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A challenge to the Democrats

This post is a challenge to the Democrats whom think they’re better than conservatives.


Obama Analysis

Everyone should read this, it’s a real eye opener. The United States has come to a focal turning point… Where we go from here could mean disater or pospering.

That’s… Just bad.

Here in Hawaii the majority of the population here calls themselves Democrats, for the people… They care. Oh yeah, sure they do. The neighbor island gets hit hard with a hurricane, and no one makes donations or tries to see out how to help. Hipocrits. At the time of writing this post I saw a news report on Hawaii News Now with interviews of local charitable organizations. All of them said no donations had come in to help the neighbor island.

They’re all too busy blaming the Republicans for everything that’s wrong in the United States and fixing problems in other countries like the President, than fix the ones domestically. They’re doing something that they say Republicans do. Sheesh. I’m disgusted to say the least.

Its time that Americans woke up and says in one voice, we’re tired of all the problems domestically, and we want them fixed before someone else’s problems. We all need to tell President Obama, “You promised change, and all we got was more problems. Live up to your campaign promises!” We need to tell the democrats in congress that we need to focus in country. The Republicans have been saying to focus on the problems in country, but everyone ignores them.

OK, my rant is done, thanks for reading. 🙂