I am a Patriot

I am a Patriot. I love my country. It upsets me to see that so many want to change so much about my country. If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave. If you want socialism, move to North Korea or China. Remember, with Socialism, comes dictatorship because no one works for free. No guns means oppression. Dictatorship means no freedom of speech. No freedom of expression. There is no such thing is Democratic Socialism, nor will there ever will be.

Liberals are unhappy because the United States isn’t what they want it to be. I as a Patriot, veiw it differently. I remember what has happened in the past and know that we have come a long way. I feel no need to oppress anyone nor anything. But when someone oppressed me, that just isn’t right. Nevertheless, the Democrats oppress people every day. Now New Orleans is tearing down Confederate Monuments because of some shooting because they feel it reminds people to be racist. No, it is the Democrat party that reminds people to be racist. They keep bringing it up.

President Trump is Racist (he’s not). Black Lives Matter (all lives matter), Republicans are racist (no they’re not, the Democrats are in reality). I am Republian when I look at people I do not see race, or color, I see a person. Bottom line. If you do not love my country get the hell out of my country. I don’t want you in my country trying to change my country because I love it just the way it is.  We don’t need Socialism or Communism. We don’t need free healthcare or Socialism. What we need is to get rid of the damned radicals. They’re screwing up the damned country.

Easter Sunday Reflection

On this Easter Sunday, I have decided to take time out to reflect on why Easter Sunday exists. And I don’t mean the Easter Bunny. The Easter bunny was created for liberals so that they have something to do on Easter Sunday. Today is the day that Jesus rose from his grave to take his place aside God.

Christians are the most persecuted religions in the world. Especially by Muslims. The largest concentration of Christians are here in the United States. But the Democrats want to let Muslims into the United States in large numbers. Why? Because they don’t put Americans and America first. They rather put immigrants and other countries first because they know that Americans, the heartland, educated, smart Americans won’t vote for them. They’re so concerned about casualties of citizens of other countries but when it comes to citizens of other countries, they don’t give a rat’s ass.

It pisses me off to no bitter end, to see them so blatantly disregard the safety of Americans and America because they want to play Good Samaritan to the world. They really need to wake up and smell the coffee.

What’s laughable is that they’re so worried about World War 3 starting when they’re allowing tens of thousands of could be terrorists into the country right now. World War 3 should be the least of thier worries…. Especially if a terrorist detonates a dirty bomb in the middle of CINCPAC headquarters in Hawaii, effectively stunning the Pacific fleet opening the way not only for North Korea to waltz right into South Korea and Japan, but China to attack Japan and the United States. If they want something to worry about, I’d be more worried about ISIS and the threat from letting Muslims in under a getting system that’s weak than war with a N. Korean Government that we can crush easily.

With most of America being Christian, I don’t want any Muslims here, I don’t care if not all of them are extremists or not, I don’t want to take a chance. I don’t want to be killed just because of my beliefs and because the Democrats have decided that that’s what the United States should do.

Is Donald Trump racist? No. Are Republicans racist? No. Are Democrats racist? Yes. They are racist against the white man. They just don’t want to admit to it. They are racist because they protect syrians over Americans. They discriminate against Americans by protecting Muslims over Americans. They’re sexist. They care more about women’s reproductive Rights over men’s reproductive Rights.

The Democrats have and always will be racists with roots from the civil war wanting to keep slaves… All the way until now, accusing anyone that don’t agree with them to be racist… They are sexist, trying to make it illegal for men to masturbate….

And now they openly help the persecution of Christian Americans by letting Muslims into America who openly hate Christians? Democrats are anti American.

Dear Democrats

Dear Democrats,

The country does not care that it does not have a Democrat President. The recounts, protests, and the attempt to ceede from the United States will not work. Even with Bernie Sanders as your nominee, he still would’ve lost to Donald Trump. Even people of your own party didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they didn’t like her.

You call canservitives racist when you yourselves want to punish the white man. I don’t need to remind you that it was the Republicans that wanted to free slaves (it didn’t have any Democrat support), it was Republicans that wanted to give women the right to vote (it had little to no Democrat support), it was the Republicans that wanted to give blacks the right to vote. No, the conservatives wanted and still want equal rights for everyone.

Then there’s socialism. Need I show you the numbers? You should already know them. In Detroit, California, and New York, just a few of the Democrat run areas, crime and poverty is the highest. In fact in Hawaii, homelessness, and unemployment has gone up, not down under the governship of Democrat Governor David Ige and the Democrat run State Legislature. There was even a mass departure from California because of the the California government.

Now, let’s speak about war since you call Republicans Warmongers. If the Democrats look at history, you can see whom the truely violent political party really is.  During the 20th century, it was a Democrat that took America in mosy of the major wars and conflicts.

