Politics and the NFL

Sources at ESPN say that viewership of NFL games were down during the 2016 season due to Colin Kapernick’s protests during the National Anthem. Out of 9200 fans that were polled, 26% said that they stopped watching due to the national anthem protests. There were other reasons why but were smaller segments of those polled. By far, the protests or the fact that the games were becoming too political were the reasons why people stopped watching the game.
Personally, I’m a die-hard and loyal Chiefs fan, so I watched anyway. In fact, I even noticed that towards the middle and ending of the season, the cameras didn’t even show the players on the sidelines during the anthem because of the ongoing protests. This is one thing that I don’t get. Why can’t the NFL be like the MLB and just respect the flag and the country and stand for the National Anthem? These are American games… American pastimes. Why can’t everyone put thier differences aside just for the time of the game?

Why? It’s the Democrats they’re like dogs. Once they latch on to something, they just don’t want to let go. Enough is enough! The reason why the ratings dropped is because of the crap that Kaepernick started. I think that’s the major reason why no one wants to sign Kaepernick. That and they don’t want the public relations backlash as I’ve said in previous posts. They don’t want his baggage. His career in the NFL is over. Sorry Mr Pig Socks.


Why I don’t like Democrats

Today I was asked why don’t I like Democrats. Let me count the ways… The ways are endless. Here I shall point just some of the many reasons.

They hate America

Yes, they hate America. This has got to be my biggest peeve. If they really liked America, they wouldn’t want to change so much about it. Socialism, putting immigrants over fellow American citizens… Wanting to take away basic constitutional rights. They want to leave the population defenseless against invasion. They want to be the only ones heard. If a conservative speaks up you’re infringing on their rights. I for one am tired of it. If they feel that way I will make sure they don’t get a word in.

They don’t do their research

They speak without knowing all the facts. They don’t read the bill or they watch only the main stream media and they go off on a wild tangent. They call Republicans Nazis when in truth, Nazis were socialists. They call the KKK right wing when the KKK was founded by the Democrats after the civil war.

They so easily forget

They want to get rid of the Confederate Flag and the Confederate Monuments because they say they’re symbols of hate. I call bullsh*t. Those things are there to remind all of us so that we don’t ever make those mistakes​ ever again. Democrats don’t like them because it reminds them that it was Democrats that caused the Civil War, and that it was Democrats that Designed the Confederate Flag. It was Democrats that were racist (and still are).

They want to bring Socialism to America, and don’t care about our Veterans and Soldiers

They have no respect for our fallen. The want to bring to American what we fought in World War I and II, and in the Cold War, Socialism. Yes the cold war. Communism is a higher form of Socialism. So, what the Democrats are trying to tell everyone is that they don’t care about all those brave men and women whom gave their lives for them so that they could be free.

They don’t care about our Veterans. President Obama and the Democrats run Congress didn’t care about our Veterans. They didn’t reform the Veterans Administration, and continued to cut money from the defense budget. Our brave soldiers didn’t even have the necessary tools to do thier jobs! Our Veterans didn’t have the necessary medical care that they so deserved!

They don’t care about the Middle Class American

They don’t. They put more importance on the poverty level and the immigrants than the people paying most of the taxes. The middle class. They complain about the Republicans doing it, but by far, they’re the worst. They make programs to help the poverty level, but do nothing to help the Middle Class American.

Punish the majority to help the minority

Now, where does that make any sense? The Democrats love to do that. They punish the majority to help the minority. Lately they’ve become more notorious. They’ve started to punish all of America (the majority) to help Muslims (a very small minority that poses a very big security risk to the United States and it’s citizens). I don’t know where the logic for this comes from but, they do need to get psychologically evaluated, I think.

Encouraging Healthcare paranoia

They go on the news saying that it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, when the bill really wasn’t about pre-existing conditions. It was really about taking government out of the healthcare industry. Honestly, government didn’t belong there to begin with. When they did that, all this paranoia started. To be honest, this wasn’t the first time that this has happened either. There was the whole scare with the nuclear war with North Korea on Passover weekend this year too. Anyone could’ve told them nothing would’ve happened.

Encouraging the divide in America

After the Election, they didn’t put too much effort into calling for unity. They let the protests and unrest go on through out the country. In fact, they encouraged it. What kind of leaders are they? They’re supposed to set an example for everyone in their party to follow, but did they? No.

