan over 10 years ago.

I hope that they can do it again next season!

Week 5

Week five has come and gone… The Chiefs lost narrowly 22-17 to San Fransisco.  While the game wasn’t aired here where I live, what I’ve heard about the game, the Chiefs played hard and did their best.  Sorry that I don’t have a commentary on the game this week.

Since I don’t have a commentary this week on the Chiefs game, I’ve decided to post a little something I wrote about the Patties Vs. Chiefs game in week 4. Here it is:

The Cow Patties
By, Ryutora Takano

Oh how Tom Brady and Company Toiled on the field of Arrowhead. They did thier best and still got stomped. They forgot the #1 rule for playing there: fear the sea of red as much as the players.

Mr. Brady looked like a kid waiting to see the principal when sitting on the sideline that game, and the rest of the team still struggled. Unfortunately, Bilicheat and the Cow Patties both failed with the big boss watching in person.

The Chiefs stomped them 41-14. GO Chiefs! The End. 😀

Seriously, I think the Chiefs’ win over the Patties was fueled by them having a fluke game. Tom Brady and Co. Was fine during week 5. From the score, they stomped the opposition. But, fluke or not, how we won or not doesn’t matter to me, for a win is a win. 😛

Thanks for taking time out to read my post. 🙂

Week 4: The Patriots


In a upset, the Kansas City Chiefs beat down the New England Patriots 14-41 on at Arrowhead Stadium Monday night.  It was a spectacular blow out, while a pleasant surprise, it was befuddling.  I’ve always known the Patriots to be one of the best teams in the AFC.


It looks like Brady has lost the edge out on the playing field Monday, just about all together.  To add insult to Tom Brady’s “injury” the Chiefs defensive line made him look like the 1st year rookie.  To put it bluntly, he was making mistakes that I’ve only seen few others make.  To name one noticeable mistake was Brady literally throwing the ball to the Chiefs’ defense (emulating Tony Romo, lol).  Belichick even pulled Brady out of the game during the 4th quarter.  Yeah, that was how bad it really was.  During the post-game interview, Belichick looked like he needed a Happy Meal, as one of the KC Fans said on Twitter. lol

Overall, I feel that this may have been a fluke, as much as I don’t like Tom Brady I just don’t think that this signals the falling of the Tom Brady era at the New England Patriots.  Looking at the Patriots performance over the last 13 years, it’s plain to see that this game was probably a fluke.  On average, the Patriots have won 13 games a season since the turn of the 21st century.  As a side note, I do think that the Ben Roethlisberger era at the Pittsburgh Steelers is coming to an end.  His performance over the last few years has been declining.

Some good news for the Chiefs Kingdom is that Jamaal Charles played this game, and had left due to dehydration during the game and returned shortly after.  His fantasy owners got a pleasant points boost for those who had him starting (Ugh, I had him benched, I didn’t know that he was going to play this game or not).  Also, Alex Smith seemed to be having the game of his career as one of the commentators said during the game.  Kniles Davis was also having a great game as well. To put it simply, the team was kicking Patriot behind.

Anyhow, this Monday Night Football game has got to be one of the best that I’ve seen in a long time, and I hope that the Chiefs keep up their winning streak.  The next two games are going to be tough.  They face the 49ers at Levis Stadium next Sunday, then after their Bye week, they face the San Diego at their home field as well.  From the looks of things they’re on fire.  As of writing this post, they are 2-2 so far.

Go Chiefs!

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My Thoughts For Week 3

First, I’d like to talk about a statement that was posed to me on social media.  A Raiders fan had said,

We just need to win

OK, I’m going to respond to that here.  There are some major problems going on in Oakland.  Winning is just a symptom not the actual problem.  Let’s look at the most major of the problems:

1. The head coach hasn’t been released even though his performance has been substandard for many seasons.
2. The coaching staff under the head coach doesn’t seem to be getting the job done either.
3. The owner hasn’t stepped up to  remedy the situation (Mebbe he wants to help Peyton Manning get another ring?).
4. There doesn’t seem like there’s many talented players on the team (although it just may be the really bad coaching).
5. Maybe they’re trying for first round draft pick?