  • The Civil War (Democrats ceeded from the union to create the Confederate States of America)
  • World War I (President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat)
  • Vietnam Conflict (President John F. Kennedy, Democrat)
  • Korean War (President Harry S. Truman, Democrat)

    Before calling anyone a warmonger, I would strongly suggest that you look in the mirror first. Our great country will be facing many dangers and evils from within and externally in the upcoming years. We need to solidify our stances and our morale. The election is over, we need unity.

    Speaking of unity, lets talk about that now. As I said above, we need unity. Not protests, riots, or any politician fanning the flames with making speeches about someone whom is racist being put into Trump’s cabinet. The propaganda that Hillary, the Democrats, and the main stream media has spread is helping no one, and no Democrat except for one has come forward to make a speech about unity except for Tulsi Gabbard. President Obama and Hillary Clinton only made half hearted attepmts to call for unity, and they only did so once. So it seems like to me that the Democrats and Liberals don’t want unity. Why I even wrote an e-mail to the Democrat Party of Hawaii asking for them to call for unity, and they never even answered.

    Next, let’s speak about racism and sexism, shall we? Since you Democrats love to call us racist and sexist, let’s look at the Democrat Party history. You’ll find that after you finish reading my post that it’s the Democrats that are racist, not the Republicans.

    • Republicans wanted freedom for the slaves, Democrats did not (Hence the Civil War).
    • Republicans wanted the blacks to have voting rights (it had little to no support from the Democrats).
    • Republicans wanted women to have the right to vote (this also had little to no support from the Democrats).

    Before you call anyone racist or sexist, I would look in the mirror, Democrats and Liberals.

    Now, the whole devil thing. I for one don’t appreciate being called a devil for I care about others, and feel that god looks out for everyone not just Christians. Yes everyone does have the right to believe what they wish. If they believe that there’s no god, more power to them. As long as you don’t press your beliefs on others (something which liberals and Democrats do all the time), I feel that you’re free to believe whatever you wish to. Republicans are far from evil.

    With all of that said, before you judge someone because they’re conservative or Republican, look to yourself and your political party. I’m sure that you’ll find that you’re what you accuse the Conservatives and Republicans of.




    My family immigrated here before World War II in fact, my grandmother was put into an interncamp.  My family immigrated to the United States  LEAGALLY. With all of that said, I support mass deportation of illeagal immigrants.  Yes, we are a nation full of immigrants, but are here leagally.  I have no pity nor remorse for sending them back to where they came from.  Nor do I care if they have children born here.  The law about citizenship from birth on land shouldn’t apply because they’re here in the country illeagally.

    I honestly don’t care who immigrates here as long as they immigrate legally.  Unlike many liberals, I don’t feel that those illeagals have the right to be here.  Because most are ill educated (hence have no or very little income), they bring crime with them.  There as been scientific studies that show that there is a link between education levels, income, and crime.  I have scientific facts backing up my views of this issue.

    Many people who argue for the other side of this issue don’t bother to do research on the subject and just believe what the liberal administration in the white house tells them.  No one has an excuse in this age of information, where all information is at thier fingertips not to look up the information and gain more knowledge about the subject.  I have seen nothing in thier arguements about this subject that are actually FACT.  Well asaide from the fact that we’re all imagrants.

    It’s time that the people in power in the United States put Americans first.  Before you ask, yes I’m Republican, yes I’m conservative; and no, I do not support Donald Trump.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


    WTF? I think the liberals have gone too far this time. I’m sorry, but I don’t want no dude dressed like a lady in the women’s bathroom. I may not be female, but if I were, I wouldn’t want no dude in the women’s restroom. This is especially true if I had a daughter.

    And they’re threatening N. Carolina with withdrawal of federal funds? They should be doing that to states that legalized marijuana in any way. We can’t infringe on thier rights, but they can infringe on ours? That’s the biggest load of bulls*it that I’ve ever heard.

    Obama and the Democrat party makes every Christian feel like they’re less important than a religion that’s killing Americans? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not all of them, but to be certain that no more innocent Americans lose their lives, I’m in favor of denying the whole religion access to my country. Those people in California didn’t need to die… Nor those people in New York on that day of infamy.

    When is the federal government going to step in to say enough is enough? Our founding fathers must be turning in thier graves.

    Why do people Hate Donald Trump?


    Donald Trump

    Why do people hate Donald Trump so much?  Personally, I don’t care…  But, this is an interesting topic so, I’m going to talk about his campaign in this post.  First, I’ll start by saying that Trump is no politician.  Don’t expect him to be politically correct, nor a true conservative.  At best he’s a liberal-moderate conservative.  If you want someone that will fix our economy, he’s the route to go.  I don’t believe that he’s racist.  He says what’s on most people’s minds.  He’s an extreme version of Chris Christie.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have Christie.  The Great Wall of America.  Will the Mexican’s pay for it?  Unlikely.  They can’t even afford to help thier own citizens, how will they pay for a multi-billion dollar construction project?

