A challenge to the Democrats


I call for ANY DEMOCRAT to answer ALL the questions in this post. If you can not, DO NOT complain when I post negative stuff about your party.

  • Why hasn’t your damned party done anything about the violence in Chicago and in New York?
  •  Why haven’t they done anything about the homeless problem in Hawaii?
  •  Why in heaven’s name haven’t they done anything about all the Veterans’ Administration problems that we were having when we were having when they had control in congress?
  • Why didn’t the Democrats strengthen Social Security when they had power in Congress if they were so for the people?
  • Tell me why didn’t Obama do anything about North Korea or the opioid Epidemic?
  • Why didn’t Obama do anything more about the war on drugs?
  • Why didn’t Obama give adequate credit to President Bush for the capture for Osama Bin Lauden when President Bush did all the work?
  • Why did Obama do nothing about the vetting problems when he KNEW that it was a problem?
  • Why did Obama do nothing about our insecure borders that he KNEW was a problem?
  • Why didn’t Obama do anything about the high risk countries known for terrorism when he was in office? He’s the one that made the list the President Trump used for the temporary travel ban.
  • Why didn’t Obama do anything about the failing relations with Russia and China?
  • Why haven’t they done anything about the lies told by CNN? It’s apparent that CNN supports them and only wants to make them look good.
  • Why are they calling for uprisings when they know it’ll cause more harm?
  • Why are they not doing anything about Hollywood and the rest of the mainstream media and the lies that they’re spreading?
  • Why aren’t they calling for unity?
  • If they’re so for the people why aren’t the helping to write legislature instead of fighting President Trump?
  • Why aren’t they more worried about America’s enemies instead of fighting President Trump whom is only trying to make America better and stronger?
  • Why bring socialism to America when our enemies are Socialist? (China, North Korea, and Russia wants to make progress back to socialism)
  • Why discriminate against the law and order in America?
  • Why push so hard for gun control when it’s the second amendment that stopped the Red Coats from winning the Revolutionary War, and it will hinder and possibly stop an invasion from another country if law abiding citizens are armed?
  • Why cut back further on defense spending when the state of things in the world is where it is?
  • Explain how defense spending equals defense for the United States in detail.
  • Explain how a higher minimum wage will actually help you live better in detail.
  • Explain how making the working class pay for your healthcare by making healthcare a right is morally correct.
  • Explain how making the working class pay for someone’s secondary education is morally correct.
  • Explain how making the working class pay for someone’s childcare is morally correct.
  • Explain and state where in the Constitution does it state that healthcare is a right.
  • Explain what socialism is, and how it works.
  • Explain why socialism is so good for America and it’s citizens.
  • Define what Nazi means exactly.
  • Explain why the Nazi party failed in detail.
  • Explain why the former Soviet Union failed in detail (and no it wasn’t just because the wall fell either).
  • Why blame both President Bush’s for all the country’s problems when most were caused by the Democrat Presidents?
  • Why hate Christians so much when it was Christians that founded this country? The founding fathers were all Christian.
  • Why do you think FOX is fake news when its not? Is it because they say things that you don’t like to hear?
  • Why stay in America if you hate Trump and America so much?

Haunted Places In Hawaii (Supposedly)

3D_Angry_Cute_Ghost PNG Clipart

Long ago I’ve stopped “ghost hunting”.  The Hunter can easily become the hunted, and something unwanted can follow you home.  No thanks.  But, during my investigations into what sites to go to for the highest chance of a sighting, I have found that many places that have been said to be haunted, are indeed not, most “stories have come from well known urban legends that come from different parts of the United States and the world.  Here, I’ll name some of the more infamous stories most well known on the island…  Most are urban legends.  Most have no credible witnesses to the “sightings”, and always a friend of a friend, my cousin’s friend, etc.