Too busy fighting President Trump

The Democrats are too busy fighting President Trump to care about doing anything else. They don’t care about national security, the safety of American Citizens, or even America for that matter. It’s disgusting. All they care about is how many scoops of ice cream he had.

They have no class

They swear, don’t know how to behave in public. They look the other way when riots happen. They fail to deport criminals. They Call people names… Embarrassing and disgusting. The mark of a person with little or no intelligence. These are not the type of people that I want representing me or my country on the local, national, or global level. The Democrats make President Trump look like the best President since Regan if you ask me. It’s time for a change.

Those are just some of the reasons why I don’t like democrats. I could go on, but this post would be very long.

The End???


Is it the end of the Democrat Party?  After years of preaching about peace, rights, etc. Is it finally over?  After Donald Trump was declared President Elect late night on election day, there was no response from the Hillary and her supporters because she sent them home to wait for the final results to come in.

The shit finally hit the fan the following morning when people found out that Trump was elected President.  Mass protests followed…  Then violence…  Burning of the American flag…  Destruction of both private and public property.  People burning images of Donald Trump…  All while they chanted not my president.  Kill Donald Trump and his supporters…  Looks like the protests and the riots will continue until Trump takes office early next year.

I call upon the Democrat Party to cease all operations immediately, and disband with a explanation about how this all happened, and apology to the American people that they did nothing to stop or even prevent this from happening.  Ignorance, fear, and propaganda put forward by the Democrat Party has caused this.  What propaganda you ask?  Let’s cover them, shall we?

  • Republicans are warmongers
  • Republicans are racist
  • Republicans are sexist
  • Republicans are the KKK
  • Republicans are evil
  • Republicans are the Devil
  • Republicans don’t care about civil rights
  • Republicans don’t care about Women’s reproductive rights

Democrats caused paranoia in the general public, and the mass media (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc.) encouraging the line of thought, incited a mass panic when the country chose a Republican over a Democrat.  It seems like the Democrats love to produce propaganda and incite paranoia and panic.

A good example is the vaping law that the law makers in Hawaii passed (they’re mostly Democrats)…  They raised the vaping and smoking age to 21, without doing sufficient studies or research.  They had jumped the gun.  Even their state funded quit smoking now program put up anti-vaping ads in public ares.  A short time later the British released their study about vaping showing that it was less harmful to the user, and posed no risk to bystanders.  I even wrote to them asking them to ease off on the regulations because all it’ll do is hurt business in the state, and fuel and unnecessary paranoia.  I got no answer from any of the legislators that I wrote to.

It’s clear that Democrats are anti-American, dangerous, lack common sense, and have little to no intelligence.  I don’t just blame the people that took part in the riots.  The Democrats caused the paranoia with their propaganda.  They cater to the special interest groups almost exclusively, and very heavily corrupt.  They even have the main stream media in their pockets propagating their beliefs and doctrines.

How quickly Democrats forget that they themselves were against freeing the slaves.  They were against women having the right to vote.  Not the Republicans.  The GOP was founded on the principals of freedom and that all men and women were created equal.  If you don’t believe me, perform a Google search.  You’ll find many sites that will back up my facts.

If you want to delve into conspiracy theories, one guy on you tube, only calling himself Channel 13 uploaded a video talking about the predicted fall of the Democratic party after the 2016 election.  You’ll find the video below:

The most disgusting thing about all of this is the fact that it all this stuff started when Obama was still in office with the whole Black Live Matter movement that turned into a bunch of racist black people bullying anyone that wasn’t black, and all of it built up and progressed into the demonstrations and riots that we have at the time of this writing.  Obama did nothing about the Black Lives Matter.


image courtesy of whitehouse.gov

Obama’s Administration has been disastrous to say the least.  His “Obamacare” or Affordable Healthcare Act was very badly written and backfired.  At the time of the writing of this article, premiums are going up.  By 2017 it’s been projected that all healthcare costs will be extremely high.  You know to top it all off, Obamacare didn’t even have the authorization of congress to use federal funding.  Then there’s all the executive laws that he wrote to put laws into effect without having to go through congress.  There’s the bathroom law that no one wanted, and are still fighting till this day.

What probably disgusts me the most is that President Obama backed and encouraged Colin Kaepernick’s “protest” of the national anthem before the NFL games.  Disgusting.  What kind of President encourages disrespect of the flag, the national anthem and everything that they stand for?  A bad one.  Liberals and the Democrats have lost sight of what America really is and stands for.  The phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance “Liberty and justice for all” has been forsaken by Obama and his Administration.  To them its “Liberty and justice for the rich and Democrats only”.