    Let’s talk about his political stances…  I’ll list them below (sorry, don’t know where the bullets are on the android app yet):
    – Increase the size of our military
    – Get respect back from the rest of the world
    – Combat Terrorism
    – Fix immigration (he was the first to speak about this in the GOP debates)
    – Get better care for our Veterans and Increase Benefits (so far, he’s the ONLY canidate that has a plan for our veterans) Bring jobs back to America
    – Help our allies in Iran
    – Fix our tax system
    – Get better trade agreements with other countries like China
    – Fix the nuclear deal that the United States has with Iraq
    – Build the “Great Wall of America” on America’s Southern borders (ludacris, for only sealing our southern border and not our northern one)

    As you can see, he mostly has the same stances as the rest of the Republican canidates.  To me, Trump is a much better choice than turning this country into more of a socialist nation which the Democrats want to do.  The Democrats want to give free this and free that away, but where is all the money coming from?  Why the middle class of course.  None of them said anything about IRS reform in debates, combatting terror, or even helping the brave men and women fighting for us.  Socialism will never work in full scale in America, because we were never set up to be a socialist nation.

    Something else that I don’t understand about Democrats, they scream that America is the best place to live, and yet want to change so much about it.  The rest of the world doesn’t understand Obama Care, A.K.A.: The Affordable Healthcare Act, but believe that it’s something similar to government subsidised healthcare for every citizen.  It’s not.  How do I know most of the world doesn’t understand it?  Why look at the comments those living in other nations make on social media.  I even had to explain exactly what Obama Care was to someone that lives in Europe, she didn’t know.  I don’t blame her for not knowing…  She doesn’t live in America.

    Anyhow, There you have it.  Donald Trump.  He’s no different than any other GOP canidate.  Who do I support?  I support the GOP.  This Country is Republican in nature when I was born.  I only pray that the rest of the nation wakes up and sees what Hillary and Sanders are shovelling (crap).  America can’t afford another 4-8 years with another Democrat president.

    I just don’t get it…

    Why do people put Republicans down? We’re not evil and care about others as much as the Democrats do. More over, they seem to ignore the fact that this nation is in the predicament that it’s in because of the Democrats. Before you put me down and scream that all Republicans care about is business, I’d like to say hear me out first, then bash my beliefs. You just may learn something.

    Here in Hawaii the Democrat party has held power locally in the local congress here and in Washington, D.C. for years; even the current Governor and Mayor are Democrats. We’ve had teachers strike, waste in the Department of Education (million dollars worth of time clocks purchased for use, but never installed), public schools closed, and a rail system that has been under question by the federal government for years.  What the sad thing is that that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

    If you really must say that’s little, I’ll list more things that’s wrong in Hawaii due to the Democrats.

    – The Hawaii health connecter that the Democrats backed because of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is unsecure to to use online, and is rated the worst in the nation.
    – The economy here is bad because we rely solely on tourism. They promise to bring technology based jobs here, but that never happened.
    -Crime is increasing here, not decreasing.
    – The homeless problem we have here is getting worse. The Democrats set aside money to send people back home, but end up doing nothing and the money goes back into the general fund.
    – Instead of fixing current problems, they create more by making more programs that need more Taxpayer dollars.
    – When they do write laws, they’re poorly written.
    – They say that animal welfare is important but cut funding to the local animal shelters (this is the city council, but most of the people if not all are democrats).

    Now, let’s look at some of the history of the Democrats:

    – In each of the major wars, it was a Democrat  President that decided that we should send troops. World War I, The Korean War, Vietnam… Mind you, it took a Republican to pull our troops out of Vietnam (President Richard Nixon).
    – Democrats preach about freedom, but choose to enact communistic programs that usually end up back firing (i.e.: The Affordable Healthcare Act)
    -They’re against free enterprise. Democrats get all huffy when a candidate (or anyone) wants business to prosper. Free enterprise is there backbone of democracy.
    -Democrats say they’re for equal rights when it comes to women, but a male Democrat candidate called a female Republican candidate a whore.

    You know, I can’t think of one thing the Democrats have done in Hawaii that was good. We aren’t prospering here in Hawaii, many are suffering. But the Democrats are for the people and is the party of the future as their party members said last election. All of this information can be found if you research. I made an informed decision years ago to become Republican.

    Pre-Election 2014 Complete… Finally!


