The recent events in Vegas…

Democrats are distasteful, evil, hypocrites… Now they’re using the deaths of innocent people to push their agendas in congress. That’s just evil. Instead of taking time out and going on national TV and asking for the country, and their fellow Democrats to stop the hate, and all the protests; they chose to continue to push their identity politics and gun control (Reference Democrat Senator Schatz asking for more gun control the very day after the Vegas shooting on the Senate floor). That’s just plain disgusting, but it’s a typical Democrat move, and it’s not surprising. They focus on the hate, not the healing. That’s the Democrats and the left for you.

Anyhow, this is my take on what I’ve been able to gather from sources off of the internet. I do not necessarily trust what I get from the media. I think that there’s a cover up going on, and I think it’s going on above the media’s head in this case… I think this may be going on at the federal government level…Because the LEOs seem to be involved, and I wouldn’t doubt if some Democrat had something to do with the main reason for the cover up.

I do not believe what the media is saying about the there being no motive. There was a motive. The guy was leftist more than likely, brainwashed by the liberal left, and wanted to gun down conservatives. This shooting doesn’t match ISIS’ MO. What better place to do it at than a country music concert? Why? Country music is usually about everything that the left hates. The flag, Americana, traditional families, love for the country, fighting for the country, being a patriot, etc. All the things that the left hate and are protesting right now.

As far as him travelling? Doubtful, I think that the evidence may have been planted… Come on here, anyone with any common sense has got to know that when someone starts shooting like that, and people are dead, it’s a one way ticket to the morgue. The LEOs are going to shoot you on sight, they’re not going to yell, “Freeze, drop the weapon”. They’re going to shoot your ugly ass, and get rid of the damned threat.

There was more than one person shooting as well. I’ve seen more than one video of the shooting, and can hear shots from two different distances. One seems farther than the other, and both are automatic gunfire, not handguns either.

What was said about the 36th floor was bullshit. From eyewitness and video on YouTube, it’s plain to see that it happened on about the 10th floor or so of the hotel in question. So there is some deliberate misinformation being fed to the public about what actually happened that night. While I’m sure that there is probably a good and rational explanation for it, they’re not telling us for a good reason. Moreover, when all of this took place most people didn’t even seem alarmed by it in the lobby of the Mandalay Bay. They may have all thought it was part of the show? But security was very lax, too laxed for this event.

In my opinion, I feel that security fucked up in allowing that guy into the event with all those weapons. How could anyone miss all those weapons that he was carrying? Then when he started shooting, no one took action right away. Why was there no off duty LEOs on duty at the event? I thought they usually hired off duty LEOs at the events to assist with security, and they’re usually armed. Also with all those people on site, why didn’t anyone run and call the LEOs? Rhetorical question.

Now on to the million dollar question. Would gun legislation have helped stop this tragedy from happening? Highly unlikely. Why? Because criminals don’t care about the laws. That guy with all his planning would have found a way to get the weapons and all the ammunition anyway, gun laws or not. Even if he didn’t plan, he would have found a way because, he needed the guns.

The left’s thinking of banning side arms/rifles/etc. just doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t lower or eradicate all gun violence. In all reality, it still happens. Just recently on September 16th 2007, a teenager killed someone with a sidearm in Waikiki… He wounded two others. Strict laws doesn’t help anything. What America needs is responsible people, with the correct education.


The Cosby trial: My thoughts

OK. So here’s my take on the Cosby trial. After some thought and some research, I feel that the whole thing was a witch hunt by a prosecutor looking to get reelected. Here in this post I’m going to talk about the things that I found out about the case and why I feel the way that I do. OK, let’s get this show on the road.

The Evidence


via boston globe

When they did speak of the “crime” they referenced Cosby’s testimony from a civil case that he testified at (which was settled and closed for an undisclosed amount in 2006). Now, this crime had happened orignally in 2004, and memories degrade and people forget. The victim didn’t report it until the year after it happened, so her recollection of what happened may have not been accurate either. Cosby’s recollection of events may have not been accorate for that matter either.

That was it for the evidence. Just testimony. No hard evidence. One witness, and testimony.

The time factor

Why did she wait so long to report the crime? Why did the prosecutor wait so long to reopen the investagation into Cosby? Simple there was no evidence. The case went cold for the Police. If there was this case would already be closed, and went to court. It would be history.

Witch Hunt

This whole case is a witch hunt by a prosecutor attempting to carry out on a campiengn promise so that he can get reelected. There is no evidence, even he knows that. But he wasted tax payer money, court time, and state resources to take the case to court anyway. Any attourney could see that this case wouldn’t hold water in court. The only reason why that it does hold in court is because of the political and social climate in today’s society.

