The Truth About Socialism, Democrats, and Liberals

The liberals and the Democrats want you to think that socialism is a good thing, when in all truth it’s not. For you see, socialism is part of a dictatorship type of government system that’s already set up in other countries in the world. North Korea is a socialist government, so was Germany during World War II.

A Closer Look

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The great American Lie

The very things that the Democrats campaign against they’re steering America towards. It’s the great American lie. The very thing that we fought against in WWII we are slowly becoming thanks to the Democrats here in the United States. Of course we don’t want to get to the extreme right either, but I haven’t seen any Republicans leaning that way. I’ve only seen Democrats leaning that way like President Barack Obama.

Conservatives are called Conservatives for a reason, they don’t like change. They stick to tradition. The tradition called the Constitution of the United States of America. They aren’t radical like the left wing Democrats. So, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see fascism come out of Republicans. The so called “Tea Party” within the GOP is very small. The Democrats is one large extremist party. That’s why they love the Muslims so much. The Muslims are radlicalists as well.

President Trump is trying to center the government again. Towards Democratic. The Democrats aren’t liberals if they were they would be more towards the center. In this country the so called liberals are more socialists than anything. The more accurate term for them are progressives. They are trying to make us progressively more socialist. When the Democrats tell you that Trump is trying to be a dictator , think again, it is the Democrats that want the dictatorship, not the Republicans.


No matter what the Democrats and the mainstream media may tell you, socialism is not freedom. When you get socialism, you get a dictator. Why? Because no one works for free. A dictator is needed so that he/she tells everyone. what job to do, and when and how to do it. You can kiss your freedom goodbye. When you lose your freedoms the first people that’ll get blamed are the conservatives. Once the conservatives are gone, who will they blame then? The trees? Are they going to kill all the trees next?

The Democrats are clearly losing their minds. Why you can tell that they are. They’re now worried about how many scoops of ice cream that President Trump had with his dinner!


Communism is a higher form of Socialism. The extreme form of Socialism. No matter what the Democrats may tell you it is not better. Nor is it an easier life. No one gets anything for free. You will be forced to work. You will be forced to do jobs that you don’t want to do. They will decide for you what jobs are best for you to do. Medical? They will decide what procedures that you will get. If they decide that you’re beyond saving, there will be no more medication or treatment.


There is a judgement day coming, and it won’t be the one depicted in the Terminator movies. This one will be just as dismal and more horrifying if you ask me. If the Democrats get their way, there will be no Constitution, no bill of rights, no freedoms. Who’s fault will it be then?

Let me ask all the Democrats out there this: When all the gun toting, bible thumping, patriotic, Trump supporters all go to war or are all dead, who will be left to defend you when the Chinese come to invade the country? Since 1776, those people were the people that faught to keep the country safe and free from the socialsits and communists so people like you could rant and rave about the country not being socialist and communitstic.


Enough Already!

Enough already, the damned election is over, and people need to calm down. The United States has a lot of work to do. Instead of fighting and opposing every little thing that President Trump has done, work with him instead.


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So very tired…

I’m tired of seeing the protests, the court battles, and most definitely the riots. This great nation was founded on unity. All of this drama only because a Republican got into office. Quite frankly, I feel that the people causing all the problems are just using President Trump as a scapegoat.

President Trump has done nothing different than the previous presidents. The only thing that he’s doing different is that he’s keeping his campaign promises.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped watching the news on TV because it’s all the same stuff. The protesters need to get a life.


As I said above, we need unity. America as a nation has a lot of work to do. We need to fight terror, crime, drugs, and those whom seek to hurt others. We are one nation under god. Not under Islam, Liberalism, or Democrats. Let’s cut the crap, people.


Seriously? They’re going to go there? I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not going to happen. Even if the people supporting California ceding from the United States get the issue of ceding onto a ballot for vote this coming March, they face insurmountable odds. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

The Signatures

Yes California and their supporters must gain 400,000 signatures to get calexit on the ballot for the voters to vote on. The last attempt that was made by calexit failed miserably. If they do manage to get the required amount of signatures, it will be on the ballot in 2018.

Option 1

Depending on what route they take (they listed 2 on their website) the obstacles are different. Let’s start with option 1 which I took from their website:

A member of the California federal delegation to Washington would propose an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing the State of California to withdraw from the Union. The Amendment would have to be approved by 2/3 of the House of Representatives and 2/3 of the Senate. If the Amendment passed it would be sent to the fifty state legislatures to be considered (to satisfy the “consent of the states” requirement in Texas v. White). It would need to be accepted by at least 38 of the 50 state legislatures to be adopted.

OK, so we start with:


An amendment to the Constitution will be required. For that it must gain 2/3 of the votes in the House, and then 2/3 in the Senate. Seeing that both the Senate and the House of Representatives are controlled by the Republicans (will be referred to later as GOP), they won’t go for the idea.


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Why? Because they understand that if California leaves the union, it would disrupt military operations, as well as business because many of the sea ports in the United States is there. Also, what about the Americans that don’t want to move, but remain in America. Quite honestly, I believe that the Yes California and their supporters are in the minority.

Now if by chance the measure does pass the GOP controlled congress, this Happens:

The States

Now the measure must go to the rest of the states to be approved. The measure must be approved by 38 of the 50 states. Seeing that the majority of the country is conservative, it probably won’t pass. Especially by New York. There’s a high probability that California ceding would cause a monumental crash of the stock market here, and impact stock markets around the world. In other words, it would hurt everyone.

Option 2

OK, now on to option two, this I have also taken from Yes California’s website:

California could call for a convention of the states (which is currently being organized to tackle other constitutional amendments as we speak) and the Amendment granting California its independence would have to be approved by 2/3 of the delegates to this convention. If it passed, the Amendment would be sent to the fifty state legislatures to be considered and 38 of the 50 states would have to approve the measure in order for it to be adopted.

