Living With Chronic Pain



By, A Friend On Facebook

Pain usually dictates what I can do each day. Can I take a shower? Make the bed? Cook a meal or do I resort to frozen dinners? Can I play with my grandchildren outside or do we do color and story time again? Can I go to the store or do I say “tomorrow” for the third day in row?

It isn’t a matter of mind over matter. No matter how much I want, I can’t force my legs to work or bear weight. I can’t stop the nausea from wracking my body or stop tears from my eyes. We see people doing amazing things despite illnesses. And that is awesome. Seriously. I am ecstatic for them.

But as great and celebrated as those stories are and should be, it doesn’t mean every person can do that. Not because want. Not because desire but because not every disease allows it. Not every body can support it.

It’s important for not only society but friends and family realize that us saying no to certain outings or saying hey I can’t go to the movies after the mall isn’t a cop out. It’s truth. It’s our reality. We have stronger awareness of our limitations.

What may leave you tired, may leave us exhausted. What leaves you needing a hot bath, leaves us in bed rest for days. What leaves you fatigued, can land us in the hospital.

Our never ending reality is one full of careful calculations and often times risk. Because we want that few hours of “normalcy” so we push and risk when we shouldn’t. Bear with us and be patient. We are doing the best we can.


I thought that it was important to share this with everyone because not everyone understands what it’s like to live with chonic pain. I for one live with this condition myself, and want people to be aware of what it’s like for people whom experience this condition. Many just don’t understand what it’s like to wake up, go through out the day, and go to bed and try to sleep all while in pain.


The Truth About Democrats

“If fascism ever comes to America it will come in the form of liberalism”

– President Ronald Reagan


In this article, I’m going to speak about all the lies and propaganda that the left and their followers always seem to spout at the right when we just voice our feelings about subjects when they bring it up. When we do voice our beliefs (and it’s the truth) they get upset, and usually try to bully, and resort to insults.

Truly the marks of those with much to hide, with little to no education, and intelligence. In this post I will share with everyone all the things that I have learned about the liberal Democratic Party, in the attempt to show as many the truth about these pathological liars. Please, by all means, confirm my findings. You will find that they are the truth as the time of writing this article.

I am not just speaking out of opinions. I did my research. I was in college. I learned from my history books, online sources, my professors, etc. Mind you, these were not public institutions, and in my opinion, not radicalized so they’re not biased like some public universities.

The Military

The United States military at its current size even with all the technology advantage that we may have will not prove effective against an enemy like China. If they invade the United States, and if the civilian population is mostly unarmed, you are looking at what happened in the beginning of WWII when Hitler made his first attacks on neighboring countries. According to some sources at the time of writing this article, China has close to 2.4 million troops while the US has a little less than half that amount in active service. In reserves, China has 2.3 million troops, and again, the US has a little less than half that.

Now, even with our technological might, if they hit us with all of their might, and we were ready, we would be over whelmed. The police and SWAT are NOT trained military, so I would say every 2 law enforcement officers would equal one trained combat soldier, it would not make a difference. Moreover, they would be needed to help evacuate the civilians to safety.

So, the more civilians with rifles of any kind would be of benefit to the United States. In other words, we WILL get overwhelmed. Even if we do manage to kill off all of their active and reserve forces, they have much more at civilians home they can re-train and send back at us. The military spending boosts that President Trump wants and the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail are very badly needed, they are very short sighted and don’t think ahead. A good example is the radiation fallout shelters in Hawaii.

The Second Amendment

More over, just because you ban assault rifles, guns, etc. DOES NOT mean that violent crimes will decrease. Look at Chicago. The Democrats there have the most strict gun laws in the country, yet they have the highest violent crime rate in the country (yes with and without guns). All you’re really doing is preventing the law abiding citizens from owning weapons. Do your research, don’t believe what the Democrats, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN tells you. They will tell you what the Democrats want you to hear. A good example of a place that citizens owning guns living peacefully is Sweden.

Over Regulation

Over regulation is the trademark of the Democrats, they complain about the Republicans, but it is the Democrats, it’s easy to see, just look around Hawaii. The Electronic Cigarettes, the new gun registration database, etc. If they don’t understand it, or they’re scared of it, they over regulate it.