    OK, the Primary Election here in Hawaii is finally over that the Office of Elections held a special election for the 2 polls that were closed on the big island due to the hurricane.  The major race between Schatz and Hanabusa was decided, Schatz won and is representing the Democrat party in the General Election.  Personally, I don’t care who’s on the Democrat ticket for the election, I’m Republican, but I’m glad the fiasco over this election is over (if Hanabusa doesn’t dispute).

    Speaking of the fiasco, Hanabusa placed a restraining order on the Elections Office stopping them from holding the election because she claimed that the people in those storm ravaged areas wouldn’t be able to vote, and the election should be postponed till things normalize in those areas.  Talk about a publicity stunt.  Normalize?  It’ll take months for that to happen and by then the General Election would take place.  The Elections Office can’t postpone the election for that long.  The ballots need to be printed for the general election, and it would be a waste of money to hold extra elections for a small segment of the public.

    Hanabusa’s supporters weren’t happy either.  One person was interviewed on the local news here saying that she was disappointed that we needed new blood in Washington.  Then why is she voting for a Democrat?  If you want fresh blood up there, the best thing to do is to elect someone from a different party.  Someone different from the same party will produce similar results because their perspectives are the same.  They have the same views.  It just doesn’t make sense.  What an unevolved, uneducated person.  Why make those kinds of comments on camera that would be seen by the entire state?  Never mind, rhetorical question. :\

    vote-02-smaller_5Anyhow, below I have the candidates going to the General Election for the major races on the island of Oahu.  I only know about the elections in my district, so most of my commentary if any will be about that.

    • Brian Schatz (D)  is going up against the candidate of my choice, Cam Cavasso (R) for the seat in the US Senate.
    • For the seat in the House of Representatives District 1, we have Mark Takai (D) is facing Charles Djou (R) (author’s note: this election will probably be very close IMO).
    • In the House of Representatives District 2, Tulsi Gabbard (D) is facing Kawika Crowley (R) (author’s note, if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Gabbard will win this election by a landslide).
    • For the Governor’s position we have David Ige (D) and Duke Aiona (R)  (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Ige will win this election by a landslide).
    • In the Lieutenant Governor’s race we have Shan Tsutsui (D) and Elwin Ahu (R) (author’s note: if things trend the way that it did in the primary election, Tsutsui will win this election by a landslide).

    Those are the major races, most will be a landslide if everyone votes the same way or for the same party.  In my opinion, the candidates from the other parties didn’t generate enough votes to be an issue to either the Democrats or Republicans.  Of course, the other races is just as important, but in this election, they’re just too many to list here.  If you want full results, I suggest performing a web search.  The information that I used here is from the link below:



    Make sure that you vote this coming General Election.  Remember if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the government.  Exercise your right to have a voice in the government. Thanks for reading! 😀

    That’s… Just bad.

    Here in Hawaii the majority of the population here calls themselves Democrats, for the people… They care. Oh yeah, sure they do. The neighbor island gets hit hard with a hurricane, and no one makes donations or tries to see out how to help. Hipocrits. At the time of writing this post I saw a news report on Hawaii News Now with interviews of local charitable organizations. All of them said no donations had come in to help the neighbor island.

    They’re all too busy blaming the Republicans for everything that’s wrong in the United States and fixing problems in other countries like the President, than fix the ones domestically. They’re doing something that they say Republicans do. Sheesh. I’m disgusted to say the least.

    Its time that Americans woke up and says in one voice, we’re tired of all the problems domestically, and we want them fixed before someone else’s problems. We all need to tell President Obama, “You promised change, and all we got was more problems. Live up to your campaign promises!” We need to tell the democrats in congress that we need to focus in country. The Republicans have been saying to focus on the problems in country, but everyone ignores them.

    OK, my rant is done, thanks for reading. 🙂



    Well, this is rather disturbing.  I just read an article on Business Insider that speaks about America’s confidence in their government.  Doing further research, I found the actual article from NBC (one of the companies in the joint poll) and the results.  You can read this article here.  I also have link to the PDF results here.

    Plainly from the results you can see that people are becoming fed up with the climate and events happening in the country, and they’re blaming the politicians in Washington, D.C.  Of course, with Democrat President, and a Democrat controlled House of Representatives, this speaks volumes about the party’s policies and beliefs.  When Obama was elected, I knew that things would go from bad to worse.  Unfortunately, events have proven me right.

    In 40% of the people polled, one person in their family has lost a job in the past 5 years.  49% of the respondents believe that there is still a recession.  What makes matters worse is that everyone is pointing fingers at the Republicans in congress when in reality, the Democrats hold more power because of the Democrat President.  Who’s fault is it?  Really, it’s a no brainer.

    With the country and the Democrats pointing fingers at the Republicans, no one has taken the time out to consider what can be done to fix the numerous problems that are facing the country.