Quite frankly, if I was on the jury, I would have never have voted to convict Cosby because there was no physical evidence, and the testimony provided of the actual crime was suspect itself because the memories wasn’t “fresh” so to speak. Moreover, it sounds like Democrat Control is needed in this case more than anything. The Prosecutor sounds corrupt like a Democrat.

Dear Democrats

Dear Democrats,

The country does not care that it does not have a Democrat President. The recounts, protests, and the attempt to ceede from the United States will not work. Even with Bernie Sanders as your nominee, he still would’ve lost to Donald Trump. Even people of your own party didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they didn’t like her.

You call canservitives racist when you yourselves want to punish the white man. I don’t need to remind you that it was the Republicans that wanted to free slaves (it didn’t have any Democrat support), it was Republicans that wanted to give women the right to vote (it had little to no Democrat support), it was the Republicans that wanted to give blacks the right to vote. No, the conservatives wanted and still want equal rights for everyone.

Then there’s socialism. Need I show you the numbers? You should already know them. In Detroit, California, and New York, just a few of the Democrat run areas, crime and poverty is the highest. In fact in Hawaii, homelessness, and unemployment has gone up, not down under the governship of Democrat Governor David Ige and the Democrat run State Legislature. There was even a mass departure from California because of the the California government.

Now, let’s speak about war since you call Republicans Warmongers. If the Democrats look at history, you can see whom the truely violent political party really is.  During the 20th century, it was a Democrat that took America in mosy of the major wars and conflicts.

  • The Civil War (Democrats ceeded from the union to create the Confederate States of America)
  • World War I (President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat)
  • Vietnam Conflict (President John F. Kennedy, Democrat)
  • Korean War (President Harry S. Truman, Democrat)

    Before calling anyone a warmonger, I would strongly suggest that you look in the mirror first. Our great country will be facing many dangers and evils from within and externally in the upcoming years. We need to solidify our stances and our morale. The election is over, we need unity.

    Speaking of unity, lets talk about that now. As I said above, we need unity. Not protests, riots, or any politician fanning the flames with making speeches about someone whom is racist being put into Trump’s cabinet. The propaganda that Hillary, the Democrats, and the main stream media has spread is helping no one, and no Democrat except for one has come forward to make a speech about unity except for Tulsi Gabbard. President Obama and Hillary Clinton only made half hearted attepmts to call for unity, and they only did so once. So it seems like to me that the Democrats and Liberals don’t want unity. Why I even wrote an e-mail to the Democrat Party of Hawaii asking for them to call for unity, and they never even answered.

    Next, let’s speak about racism and sexism, shall we? Since you Democrats love to call us racist and sexist, let’s look at the Democrat Party history. You’ll find that after you finish reading my post that it’s the Democrats that are racist, not the Republicans.

    • Republicans wanted freedom for the slaves, Democrats did not (Hence the Civil War).
    • Republicans wanted the blacks to have voting rights (it had little to no support from the Democrats).
    • Republicans wanted women to have the right to vote (this also had little to no support from the Democrats).

    Before you call anyone racist or sexist, I would look in the mirror, Democrats and Liberals.

    Now, the whole devil thing. I for one don’t appreciate being called a devil for I care about others, and feel that god looks out for everyone not just Christians. Yes everyone does have the right to believe what they wish. If they believe that there’s no god, more power to them. As long as you don’t press your beliefs on others (something which liberals and Democrats do all the time), I feel that you’re free to believe whatever you wish to. Republicans are far from evil.

    With all of that said, before you judge someone because they’re conservative or Republican, look to yourself and your political party. I’m sure that you’ll find that you’re what you accuse the Conservatives and Republicans of.



    My Thoughts For Week 3

    First, I’d like to talk about a statement that was posed to me on social media.  A Raiders fan had said,

    We just need to win

    OK, I’m going to respond to that here.  There are some major problems going on in Oakland.  Winning is just a symptom not the actual problem.  Let’s look at the most major of the problems:

    1. The head coach hasn’t been released even though his performance has been substandard for many seasons.
    2. The coaching staff under the head coach doesn’t seem to be getting the job done either.
    3. The owner hasn’t stepped up to  remedy the situation (Mebbe he wants to help Peyton Manning get another ring?).
    4. There doesn’t seem like there’s many talented players on the team (although it just may be the really bad coaching).
    5. Maybe they’re trying for first round draft pick?

    As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I’d love to see the old rivalry between the Chiefs and the Raiders spark again, it made things rather interesting.  The Raiders need to make a clean sweep and start with a clean slate so to speak.