On to the economy. Times do change yes. But the country and the world is not set up for a socialist America. Moreover, it will hurt many more people than help. You know Denmark? The country that Democrats keep praising for it’s social programs? Well, let me tell you something, No one can afford to live there. The income tax there is about 50%. That’s not the sales tax, the school tax, the communication tax, etc. That’s the INCOME TAX. All that money has got to come from some where. You know where that money is going to come from? The guys with some kind of income… Any kind of income. May it be social security, pension, etc. Socialism in large scale is never good. In small amounts its fine… But to take it to the points that the Democrats in office and the Protesters now want? Out of the question…and it would throw the world’s economy into chaos. That’s selfish of the Democrats.


Democrats call Republicans Nazis. They call Nazis Right wing. Not true. Hollywood and the Democrats have been walking around hand in hand for years, you just don’t see it. I’ve been seeing it for years. If you literally Translate the German name for the NAZI party (NAZI is short for Nationalsozialismus) and it means national socialism in English. Which ultimately makes them LEFT WING. Hitler was part of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party). So, technically the KKK is LEFT WING not right wing.

Communism is a lower form of socialism. Therefore, it is also left wing. The media and the Democrats always portray this as right wing when its not. All propaganda produced by the liberal media to help the Democrats. Sometimes its hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Even in documentaries they call socialism and the Nazis right wing when this is clearly incorrect.

The Democrats call Republicans racist and sexist when it was Democrats that created the KKK to harass Republicans after the civil war. When it came time to give the blacks the right to vote, it got no support from the Democrats. When it came time to give women the right to vote, it got no support from the Democrats.


Then there’s the remarks about Republicans being warmongers. Again, not true. Starting at the Civil War, the Democrats pulled out of the United States because they wanted to keep slaves. Then, every World War a Democrat has taken us into it. During WWII it was a Democrat that ordered the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan. Every major conflict in the 20th century (Vietnam and Korea) as well. As a side note, it took a Republican to pull us out of Vietnam (President Richard Nixon).


Democrats say that they’re pro-choice. In reality they’re “pro-what they think is right”. If you really think about it, its true. Let’s start with abortion. Pro-choice about abortion? For whom? Just the woman? What about the child that’s growing within them? Isn’t that hypocritical? Personally, I feel that abortion should be allowed if its rape or incest, but.. There is something called birth control, people… Use it!


Then there’s the whole thing about religion. Democrats are apparently atheist. They don’t believe in god. Which is fine, but don’t discriminate against those whom do and make them go against their religious beliefs and make them marry same sex couples against their beliefs. That in itself is hypocritical. Are the Democrats trying to tell us that it’s OK to discriminate against the majority but not the minority? That’s what they’re doing now. Just because they’re discriminating against the majority doesn’t make it right.


Yes, the ticking time bomb that the Republicans warned America about, but the Democrats ignored. Now that the bill is at the end of it’s life, and it’s become so expensive that many insurance providers have pulled out of the program many don’t even have coverage. Yet, the short sided Democrats still are hanging onto the bill. The government has no business dictating what medical coverage someone should take. Nor does the government have any business telling insurance providers what to cover and what not to cover.

President Trump’s Travel Ban

Yes the travel ban that Hawaii, California, and a few other states rushed to block in circuit court. So concerned about immigrants, and the University of Hawaii, Governor Ige had the State Attorney go and block the travel ban. It was only temporary until we could strengthen our vetting or put a better immigration system in place. But Democrats in Hawaii didn’t care about the safety of American Citizens. They only cared about the University of Hawaii and the immigrants. It’s embarrassing, really. Muslims would rather kill Christians then try to reason with them.


Since their inception, the Democrats now hate White people, discriminate against Christians and heterosexual people, and they want the middle class to pay for everything. They give more importance to illegal immigrants and Muslims that want to kill Americans and Christians. Anything wrong with that picture?


Just from the information that I’ve gathered above, it seems like to me the party that’s been lying, that’s been racist, and has been discriminating, has been sexist, and like to twist the truth, are the liberal left wing Democrats, no?



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I was thinking about a segment that I saw on the news the other day about a jellyfish influx at the beaches here in Honolulu.  They reported that many have gotten stung, and one beach was closed due to the jellyfish in the water.  They even showed a clip of people walking past the jellyfish warning signs and going into the water regardless.  That made me shake my head.