No, I don’t foresee the death of America.  But, I do foresee the death of the Democrat Party.  What my rise from it’s ashes scares me…  Something more dark and sinister will rise in its place.  Far worse that I could possibly predict.  This country will be facing very dark times because of the Death of the Democrat Party.  We as Americans must brace ourselves for what comes next.


My family immigrated here before World War II in fact, my grandmother was put into an interncamp.  My family immigrated to the United States  LEAGALLY. With all of that said, I support mass deportation of illeagal immigrants.  Yes, we are a nation full of immigrants, but are here leagally.  I have no pity nor remorse for sending them back to where they came from.  Nor do I care if they have children born here.  The law about citizenship from birth on land shouldn’t apply because they’re here in the country illeagally.

I honestly don’t care who immigrates here as long as they immigrate legally.  Unlike many liberals, I don’t feel that those illeagals have the right to be here.  Because most are ill educated (hence have no or very little income), they bring crime with them.  There as been scientific studies that show that there is a link between education levels, income, and crime.  I have scientific facts backing up my views of this issue.

Many people who argue for the other side of this issue don’t bother to do research on the subject and just believe what the liberal administration in the white house tells them.  No one has an excuse in this age of information, where all information is at thier fingertips not to look up the information and gain more knowledge about the subject.  I have seen nothing in thier arguements about this subject that are actually FACT.  Well asaide from the fact that we’re all imagrants.

It’s time that the people in power in the United States put Americans first.  Before you ask, yes I’m Republican, yes I’m conservative; and no, I do not support Donald Trump.

Why do people Hate Donald Trump?


Donald Trump

Why do people hate Donald Trump so much?  Personally, I don’t care…  But, this is an interesting topic so, I’m going to talk about his campaign in this post.  First, I’ll start by saying that Trump is no politician.  Don’t expect him to be politically correct, nor a true conservative.  At best he’s a liberal-moderate conservative.  If you want someone that will fix our economy, he’s the route to go.  I don’t believe that he’s racist.  He says what’s on most people’s minds.  He’s an extreme version of Chris Christie.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have Christie.  The Great Wall of America.  Will the Mexican’s pay for it?  Unlikely.  They can’t even afford to help thier own citizens, how will they pay for a multi-billion dollar construction project?

Let’s talk about his political stances…  I’ll list them below (sorry, don’t know where the bullets are on the android app yet):
– Increase the size of our military
– Get respect back from the rest of the world
– Combat Terrorism
– Fix immigration (he was the first to speak about this in the GOP debates)
– Get better care for our Veterans and Increase Benefits (so far, he’s the ONLY canidate that has a plan for our veterans) Bring jobs back to America
– Help our allies in Iran
– Fix our tax system
– Get better trade agreements with other countries like China
– Fix the nuclear deal that the United States has with Iraq
– Build the “Great Wall of America” on America’s Southern borders (ludacris, for only sealing our southern border and not our northern one)

As you can see, he mostly has the same stances as the rest of the Republican canidates.  To me, Trump is a much better choice than turning this country into more of a socialist nation which the Democrats want to do.  The Democrats want to give free this and free that away, but where is all the money coming from?  Why the middle class of course.  None of them said anything about IRS reform in debates, combatting terror, or even helping the brave men and women fighting for us.  Socialism will never work in full scale in America, because we were never set up to be a socialist nation.

Something else that I don’t understand about Democrats, they scream that America is the best place to live, and yet want to change so much about it.  The rest of the world doesn’t understand Obama Care, A.K.A.: The Affordable Healthcare Act, but believe that it’s something similar to government subsidised healthcare for every citizen.  It’s not.  How do I know most of the world doesn’t understand it?  Why look at the comments those living in other nations make on social media.  I even had to explain exactly what Obama Care was to someone that lives in Europe, she didn’t know.  I don’t blame her for not knowing…  She doesn’t live in America.

Anyhow, There you have it.  Donald Trump.  He’s no different than any other GOP canidate.  Who do I support?  I support the GOP.  This Country is Republican in nature when I was born.  I only pray that the rest of the nation wakes up and sees what Hillary and Sanders are shovelling (crap).  America can’t afford another 4-8 years with another Democrat president.

