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Dorsey & The Chiefs Part Ways

The Chiefs and Dorsey part ways… Check out my feelings on the subject!


My 2016 AFC West Predictions


OK, Since free agency is done, and rookies usually don’t make that much of an impact when coming straight from the NFL Draft, I’ve decided to post my predictions for the AFC West in 2016.  Since Peyton Manning retired, and the Broncos lost Brock Osweiler, this year the Lamar Hunt Trophee is going to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Broncos didn’t even try for Kaepernick or RG3, and instead went for Mark Sanchez (which is a very befuddling move), I just don’t see a winning season this year for the Broncos.


Yes, a very strange move indeed by one of the most successful teams in the AFC West.  To put things bluntly, Sanchez sucks and doesn’t have much field time, and I don’t think that any amount of field time will help him any.  Now the Raiders, while they have gotten better, I just don’t think that they’ve gotten good enough to take on the Chiefs defense and come out winning.  The Chargers?  Never a question, they suck.  So, without any further ado, I shall post my predictions below.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
2. Oakland Raiders (8-8)
3. San Diego Chargers (6-10)
4. Denver Broncos (4-12)

OK, before you complain… These are my thoughts, and quite frankly, I really don’t care what you think your team is capable of.  Post it in your own blog.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

Week 5

Week five has come and gone… The Chiefs lost narrowly 22-17 to San Fransisco.  While the game wasn’t aired here where I live, what I’ve heard about the game, the Chiefs played hard and did their best.  Sorry that I don’t have a commentary on the game this week.

Since I don’t have a commentary this week on the Chiefs game, I’ve decided to post a little something I wrote about the Patties Vs. Chiefs game in week 4. Here it is:

The Cow Patties
By, Ryutora Takano

Oh how Tom Brady and Company Toiled on the field of Arrowhead. They did thier best and still got stomped. They forgot the #1 rule for playing there: fear the sea of red as much as the players.

Mr. Brady looked like a kid waiting to see the principal when sitting on the sideline that game, and the rest of the team still struggled. Unfortunately, Bilicheat and the Cow Patties both failed with the big boss watching in person.

The Chiefs stomped them 41-14. GO Chiefs! The End. 😀

Seriously, I think the Chiefs’ win over the Patties was fueled by them having a fluke game. Tom Brady and Co. Was fine during week 5. From the score, they stomped the opposition. But, fluke or not, how we won or not doesn’t matter to me, for a win is a win. 😛

Thanks for taking time out to read my post. 🙂