Who in their right minds would risk a sting from a jellyfish just to swim?  That’s what pools are for.  Then when they get stung, they cry for help.  Sheesh.  Watch someone’s going to sue the state.  Why didn’t they close the beach… I didn’t vote for any of them, not my fault.

If you ask me, anyone whom disregards a warning sign about a danger of jellyfish stings deserves to be stung.  No, I don’t think that the signs should be multilingual either.  If they come to my country they should know how to read and speak my language in a rudimentary basis.  That’s one of the many reasons that I don’t travel out of country.  If I can’t speak and read the language, I’m not going to go to someone else’s home and expect them to accommodate me.  That’s just wrong.

Now Here’s A Thought

Image courtesy of stockimages at

Image courtesy of stockimages at

Have you ever had an inconsiderate person bump or slam into you because they were so busy with their smart phone to notice their surroundings?  Maybe even walking too slow holding everyone up?  Well, Chongqing in South West China has come up with an ingenious idea to circumvent this problem.

They’ve separated the sidewalk into two separate lanes.  Both are clearly separated and marked by white paint on the ground, both in English and in Chinese.  The lane closest to the traffic is for the cellphone users, the one on the right is for those not using cellphones.  If you look at the picture in the article, this is how it’s laid out.  You would think that the lane for cellphone users would be on the inside for safety reasons, but no, it’s close to traffic.  Maybe it’s an incentive to stay off your mobile device while walking.

While similar laws were spoken about here in Hawaii about outlawing the use of mobile devices while crossing the street, while for safety reasons, it was met with out lash.  When mobile devices use was outlawed here several years ago (except for use with a headset device), there were studies that were already done that show it makes no difference in the amount of accidents if one uses a headset or not.

According to articles that I’ve read, most people just can’t multi-task.  In fact experts say that about 98% of people can’t multi-task, and many of us overrate our tasking abilities.  I’ve found three different sources that agree with this theory.  I tend to lean this way too.  So I feel than unless you’re a passenger in a vehicle, it’s not good to be using any type of device while commuting (walking, driving, etc).  Not only is it considerate to those around you, it’s safer for you.

Anyhow, while I support lanes like this,  unfortunately another out lash will happen because people want to be bliss in their small world of selfishness even though it may endanger themselves or others.  I personally don’t use my smartphone while commuting (driving or walking) due to the safety factor.  Nothing is that important where you should risk your life and the life of others to pay attention to your device over concentrating on driving or paying attention to where you’re going.

If you’re interested, I have the links to the sites where I read the information that I’ve stated above.  Thanks for reading my rant.

Things I ponder


There are things that I ponder when I have nothing better to do. You may ask why do you even think about those things? My answer is: “Why not?” In this post I’m going to talk about some of the things that I ponder about.

First, I’d like to speak about relativity. When I used to ride the bus I used to always think to myself 2 different things. The first of those things is if I’m in he back of the bus that’s traveling at 25 miles per hour, and I walk to the front of the bus, does that mean I’m traveling faster than the bus? Of course, the second thing I thought about was the exact opposite. If I’m at the front of the bus and travel to the back of the bus that’s traveling 25 mph, would I be going slower than the bus?

You see, there’s no real answer to either of those questions, it’s a point of perspective really. For moving front or back of the bus technically, you’re still moving at the same speed. But, if you take into account your own personal speed and direction, it should matter as well, but not to everyone.

I’m not the only one with silly types of questions. Why, my best friend tells me that she asks herself “What’s the point all the time” but has no answer. I think in this post, I shall attempt to answer her question. If asking yourself this question in what seems like a situation that you just can’t get ahead in (like most of us do), the answer could be as simple as: because. Simple as can be no? 😛  All joking aside, this is another question with no answer. Why? Its all relative.

Another question that I ask myself often when a situation seems hopeless is, “Why me?” Again, the answer should be simple, but its not. Again its relative. Some people believe that everything happens for a reason, others feel its luck. And there’s people like me that really doesn’t know because neither really applies to logic.

Relativity takes more part in our lives than many think. Everything that we do is 90% mental. Its been clinically proven that just your own thoughts are enough to discourage or even make you fail at any given task. No, I’m not an optimist nor am I a pessimist. I’m someone whom evaulates situations to he best of my abilities to try to get to a logical conclusion. I guess I’m what some call a realist.