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I’d love to see the old rivalry between the Chiefs and the Raiders spark again, it made things rather interesting.  The Raiders need to make a clean sweep and start with a clean slate so to speak.

Now on to other thoughts about this week.  The Chiefs finally won thier first game of the season against the Dolphins.  It wasn’t televised here in Hawaii, so I didn’t get to see the game.  It must’ve been tough with  many of thier key players gone. I hope that they keep the winning streak up so we can catch the Donkeys. I hope that Alex Smith proves me right and shows that he’s worth that contract that he just signed.  After a poor start, the Chiefs need to keep this winning streak up.  They also need all of our key players back on the active roster.  They need Charles back too.

As I write this post, the Donkeys and the SeaChickens are tied and in overtime.  I don’t want to see the SeaChickens win, I don’t like them.  Heh, the weird thing is that I like the Donkeys more than them, and I don’t like the Donkeys. The fans are too cocky (over one good season that was a fluke in my opinion).

Now on to other events.  Many of the fans are calling for the Commishioner of the NFL to step down.  My feelings on this subject is that everyone should wait for the investagation to complete first.  America was founded on the principle of innocient till proven guilty.  Something doesn’t feel right, but it doesn’t mean it was the Commisioner, or it just was the Commisioner acting alone.  Something tells me that there are more guilty parties in this case than meets the eye.  It’s not a clear cut case of one person being wrong and bearing responsibility for the whole situation.

On a similar note, Ray Rice is fighting the suspension that he’s on.  Why?  He’s guilty for breaking the rules of the NFL (and the reputation of the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens), the law, and making everyone look bad.  Not to mention that there’s indesputible evidence that he’s guilty.  If he needs to go to flipping burgers, he should.  Why waste money on a legal battle?  Nevermind, rhetorical question  (bleh).

Anyhow, those are my thoughts on week 3.  Can’t wait for week 4.  Go Chiefs!

Week 2 Has Come and Gone


I must say that I’m not impressed with my beloved Chiefs.  But, one can’t expect much seeing that many of the team’s key players are currently out of commission.  This looks like a very painful season for the Chiefs Nation.  Luckily Dwayne Bowe is back from his injury, but many are still out.

  • Husain Abdullah
  • Jeff Allen
  • Eric Berry
  • Jamaal Charles
  • Marcus Cooper
  • Tamba Hali
  • Frankie Hammond
  • Junior Hemingway
  • Eric Kush
  • Josh Martin
  • De’Anthony Thomas
  • Albert Wilson

At the time of writing this post these are the current injuries listed both on the NFL and KC Chiefs Website.  I have removed Bowe’s name and replaced it with Charles.  They haven’t updated the site yet.  A lot of the offensive line is out of commission for the time being.  There was one surprise, the running back that came out to replace Charles, Knile Davis.  He performed quite well, all considering.  The offensive line struggled to get the 17 points, but they did get on the board, so that’s a good sign.  With Jamaal Charles gone, the offense will have to work harder to score.  Likewise, with Eric Berry gone the defense has to work harder as well. With Charles and Bowe gone, their fantasy owners are also out of luck.

To make matters worse Santos is still struggling.  He only made 1 of 2 attempts.  This made things even more painful for all those spectating.  While, I have no problems with Alex Smith I still don’t know why they had to cut Succop…  Bah, rhetorical question. I know it was the money, they needed to make room in the budget for his contract.  After having such a spectacular season last year, I was looking forward to another great season.  It’s frustrating.


The 2014 season is turning out to be a very painful one.  I do hope that Andy Reid is able to help the Chiefs achieve the victory that they so deserve.  The Chiefs haven’t won a Superbowl since 1969 and is long overdue to win another.  I do hope that they pull off another miracle. Win, lose, or tie, I’m a Chiefs fan till I die. 🙂

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