OK, so this one has a

Convention of states

The convention of states requires at least 34 of the 50 state legislatures to submit applications to congress for the same reason to ratify a convention of states. Then once ratified, the states select their representatives to attend the convention. As mentioned above, at least 2/3 of the delegates must approve. If approved it will go to the:

State Legislatures

Once approved at the convention it goes to the state legislatures across the United States for approval. Now, many of the states won’t go for the same reasons that I gave for option 1.

In Conclusion

This just won’t work. California wouldn’t be allowed to cede from the United States. In my opinion, I say let them cede. Then make a law ordering all liberals and Democrats to move to the new Country of California.

With that said, I wonder if they know that if they cede, the United States will not have to protect them any further with our military. Also, I imagine many companies would move out of the state, because if Donald Trump is still in office, he’ll impose very high tariffs on them because they will be considered a foreign nation. Also, there will be no funding from the United States federal government or Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid…

Liberals aren’t very smart, are they?


My family immigrated here before World War II in fact, my grandmother was put into an interncamp.  My family immigrated to the United States  LEAGALLY. With all of that said, I support mass deportation of illeagal immigrants.  Yes, we are a nation full of immigrants, but are here leagally.  I have no pity nor remorse for sending them back to where they came from.  Nor do I care if they have children born here.  The law about citizenship from birth on land shouldn’t apply because they’re here in the country illeagally.

I honestly don’t care who immigrates here as long as they immigrate legally.  Unlike many liberals, I don’t feel that those illeagals have the right to be here.  Because most are ill educated (hence have no or very little income), they bring crime with them.  There as been scientific studies that show that there is a link between education levels, income, and crime.  I have scientific facts backing up my views of this issue.

Many people who argue for the other side of this issue don’t bother to do research on the subject and just believe what the liberal administration in the white house tells them.  No one has an excuse in this age of information, where all information is at thier fingertips not to look up the information and gain more knowledge about the subject.  I have seen nothing in thier arguements about this subject that are actually FACT.  Well asaide from the fact that we’re all imagrants.

It’s time that the people in power in the United States put Americans first.  Before you ask, yes I’m Republican, yes I’m conservative; and no, I do not support Donald Trump.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


WTF? I think the liberals have gone too far this time. I’m sorry, but I don’t want no dude dressed like a lady in the women’s bathroom. I may not be female, but if I were, I wouldn’t want no dude in the women’s restroom. This is especially true if I had a daughter.

And they’re threatening N. Carolina with withdrawal of federal funds? They should be doing that to states that legalized marijuana in any way. We can’t infringe on thier rights, but they can infringe on ours? That’s the biggest load of bulls*it that I’ve ever heard.

Obama and the Democrat party makes every Christian feel like they’re less important than a religion that’s killing Americans? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not all of them, but to be certain that no more innocent Americans lose their lives, I’m in favor of denying the whole religion access to my country. Those people in California didn’t need to die… Nor those people in New York on that day of infamy.

When is the federal government going to step in to say enough is enough? Our founding fathers must be turning in thier graves.

Why do people Hate Donald Trump?


Donald Trump

Why do people hate Donald Trump so much?  Personally, I don’t care…  But, this is an interesting topic so, I’m going to talk about his campaign in this post.  First, I’ll start by saying that Trump is no politician.  Don’t expect him to be politically correct, nor a true conservative.  At best he’s a liberal-moderate conservative.  If you want someone that will fix our economy, he’s the route to go.  I don’t believe that he’s racist.  He says what’s on most people’s minds.  He’s an extreme version of Chris Christie.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have Christie.  The Great Wall of America.  Will the Mexican’s pay for it?  Unlikely.  They can’t even afford to help thier own citizens, how will they pay for a multi-billion dollar construction project?

Let’s talk about his political stances…  I’ll list them below (sorry, don’t know where the bullets are on the android app yet):
– Increase the size of our military
– Get respect back from the rest of the world
– Combat Terrorism
– Fix immigration (he was the first to speak about this in the GOP debates)
– Get better care for our Veterans and Increase Benefits (so far, he’s the ONLY canidate that has a plan for our veterans) Bring jobs back to America
– Help our allies in Iran
– Fix our tax system
– Get better trade agreements with other countries like China
– Fix the nuclear deal that the United States has with Iraq
– Build the “Great Wall of America” on America’s Southern borders (ludacris, for only sealing our southern border and not our northern one)

As you can see, he mostly has the same stances as the rest of the Republican canidates.  To me, Trump is a much better choice than turning this country into more of a socialist nation which the Democrats want to do.  The Democrats want to give free this and free that away, but where is all the money coming from?  Why the middle class of course.  None of them said anything about IRS reform in debates, combatting terror, or even helping the brave men and women fighting for us.  Socialism will never work in full scale in America, because we were never set up to be a socialist nation.

Something else that I don’t understand about Democrats, they scream that America is the best place to live, and yet want to change so much about it.  The rest of the world doesn’t understand Obama Care, A.K.A.: The Affordable Healthcare Act, but believe that it’s something similar to government subsidised healthcare for every citizen.  It’s not.  How do I know most of the world doesn’t understand it?  Why look at the comments those living in other nations make on social media.  I even had to explain exactly what Obama Care was to someone that lives in Europe, she didn’t know.  I don’t blame her for not knowing…  She doesn’t live in America.

Anyhow, There you have it.  Donald Trump.  He’s no different than any other GOP canidate.  Who do I support?  I support the GOP.  This Country is Republican in nature when I was born.  I only pray that the rest of the nation wakes up and sees what Hillary and Sanders are shovelling (crap).  America can’t afford another 4-8 years with another Democrat president.