I just don’t get it…

Why do people put Republicans down? We’re not evil and care about others as much as the Democrats do. More over, they seem to ignore the fact that this nation is in the predicament that it’s in because of the Democrats. Before you put me down and scream that all Republicans care about is business, I’d like to say hear me out first, then bash my beliefs. You just may learn something.

Here in Hawaii the Democrat party has held power locally in the local congress here and in Washington, D.C. for years; even the current Governor and Mayor are Democrats. We’ve had teachers strike, waste in the Department of Education (million dollars worth of time clocks purchased for use, but never installed), public schools closed, and a rail system that has been under question by the federal government for years.  What the sad thing is that that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

If you really must say that’s little, I’ll list more things that’s wrong in Hawaii due to the Democrats.

– The Hawaii health connecter that the Democrats backed because of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is unsecure to to use online, and is rated the worst in the nation.
– The economy here is bad because we rely solely on tourism. They promise to bring technology based jobs here, but that never happened.
-Crime is increasing here, not decreasing.
– The homeless problem we have here is getting worse. The Democrats set aside money to send people back home, but end up doing nothing and the money goes back into the general fund.
– Instead of fixing current problems, they create more by making more programs that need more Taxpayer dollars.
– When they do write laws, they’re poorly written.
– They say that animal welfare is important but cut funding to the local animal shelters (this is the city council, but most of the people if not all are democrats).

Now, let’s look at some of the history of the Democrats:

– In each of the major wars, it was a Democrat  President that decided that we should send troops. World War I, The Korean War, Vietnam… Mind you, it took a Republican to pull our troops out of Vietnam (President Richard Nixon).
– Democrats preach about freedom, but choose to enact communistic programs that usually end up back firing (i.e.: The Affordable Healthcare Act)
-They’re against free enterprise. Democrats get all huffy when a candidate (or anyone) wants business to prosper. Free enterprise is there backbone of democracy.
-Democrats say they’re for equal rights when it comes to women, but a male Democrat candidate called a female Republican candidate a whore.

You know, I can’t think of one thing the Democrats have done in Hawaii that was good. We aren’t prospering here in Hawaii, many are suffering. But the Democrats are for the people and is the party of the future as their party members said last election. All of this information can be found if you research. I made an informed decision years ago to become Republican.

Democrats, The NFL, & The Redskins

Image courtesy of Idea go / stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Idea go / stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Damned it all to hell… I never thought that politics and football would ever mesh.  It’s unfortunate that the Democrats decided to pick now to push legislation to hurt the Washington Redskins and the NFL.  I understand that Redskin could be a derogatory term, but in this case, no harm was intended.  I’m Asian, if a team wanted to call itself The Yellowskins, I wouldn’t care (In fact I would find it quite comical).  It’s a just a word, it’s the meaning behind of it that counts.  According to the Redskins owner Dan Snyder had said that the name of the team was meant to honor Native Americans.


Image courtesy of coward_lion / stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of coward_lion / stockimages FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Cantwell, D-Wash., the former chairwoman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, whom is in league with the Oneida Nation, is threatening the NFL with losing its non profit status if the name and mascot  isn’t changed.  Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn. is also arguing for the change as well.  We all know that this is election season, this is a blunt attempt at getting votes because the Democrats in minority in the House of Representatives, and they have only a slim hold on the Senate.  They’re desperate to put it bluntly.  Honestly, who would want that kind of party representing them in the nation’s capitol?

I do understand how it feels to be teased and ridiculed because of my heritage, but when this was said:

“The NFL needs to join the rest of America in the 21st Century,” said Cantwell, D-Wash., the former chairwoman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. “We can no longer tolerate this attitude toward Native Americans. This is not about team tradition. This is about right and wrong.”

source: Article on thescore.com, link is below

This had really upset me.  Yes, this is the 21st century, and all involved being educated, I would think that it should mean being open minded and tolerant.  If one seeks to hurt another because of a name, a word really, it shows that you’re no better.  Also to threaten shows that you’re not very educated as well (or smart, or both) for that matter.

Football is America’s most popular pastime.  In effect they want to spoil everyone’s fun.  To me, if you hurt the NFL, you hurt every American that loves football as well (including me, but that’s besides the point).  While I do understand the point of view of the Native Americans, the Washington Redskins has had their name and mascot for years.  According to a poll taken (honestly, I haven’t seen the poll nor the results personally), the Redskins organization states that 80% of Americans don’t want the name changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone ridicule or disrespect to anyone due to their racial heritage.  But this is getting annoying and out of hand.  Why turn something so small into something to big when all football is is a bunch of people getting together to play or watch the sport that they love.  All of this…. stuff is really putting a hamper on the spirit of football.  I love football and my team the Kansas City Chiefs.  I honestly don’t feel that the team or the NFL was being malicious when christening the team with that name.