First I’ll talk about Morgan’s Corner.  Growing up I was told that this was the most haunted spot on the island.  Spooky story about a girl and a guy parked there making out, when they tried to leave, they found they were out of gas, the boy left to find a gas station (you should already know how this one turns out).  This is a urban legend that comes from the mainland in the 70’s, I think.  Honolulu Magazine did an analysis of this story, and you can find it here:

Honolulu Magazine: Morgans Corner Revealed

Now I’ll talk about the Old Waialae Drive-In Theater. This outdoor theater, which closed in the 1980s, was next to an old graveyard. For years there were stories about a faceless woman who haunted the women’s bathroom, pounding on stall doors or appearing in the mirror. According to some accounts, the figure didn’t have feet, either.

Upon researching the faceless ghost, I found that this has come from Japanese lore.  There are stories in Japan about the faceless lady.  Again, there’s no credible witnesses or proof that this “ghost” was actually at the location.  This also is an Urban Legend.  The drive in is closed and is no longer in existence.  KHON did kind of a flash back on the old theater.  You can find it here:

KHON Looks back at the Waiale Drive In

Next, let’s look at Kipapa Gulch in Mililani. This was the site of a major battle in Hawaiian history. The bridge that spans the ravine has been the site of numerous head-on accidents. The gulch is also supposedly on the path of the night marchers, who proceed with torches from the mountains to the ocean. Residents and those who work in the area have reported seeing lights move down the mountainside and into the gulch and hearing the sounds of people crying under the bridge.

While I’ve heard many stories about this location, there’s no credible witnesses or proof that anything supernatural has happened here.


Kipapa Gulch


I could keep going and going, but I think that I’ll stop here.   I mainly wrote this for my friend Holly who likes this stuff… Hope ya all liked it!


Vagrant Problems in Hawaii & Democrats


The controversial problem here in Hawaii is what to do about all the homeless people (vagrants) in the state.  Our weather and the programs in place to help the homeless make this an ideal place for homeless to come from around the country.  In fact there has been speculation by the State Government that other states are flying their homeless here because of the weather and the social programs already in place (it’s less expensive for the state that the homeless person is from as well).

A pilot program that had been in place to fly the homeless home that had come from other states was killed in the local Senate and House of Representatives.  The plan was to set aside $100,000 from the fiscal budget to fly those implanted vagrants back to where they came from.  It would be more fiscally responsible to fly them home than to pour even more money into the system that cares for the homeless.  That, and I’m sure that they would love to go home, to family and loved ones whom may not be able to afford to pay for the homeless person to go back home.  As I said previously, this program was killed.  Everyone talks about wanting to help them…  Help them get home.

Then there was the law that the City Council had put into place making it illegal for people to block the sidewalks, all that did was cause protest by the so called protesting group at Thomas Square Park.  Because of whatever reason they had (IMO, it doesn’t matter what the reason was, the law was actually helping the neighborhood pedestrians with walking on the sidewalk), they had repealed the law (SMH).

Then in Waikiki, the tourist hub of the island, to try to combat the problems of the vagrants making the area look bad and homeless from harassing the tourists here; they closed parks at night, banned lean-tos and tents in public places.  The part that gets me is the punishment for breaking those laws.  Prison time and fines?  In prison, they spend a month at the most, then go back to being homeless and lurking/trespassing/etc.  The fine?  They’re homeless with no job, and can’t pay the ticket anyway.  It just makes no sense.  Normal punishment won’t work in these situations.

I’ve seen many times that the state government’s answer to the problem of homelessness is to construct more affordable housing on the island.  My response to that is, “Hello!  They have no jobs, can get no jobs, therefore have no money!  That and $350,000 for a studio isn’t affordable.  Most people making minimum wage can’t even afford to pay the mortgage.”

Then there’s Tom Brower a lawmaker here in Hawaii damaging private property to stop the homeless from taking the carts and using them to cart around their belongings.  Those carts are the property of the store, and cost thousands per cart, the more that goes missing without being returned drives up costs to the store, and in turn, the store passes that cost on to the consumer (SMH, DEMOCRATS).