    Now on to other thoughts about this week.  The Chiefs finally won thier first game of the season against the Dolphins.  It wasn’t televised here in Hawaii, so I didn’t get to see the game.  It must’ve been tough with  many of thier key players gone. I hope that they keep the winning streak up so we can catch the Donkeys. I hope that Alex Smith proves me right and shows that he’s worth that contract that he just signed.  After a poor start, the Chiefs need to keep this winning streak up.  They also need all of our key players back on the active roster.  They need Charles back too.

    As I write this post, the Donkeys and the SeaChickens are tied and in overtime.  I don’t want to see the SeaChickens win, I don’t like them.  Heh, the weird thing is that I like the Donkeys more than them, and I don’t like the Donkeys. The fans are too cocky (over one good season that was a fluke in my opinion).

    Now on to other events.  Many of the fans are calling for the Commishioner of the NFL to step down.  My feelings on this subject is that everyone should wait for the investagation to complete first.  America was founded on the principle of innocient till proven guilty.  Something doesn’t feel right, but it doesn’t mean it was the Commisioner, or it just was the Commisioner acting alone.  Something tells me that there are more guilty parties in this case than meets the eye.  It’s not a clear cut case of one person being wrong and bearing responsibility for the whole situation.

    On a similar note, Ray Rice is fighting the suspension that he’s on.  Why?  He’s guilty for breaking the rules of the NFL (and the reputation of the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens), the law, and making everyone look bad.  Not to mention that there’s indesputible evidence that he’s guilty.  If he needs to go to flipping burgers, he should.  Why waste money on a legal battle?  Nevermind, rhetorical question  (bleh).

    Anyhow, those are my thoughts on week 3.  Can’t wait for week 4.  Go Chiefs!

    I almost got away with it…

    Image courtesy of Tina Phillips / stockimages

    Image courtesy of Tina Phillips / stockimages

    I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling… Cats. I imagine that’s what 21-year-old Daniel Pinedo Velapatino said when he was caught by the police last week in Boca Raton, Florida, after leading police on a wild chase from Delray Beach. He had talked his way into the home of the Noonans where he had impersonated a landscaper from next door and asked for a glass of water.

    Candice Noonan, not knowing that he was a fugitive running from the police. When she had returned with the glass of water, Daniel Velapatino was laying on the floor playing with the Candice’s kittens. Candice had said that it was strange, like he was on drugs or mentally impaired.  He was just laying there stroking her cat.  Then Candice’s husband started questioning Velapatino, he ran out the back door and jumped into a canal where police had caught him.

    According to the Palm Beach Post, Velapatino had stole money from his friend ($2000) to pay back his mother.  During the chase where he had 2 different law enforcement agencies chasing him, he had damaged a police cruiser, and burglarized a couple’s home.

    The kittens slowed him down long enough for the police to find him.  Not that I blame him for playing with the cats, everyone loves kitties.  😀

    You can see the full articles where I got this from below:

    Serial Bank Robbers & Their Families


    A couple of days ago, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), apprehended the suspects they say are responsible for the string of bank robberies that took place on the island. While that’s good news in my opinion, the more disturbing news is that thier family members are being are in the process of being evicted from state subsidized housing in Halawa. Is punishing their families for what they did is correct? Only one of the suspects were listed on the lease, and while I can understand he’s living there and suspected of crimes, he hasn’t been convicted yet.

    So, that leaves the question of the ethics of the evictions. I do understand the housing is tax payer funded and there is strict rules, why punish the entire family for what one person has done? As I write this, there are 3 families that have their futures up in the air and uncertain. The other 2 suspects were being hid there by their families, while I can understand that’s illegal, and stupid, the ethics of eviction is still in question.

    After giving this a lot of thought, I take the side of the authorities. I feel that the families knew that the suspects were wanted for commuting crimes, but allowed them to stay with them. But the one that lived there? I have the feeling that his father knew. Should they be evicted? Yes.

    Many will feel differently for many different reasons, but if you think about it logically, most parents will protect thier child no matter how old they are, or what they did. Its maternal instinct, and very common. That and when one is young, scared, and don’t know what to do, where do they run? They run to thier parents/families for help. So, did they know yes, more than likely. And even if they didn’t, they were allowed to stay there. If the authorities allow them to stay, in the future, this will happen again. And we’d be funding public housing for criminals, funding the prison system is enough. The law abiding citizens shouldn’t be forced to help house criminals on the outside.

    In any case, those are my thoughts on this subject. Thanks for reading. 🙂