To me football season is the best time of the year, and the most fun that can be had is during football season. I don’t want Democrats or anyone else for that matter to screw it up with politics.  This is why I’m Republican.  In any case, if you’re interested, I have the link to my source material below.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


Vagrant Problems in Hawaii & Democrats


The controversial problem here in Hawaii is what to do about all the homeless people (vagrants) in the state.  Our weather and the programs in place to help the homeless make this an ideal place for homeless to come from around the country.  In fact there has been speculation by the State Government that other states are flying their homeless here because of the weather and the social programs already in place (it’s less expensive for the state that the homeless person is from as well).

A pilot program that had been in place to fly the homeless home that had come from other states was killed in the local Senate and House of Representatives.  The plan was to set aside $100,000 from the fiscal budget to fly those implanted vagrants back to where they came from.  It would be more fiscally responsible to fly them home than to pour even more money into the system that cares for the homeless.  That, and I’m sure that they would love to go home, to family and loved ones whom may not be able to afford to pay for the homeless person to go back home.  As I said previously, this program was killed.  Everyone talks about wanting to help them…  Help them get home.

Then there was the law that the City Council had put into place making it illegal for people to block the sidewalks, all that did was cause protest by the so called protesting group at Thomas Square Park.  Because of whatever reason they had (IMO, it doesn’t matter what the reason was, the law was actually helping the neighborhood pedestrians with walking on the sidewalk), they had repealed the law (SMH).

Then in Waikiki, the tourist hub of the island, to try to combat the problems of the vagrants making the area look bad and homeless from harassing the tourists here; they closed parks at night, banned lean-tos and tents in public places.  The part that gets me is the punishment for breaking those laws.  Prison time and fines?  In prison, they spend a month at the most, then go back to being homeless and lurking/trespassing/etc.  The fine?  They’re homeless with no job, and can’t pay the ticket anyway.  It just makes no sense.  Normal punishment won’t work in these situations.

I’ve seen many times that the state government’s answer to the problem of homelessness is to construct more affordable housing on the island.  My response to that is, “Hello!  They have no jobs, can get no jobs, therefore have no money!  That and $350,000 for a studio isn’t affordable.  Most people making minimum wage can’t even afford to pay the mortgage.”

Then there’s Tom Brower a lawmaker here in Hawaii damaging private property to stop the homeless from taking the carts and using them to cart around their belongings.  Those carts are the property of the store, and cost thousands per cart, the more that goes missing without being returned drives up costs to the store, and in turn, the store passes that cost on to the consumer (SMH, DEMOCRATS).

Then there’s the Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness (HICH) was established in July 2011 through executive order by Gov. Neil Abercrombie (A Democrat).  They haven’t done anything as of this post, the homeless problem has only gotten worse.  They’ve taken no real action to lower the amount of homeless people here, if they have, it’s not enough (Sad).  A waste of tax-payer dollars.

This year during the elections for the seats in Washington, DC, the Governor’s seat, and locally only four candidates has made the homeless problem as key point in their election campaigns.  Two of them are Jeff Davis (Libertarian) and Duke Aiona (Republican).   Aiona says that he’ll work with the Hawaii National Guard to implement plans to help the homeless veterans in the state.  For the non-veterans, he wants to set up a Homeless court that will allow the homeless to get of the streets immediately.   Two congressional candidates have ideas as well, but it supports the building of more affordable housing.  Useless (see my comments above).

It takes a non-Democrat to think outside the box.  Here in Hawaii, we are stuck in a rut when it comes to many issues like this one.  It’s time that we elect people into office that has different values than the Democrats.  They’ve held power here in Hawaii for as long as I can remember.  They’re hypocrites, war-mongers, and busy bodies who want to solve everyone else’s problems before our own.  President Obama has shown that in his administration.  He was also slow to respond to the riots happening in Ferguson, Missouri as well.

I urge those in Hawaii to vote for someone else other than a Democrat this election.  It’s time for a true change here in Hawaii, and I don’t mean the Affordable Healthcare Act either.  If you want the links for the places that I got the information for in this post, I have them below.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

Pre-Election 2014 Complete… Finally!