OK, that’s my thought of the day, I thought that I’d share it with you. Thanks for reading. 🙂

The Mass Media

The mass media… TV, radio, and now the internet.  I’ve really never given thought to how impressionable people are.  I’m not talking about children, I’m speaking of adults.  Personally, I take everything with a grain of salt especially if it’s on TV or the radio.  With the internet you can go to different sites and see different opinions about the subject at hand.  I’m not a band wagon person, I like to research and decide what to think for myself.  As George Carlin said,

I have this idiot thing that I do, it’s called THINKING.

Everyone knows that TV and radio in the United States is overseen by the federal government (namely the Federal Communications Commission).  I feel that they’re just the mouth piece for the President of The United States (whom I never voted for, nor do I trust). I don’t subscribe to the thinking that just because someone else has less than me, I should pay higher taxes so that I can give them money.

I only have one thing to say to that: Get a job.  People are homeless because they want to be.  How many homeless people they’ve interviewed on TV bluntly said that they don’t want to work.  I’ve even asked someone why not get a job.  One excuse is that they don’t have a home address.  Institutes like the Institute for Humane Services (IHS) will allow them to use their address for a home address on a job application.  Their phone number too.  Anyhow…

A good example of media conditioning is my father.  He believes everything that he sees on the news, and refuses to believe that the Democrat party can do anything wrong.  That’s the thinking that will turn the Untied States into Anarchy.  Help everyone else before turning eyes to the problems in the United States, help others at the expense of others.  I don’t believe in that philosophy.  America was founded on the principle of free enterprise.  Yes, help others if there’s room in the budget for it.  If there isn’t any, tough luck.  Don’t take money away from needed programs to lower the deficit, unless it’s a program that isn’t very important.  Don’t make new programs if there’s no money for it, and don’t raise taxes to fund a program that doesn’t benefit everyone.  Anyhow, the bad thing about it, is that he refuses to see that Hawaii is in the predicament that it’s in because of Democrats…  They’ve had over 50 years to screw things up here, and boy did they do a number on this state.

I encourage everyone to research, learn, and think for yourselves.  Just because you see it on TV, hear it on the radio, or see it on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s fact or the truth for that matter.

Mr./Ms. Right…


Yeah, sure. Mr./Ms. Right. The perfect woman/man. The one thing that I’ve learned during my adult life is that there is no such thing. Many times I’ve seen posts and blog entries about the perfect man. Sorry, there isn’t one… Just as “gentlemen” is an extinct breed. I was once nice, and the gentleman until I was hurt one too many times by the opposite sex. Now I only seek to protect myself from being hurt again.

Men are pigs, assholes, etc. Come on ladies, if you have want to be treated like a lady behave like one. If you don’t want to be used or hurt, don’t do it to someone else. In my experience women are far worse than men are. I’ve been abused both mentally and physically by women. So before anyone says men are worse, I beg to differ.


That’s what I have to say to women that constantly bash men. I do realize that not all women are bad, but the vast majority are. I’m tired of seeing women bash men because they’re the ones that are supposed to be perfect. I tell you, women are no better.

OK, my rant is done. I’m not here to start a battle of the sexes, nor state who’s right or wrong. These are just my feelings and thoughts about this subject. I leave it to you to make your mind up about this subject. Thanks for reading my rant. 🙂

All images are copyright thier perspective owners.

Internet Addiction?

Photo by Flickr user Marc oh!

Internet Cafe
Photo by Flickr user Marc oh!

Internet addiction is something that my friends and I used to joke about.  We used to laugh about it, and go on with our lives (in both reality and in cyberspace).  Granted in the past as well as in the present, I spend a lot of time in “cyberspace”.  Mostly it’s to look up information or play games on my phone or computer.  I don’t know what I’d do without my smartphone and an internet connection.  It’s become so common place for me to just look something up when I have questions about it.  This addiction to common people is laughable here in the United States, but in other parts of the world, such as China, they take it seriously, and recognize it as a psychological ailment.  They’ve even started Internet Addiction Boot Camps.

Students receive a group punishment during a military-style close-order drill class at the Qide Education Center in Beijing February 19, 2014 (Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon) From:

Students receive a group punishment during a military-style close-order drill class at the Qide Education Center in Beijing February 19, 2014 (Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)

These boot camps are inhumane at best, but to be frank, I feel that it’s barbaric.  An article on the ABC News site even claims that a male teenager was killed from being beaten while at one of the many camps that are springing up all over China.  The article even states:

Tao Ran, director of the country’s first Internet addiction treatment clinic under a military hospital in Beijing, told The Associated Press that such deaths are bound to happen because few camps employ scientific methods, with most opting for crude military-style discipline.