Then there’s the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness (HICH) was established in July 2011 through executive order by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (A Democrat).  They haven’t done anything as of this post, the homeless problem has only gotten worse.  They’ve taken no real action to lower the amount of homeless people here, if they have, it’s not enough (Sad).  A waste of tax-payer dollars.

This year during the elections for the seats in Washington, DC, the Governor’s seat, and locally only four candidates has made the homeless problem as key point in their election campaigns.  Two of them are Jeff Davis (Libertarian) and Duke Aiona (Republican).   Aiona says that he’ll work with the Hawaii National Guard to implement plans to help the homeless veterans in the state.  For the non-veterans, he wants to set up a Homeless court that will allow the homeless to get of the streets immediately.   Two congressional candidates have ideas as well, but it supports the building of more affordable housing.  Useless (see my comments above).

It takes a non-Democrat to think outside the box.  Here in Hawaii, we are stuck in a rut when it comes to many issues like this one.  It’s time that we elect people into office that has different values than the Democrats.  They’ve held power here in Hawaii for as long as I can remember.  They’re hypocrites, war-mongers, and busy bodies who want to solve everyone else’s problems before our own.  President Obama has shown that in his administration.  He was also slow to respond to the riots happening in Ferguson, Missouri as well.

I urge those in Hawaii to vote for someone else other than a Democrat this election.  It’s time for a true change here in Hawaii, and I don’t mean the Affordable Healthcare Act either.  If you want the links for the places that I got the information for in this post, I have them below.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

Serial Bank Robbers & Their Families


A couple of days ago, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), apprehended the suspects they say are responsible for the string of bank robberies that took place on the island. While that’s good news in my opinion, the more disturbing news is that thier family members are being are in the process of being evicted from state subsidized housing in Halawa. Is punishing their families for what they did is correct? Only one of the suspects were listed on the lease, and while I can understand he’s living there and suspected of crimes, he hasn’t been convicted yet.

So, that leaves the question of the ethics of the evictions. I do understand the housing is tax payer funded and there is strict rules, why punish the entire family for what one person has done? As I write this, there are 3 families that have their futures up in the air and uncertain. The other 2 suspects were being hid there by their families, while I can understand that’s illegal, and stupid, the ethics of eviction is still in question.

After giving this a lot of thought, I take the side of the authorities. I feel that the families knew that the suspects were wanted for commuting crimes, but allowed them to stay with them. But the one that lived there? I have the feeling that his father knew. Should they be evicted? Yes.

Many will feel differently for many different reasons, but if you think about it logically, most parents will protect thier child no matter how old they are, or what they did. Its maternal instinct, and very common. That and when one is young, scared, and don’t know what to do, where do they run? They run to thier parents/families for help. So, did they know yes, more than likely. And even if they didn’t, they were allowed to stay there. If the authorities allow them to stay, in the future, this will happen again. And we’d be funding public housing for criminals, funding the prison system is enough. The law abiding citizens shouldn’t be forced to help house criminals on the outside.

In any case, those are my thoughts on this subject. Thanks for reading. 🙂

That’s… Just bad.

Here in Hawaii the majority of the population here calls themselves Democrats, for the people… They care. Oh yeah, sure they do. The neighbor island gets hit hard with a hurricane, and no one makes donations or tries to see out how to help. Hipocrits. At the time of writing this post I saw a news report on Hawaii News Now with interviews of local charitable organizations. All of them said no donations had come in to help the neighbor island.

They’re all too busy blaming the Republicans for everything that’s wrong in the United States and fixing problems in other countries like the President, than fix the ones domestically. They’re doing something that they say Republicans do. Sheesh. I’m disgusted to say the least.

Its time that Americans woke up and says in one voice, we’re tired of all the problems domestically, and we want them fixed before someone else’s problems. We all need to tell President Obama, “You promised change, and all we got was more problems. Live up to your campaign promises!” We need to tell the democrats in congress that we need to focus in country. The Republicans have been saying to focus on the problems in country, but everyone ignores them.

OK, my rant is done, thanks for reading. 🙂