OK, the Primary Election here in Hawaii is finally over that the Office of Elections held a special election for the 2 polls that were closed on the big island due to the hurricane.  The major race between Schatz and Hanabusa was decided, Schatz won and is representing the Democrat party in the General Election.  Personally, I don’t care who’s on the Democrat ticket for the election, I’m Republican, but I’m glad the fiasco over this election is over (if Hanabusa doesn’t dispute).

Speaking of the fiasco, Hanabusa placed a restraining order on the Elections Office stopping them from holding the election because she claimed that the people in those storm ravaged areas wouldn’t be able to vote, and the election should be postponed till things normalize in those areas.  Talk about a publicity stunt.  Normalize?  It’ll take months for that to happen and by then the General Election would take place.  The Elections Office can’t postpone the election for that long.  The ballots need to be printed for the general election, and it would be a waste of money to hold extra elections for a small segment of the public.

Hanabusa’s supporters weren’t happy either.  One person was interviewed on the local news here saying that she was disappointed that we needed new blood in Washington.  Then why is she voting for a Democrat?  If you want fresh blood up there, the best thing to do is to elect someone from a different party.  Someone different from the same party will produce similar results because their perspectives are the same.  They have the same views.  It just doesn’t make sense.  What an unevolved, uneducated person.  Why make those kinds of comments on camera that would be seen by the entire state?  Never mind, rhetorical question. :\

vote-02-smaller_5Anyhow, below I have the candidates going to the General Election for the major races on the island of Oahu.  I only know about the elections in my district, so most of my commentary if any will be about that.

  • Brian Schatz (D)  is going up against the candidate of my choice, Cam Cavasso (R) for the seat in the US Senate.
  • For the seat in the House of Representatives District 1, we have Mark Takai (D) is facing Charles Djou (R) (author’s note: this election will probably be very close IMO).
  • In the House of Representatives District 2, Tulsi Gabbard (D) is facing Kawika Crowley (R) (author’s note, if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Gabbard will win this election by a landslide).
  • For the Governor’s position we have David Ige (D) and Duke Aiona (R)  (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Ige will win this election by a landslide).
  • In the Lieutenant Governor’s race we have Shan Tsutsui (D) and Elwin Ahu (R) (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Tsutsui will win this election by a landslide).

Those are the major races, most will be a landslide if everyone votes the same way or for the same party.  In my opinion, the candidates from the other parties didn’t generate enough votes to be an issue to either the Democrats or Republicans.  Of course, the other races is just as important, but in this election, they’re just too many to list here.  If you want full results, I suggest performing a web search.  The information that I used here is from the link below:



Make sure that you vote this coming General Election.  Remember if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the government.  Exercise your right to have a voice in the government. Thanks for reading! 😀

Serial Bank Robbers & Their Families


A couple of days ago, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD), apprehended the suspects they say are responsible for the string of bank robberies that took place on the island. While that’s good news in my opinion, the more disturbing news is that thier family members are being are in the process of being evicted from state subsidized housing in Halawa. Is punishing their families for what they did is correct? Only one of the suspects were listed on the lease, and while I can understand he’s living there and suspected of crimes, he hasn’t been convicted yet.

So, that leaves the question of the ethics of the evictions. I do understand the housing is tax payer funded and there is strict rules, why punish the entire family for what one person has done? As I write this, there are 3 families that have their futures up in the air and uncertain. The other 2 suspects were being hid there by their families, while I can understand that’s illegal, and stupid, the ethics of eviction is still in question.

After giving this a lot of thought, I take the side of the authorities. I feel that the families knew that the suspects were wanted for commuting crimes, but allowed them to stay with them. But the one that lived there? I have the feeling that his father knew. Should they be evicted? Yes.

Many will feel differently for many different reasons, but if you think about it logically, most parents will protect thier child no matter how old they are, or what they did. Its maternal instinct, and very common. That and when one is young, scared, and don’t know what to do, where do they run? They run to thier parents/families for help. So, did they know yes, more than likely. And even if they didn’t, they were allowed to stay there. If the authorities allow them to stay, in the future, this will happen again. And we’d be funding public housing for criminals, funding the prison system is enough. The law abiding citizens shouldn’t be forced to help house criminals on the outside.

In any case, those are my thoughts on this subject. Thanks for reading. 🙂