I’ve also read that some of the camps even use electroshock therapy (something that we in the west have abandoned as far as I know).  Are these camps really for the child’s benefit, or torture until they want nothing more to do with computers and the internet?  Sheesh.  I feel that there are better ways to go about this, and while I usually don’t condone the United States interfering with the problems with other nations, when is President Obama going to do something about the torture going on there?  Or is he more interested in sending troops to war?  But, that’s for another post.

While I feel that the United States needs camps funded like these to teach discipline and respect to children (On many occasions I’ve dealt with a disrespectful adolescent/teen), they should be using psychology and scientific methods to teach the children that the internet isn’t something to be abused by playing games on all of the time that they’re awake, but to be used what it was originally intended for when it was created.  The free educational exchange of information.

I have nothing against playing multiplayer games online, I have and still play such games on my phone, computer, and consoles.  But, even I know to take a break and go out and get some exercise… Or “Get some air” as some people would put it.  If you don’t get some sunlight, it can lead to medical problems, for we go get nutrients from the sunlight like plants do.

In any case, this is my rant for the day.  As always, these are my thoughts on this subject, and is not meant to offend, to say who is right or wrong, but something that I’m merely presenting the facts on, as well as my thoughts and feelings.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

Hobby Lobby, Activists, Obama, & America


This is something that has been all over the news networks lately.  The Hobby Lobby case.  Everyone has a perspective on this case, so I think that I’ll voice my thoughts on it today.  First, lets start at the root of all of this discussion.  The Constitution of the United States.  The Bill of Rights states in the first amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

As with anything written, it could be viewed in a number of ways.  I’m going to take this from a literal point of view.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

I feel that from the literal point of view that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional in this perspective.  Corporations are just an entity, but it is run by human beings.  Human beings with beliefs.  One of the core beliefs that America was founded on was the freedom of religion.  Some of the first immigrants to America came here from England to escape religious persecution.  Many people in today’s age seem to forget that.  Yes, I know times have changed, but we must not forget what this country stands for, why our forefathers founded this country, and why the constitution was written to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel that women do have the right to use contraceptive, and have the right to chose to have children or not.  But, I do feel that it’s selfish of people to thing that just because they want it, healthcare should be made to cover it regardless of what principles or religious beliefs another person may have on the subject.  Healthcare costs for everyone went up so that just about everything a woman needs medically would be covered by healthcare insurance.  No, I don’t feel the same way as others feel that it’s the insurance carrier’s fault that premiums went up.  It would have not gone up to begin with if it wasn’t for the Obama Care law.  It’s all cause and effect.  I could see all this coming when Obama had brought up the Affordable Care Act.  I knew that costs of health care would go up for everyone, it’s simple economics.  I also saw people losing coverage at work (while this hasn’t happened in as of a large scale as I thought it would, it has in a smaller scale).

Obama has been ramming new programs and legislature down the throat of congress using the power of the executive office.  I feel that this makes our country more like a dictatorship than a democracy. I don’t know what Obama is going to do next, but it’s scary to think of all the things that could happen next because of recent events and the legalization of the Affordable Care Act.

I only have one thing to say about all of this:

It isn’t my fault, I didn’t vote for any of the people in office in Washington.

As always, I only state my perspective on this subject, I’m not here to start a flame war, or to saw who’s right or wrong.  These are my thoughts.  Anyhow, my rant is done.  Thanks for reading! 🙂

The enemy of my enemy…


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  That’s an old quote that still holds true today.  One whom hold the bond of the same objective have a higher chance of success than an alliance that is together for convenience or for other reasons.  Over history this has proved true time and time again.  It even holds true today… Just look at current events.  Iran and Iraq have formed an uneasy alliance with the Syrians in the fight against Isis, and all of them of course it looking to the United States for help.  While I feel that this isn’t our battle and we’re sending Americans to battle for something that really isn’t our business, that’s for another post (I know that President Obama will send help).  As always, America takes the blame because now they’re saying that we’re taking too long to respond.  Sheesh.  Those ingrates.

Anyhow, that’s my thought of the day.  Thanks for reading! 😀